• Liz

    Amazing – congrats! Can’t wait to hear the story. Hope you are enjoying every moment of these days. She is so beautiful, as are you. Thanks for lighting up my days with your words and images. With love!

  • http://morecheese.typepad.com Marie

    She is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  • Angela

    Congrats to you guys! I have such a big circle of friends who read your blog that I actually heard via text before I was able to see the pics. Enjoy the days to come and I can’t wait to hear Leta’s reaction!

  • http://moongarm.com/blog Amanda

    finally! and internet baby born on my birthday. She is adorable, cant wait to read the labour story

  • http://www.beckmann73.de/blog stefan

    congratulations! wow what a cutie. all the best to you and your family. have an easy first couple of days at home.

  • Anna

    Congrats Armstrong family! She is a true blessing. I’m looking forward to read about her adventures as a new Armstrong member. I am sure that Coco will start to love her as soon as she realises the advantages of having two kids droping food on the floor and not to mention more toys to chew. Congrats again!

  • http://www.ezrapoundcake.com Rebecca

    Welcome to the world, Marlo!

    Poop normally, or we’ll all hear about it.

    P.S. One of my test words was “swimmers.” Are these things themed?

  • http://itsmejessicamarie.blogspot.com Jess

    Contgratulations!! She’s absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait to hear her birthing story!

  • Allison

    we feel like we’ve all been awaiting the arrival of Butternut Boo. So touching. Thank you for letting us “in”. Try not to let it all go by so fast. Gather all the glittery gold moments and savor them …. peace be with you and your family always.

  • Jennifer

    Marlo is precious!! Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to share a few pics.

  • Heather

    Congrats! She’s a beauty!

    So her initials are MIA?!


  • http://dullfab.blogspot.com TED

    She’s adorable. Congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, she’s so beautiful….such a blessing. Enjoy your new little one. You are very fortunate to have such lovely little girls!

  • http://momsomeday.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    Marlo is unbelievably freakin gorgeous!!! Congrats Momma!

    Ps… Her name really does rock! ; )

  • Rachel

    She is beautiful- CONGRATS!!!!

    A perfect birthday too. My daughter was born on June 14th 2005- a flag day baby!!! Love the name also.

  • Stephanie

    What a lovely baby girl!! And to “anonymous” out there that was so critical of the name selection…Suck It! She’s not your kid!

  • miep

    what a stunner! well done!

    may sleep come sweetly to you

  • http://erinkcreations.blogspot.com Erin K

    She’s perfect. My kids were gloworm babies too and they are sweet! :)

  • Nessje

    Congratulations, what a beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing such happy news with us all so quickly.

  • Nicole

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us this weekend. I felt closer to you than most friends and I was so excited as each new tweet arrived. Congratulations to your beautiful family!

  • Serenity

    What a beautiful baby! Welcome to the world Marlo. Congrats.

  • http://aredeaf.blogspot.com coelecanth

    Hello there Marlo. You don’t know it yet, and 14 or so years from now you probably won’t agree, but you’ve chosen a pretty fine family to be a part of there kiddo.

    All the best to the BlurboDoocery. Fine work, fine work indeed. Is it wrong of me to want to go impregnate my wife now?

  • Maris

    Welcome Lo- what a cutie patootie. Heather, congratulations to you & your family.

  • Cara

    Congratulations! She’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    A freakendorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her!! Just delicious!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! ….well done Heather. well done.

    In the ? ’70′s there was a show called “That Girl”.
    Marlo Thomas was her name.
    determined. qwirky. very pretty. independent.

    Your Marlo is beautiful. oh yes,she is a “nibble” baby.

    Hugs to Leta and Jon and especially Chuck……..as he will be concerned. Coco will want to herd Marlo.

    just waiting for more photos and the girls together


  • patti

    congratulations heather!! she is beautiful!!

  • http://yetanotherheather.blogspot.com/ Heather

    She is GORGEOUS, especially for a newborn! Congratulations! Armstrong Birthwatch 2009 is offically over. You must be sooooo happy that she’s finally here. And give Leta lots of hugs, she’s going to need some extra special big sister attention.

  • Rachael

    What a GORGEOUS newborn! look at those eyes! Those lips! I haven’t heard of the name Marlo since my cousin who is in her 40′s…LOVE that name.

  • bonnie

    beautiful beautiful beautiful

  • http://www.anna-walker.blogspot.com Anna

    You made a good one! In your belly!

  • http://msn.com Robyn

    3196 Comments – I didn’t read all of them, just skimmed through the Anonymous participants just wondering if any haters would possibly be out there in their personal hell and even think of commenting?

    She is perfect! I am so happy for you and love that this blessed event in the town where I live is being enjoyed by literally thousands of people from all over.

    Haters – stay away!

  • http://www.postednote.com eddeaux

    She’s beautiful… finally. And I think I’ll call her Lo. I’ll be all, “Hey Lo, what’s crackin?”

  • Julie

    Congratulations Heather! She is beautiful.

  • http://www.homegirl.typepad.com Quel


  • http://heresyourgravy.blogspot.com Maxine Dangerous

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D She’s beautiful and has a BITCHIN’ name. :D

  • caren

    congrats… she is beautiful. can’t wait to hear new adventures of her life and how the family copes. have fun!

  • Opal

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world, little one! :)

  • http://rltroxell.blogspot.com/ Randi

    i am so happy for you and your family! she is so precious… and by the way- that name rocks my socks off!!!!! Congrats!!

  • JeannieG

    Huge congrats to you and your family! Marlo is beautiful and sure to bring you much joy and laugher.

  • http://www.lesleydenford.com Lesley Denford

    Congratulations Armstrongs! Marlo is lovely. <3

  • http://allegrasrose.blogspot.com Michele

    Marlo does look like a glow worm.

    Wondering how Leta is taking to all of this?

  • http://www.youarewhatyoueatorreheat.com katie

    Nice call on the gloworm, but she is actually pretty darn cute! Congratulations!

  • Michele

    She’s perfect! Love the name. Congrats to you and Jon and Leta. You did good!

  • http://www.babypushchairsreviewed.co.uk/ Baby Pushchairs

    What a wonderful occasion for your family. I hope all is well and that your new baby girl remains strong and healthy. Thanks for having me “along for the ride”! I look forward to hearing more of the story soon..

  • http://parenting-princesses.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    Congratulations! I’m impressed you have time to blog. She is adorable and has a great name

  • Kathryn

    Congratulations, she’s beautiful!

  • meg

    Well done. Congratulations. She’s absolutely beautiful. Take it slowly. You just became a family of four, not an easy concept to put into practice quickly. Love, love, love the name Marlo.

  • http://www.forduckssake.blogspot.com duck_jb

    You know how some times babies have to grow into their name? Well, Marlo OWNS that name. I have been manically checking on here to get the latest. thank you so much for sharing this with us all. We internets are very lucky to have you and your wonderful, beautiful family. I cant wait to see what this next part of the ride looks like.

  • Jenn Benn

    Beautiful name, beautiful baby, beautiful Heather! Awesome-super-yay-yay!