• http://www.happinessontap.com Elizabeth_K

    OH MY GOSH she is gorgeous and perfect and her wee hands sort of moving about are killer … what else was the point of the video? I can’t see anything but her beauty …

  • http://www.didyabringyablogalong.blogspot.com Kirrily

    Stop it!!! You’re making me want another one. Love her name, guys. You have done SO good :) *teary*

    And Jon may still call her Coco yet. Or Chuck, for that matter. Our daughter was more commonly called Jazz or Pepper than her own name in her first few months….

  • Jenn

    It gets worse – eventually you’ll have to run through all of the dogs, children and husband names to get it right when reprimanding someone…

  • Jamie

    Beautiful. She is just beautiful.

  • http://www.plaidandhound.com Valerie W

    Ohhh she’s so delicious! I want to nibble and nuzzle on her. I love how everything seems in slow motion :) Good stuff, woman, thanks for sharing!

  • Cindy

    We keep calling Jason, our 3 week old, by his 1 year old cousin’s name, Ryan. Which is what we might have named him if my sister hadn’t picked the name first!

    Oh well, at least we haven’t called him Emily yet. That’s his big sister’s name!

    Marlo is lovely! Congrats again. :-)

  • Z

    I assure you, the dog names will be mixed in very soon. I’m forever mocked by my children for this.

  • Catherine McP

    Thats funny, ya know thats not gonna be the last time that happens! Jerry..I mean Jon was so sure sounding, I sure chuckled!
    Oh and by the way? she is gorgeous, what a content baby. Congrats to you all.

  • http://www.babytanous.blogspot.com Rachael

    aww such a sweetie. I miss those quiet days and having an itty bitty baby. My daughter is 7-1/2 months and is already screaming and trying to get up and run. Congrats to you guys! Babies are such a blessing.

  • Hannah

    She’s beautiful!

    I think that happens often when your second child is the same gender as the first. We have two boys, one two years and one four months. My poor husband still calls the little one his brother’s name from time to time. I probably stopped after the first month, but I did it several times in the hospital. ;)

  • http://irenicembers.org Andrea

    Well hullo little M.I.A… darling fingers.

  • http://www.xanga.com/yourfavoritecynic Ray

    Marlo is so precious. Looks like she’s already alert. Congrats, again! ;o)

  • Didi

    Precious! How is big sister enjoying little Lo?

  • http://offschedule.blogspot.com Lara

    My BIL did that same thing when his daughter was born. Our oldest niece is named Ashley Marie. HIS daughter (who is 14 years younger than Ashley) is named Haley Marie. He was taking a video of her and said, “And there’s our Ashley Marie, born on December 20.” Close, but uh… Anyway, MARLO is beautiful (as is Leta).

  • http://fusionofme.blogspot.com/ Aisha

    haha… awww.

    My mom did that from 0-2 years with my youngest brother; she’d run through all the kids names and, occasionally, the dogs names, before getting to the name she was trying to yell. Because usually it was after one of us destroyed something.

  • Tess

    Wow, she is a cutie…cant wait to see her and Leta in pics…

  • http://bestofcourt.blogspot.com Court

    You are all precious.

  • Lesley

    Just discovered the full screen option. Oh my God.

    I wouldn’t get any sleep either for the wonder of it all.

    Is this kid a beauty or what?

    On another note: my ovaries need Advil cuz they’re aching something terrible.

    Marlo Iris: I can haz broke the will of ur ovaries?


  • http://supertiff.com supertiff

    the sound of her little gasp at the beginning made my uterus explode.
    i am now dying, and it is all your fault for creating such beautiful children.

  • Nhiro

    My brain is exhausted, but she is still the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. HELLLOOO MARRRLLOOOO.

    Also, my captcha: “3:30 wakening”. An sign, perhaps?

  • Katie

    I wish I could see this video – stupid firewall at work prevents it. I will certainly be watching this later!

  • amymarie

    I’m dying to know…is she more calm than Leta? Less screaming, more sleeping?

  • http://sarahthe.wordpress.com SarahThe

    Gawd, I forget how little they come.

  • http://momoftwo477.blogspot.com Erika

    So beautiful! My youngest son’s biliruben was high too. Those three or four days of bloodwork are the worst! Hopefully, Marlo’s will go down soon.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, I miss those newborn days! She is beautiful! And yes, I call my daughters by each other’s names often! Don’t sweat it Jon! I want to see video of Leta and Marlo together!

    By the way, her name does kick ass! :)

  • http://littlemissmoi.wordpress.com Little Miss Moi

    Dear Dooce. She is so beautiful. And so calm and peaceful and alert.

    And dont’ worry about the parental name disorder, my mum has it too… !

  • Cate

    She is so incredibly gorgeous.

    I just call both of mine “kid” – that way I’m never wrong :)

  • http://greenjellybellies.blogspot.com Vanessa

    Bahaha…this is hilarious and at the same time so unbelievably sweet and endearing.
    I imagine in about a month when we have our second son there will be many a parental name disorder. And it’s true, at least he didn’t call her Coco.
    My youngest brother has definitely been called by the dog’s name. Poor kiddo.

  • http://www.gotfam.blogspot.com Chrissy

    Oh my gosh – she’s precious! I love her gentle little movements. She’s perfect!

  • http://hunnypatch.blogspot.com Pooja

    Congratulations dears!

    Love the video….especially at the end where Jon is trying to say (I think) ‘I did that on purpose…’ LOL!

  • http://survivingallergy.com Serge

    We have a baby born two months ago, but have not shown any photos to anyone. I am afraid of bad eye.
    Your baby is beautiful! congrats!

  • http://thaxtonfam.blogspot.com Hokie Deb

    –>She’s beautiful and I’m glad she looks like you and Jon and not Chuck! haha…


  • http://lesjoujou.blogspot.com Stephanie

    haha! So precious. Welcome to the wonderful world of names. My mom can’t keep me and my sister straight to save her life. And my grandma goes through all of her large family before she lands on the right name.

  • Kelly

    She is totally and wholly precious and beautiful. Job well done.

  • http://ickified.blogspot.com Rachel

    my uterus just jumped to my throat

  • maude

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting baby pics and video for those of us who have had our last “fresh” baby, and whose family and friends appear to be done, too. A fresh baby to fall in love with keeps it all worthwhile, this life. Thank you for sharing yours with those of us who seem to be out of ‘em for the time being. That video makes me want to take serious, scary drugs and see if we can’t shake something out at almost 50. After that video, I think I could do it.

    She’s precious. Thank you.

  • Molly

    Aw I think the mix-up is cute. Thank you for posting this when I sure as hell know you’re bleary-eyed! She is so friggin gorgeous!!! She really looks a lot like Leta here, too.

  • Christina

    OMG, look what you guys made!!! I have three kids and sometimes forget just how magical it all is.

    She’s just perfect.

  • http://www.lonelysidecar.com duffy

    wow. i have to admit, when i was watching this, i got all whispy and weak in the shins. you have such an amazing thing there. nice job, armstrongs.

  • Tara

    dang it. The birth control you provided with the horror stories of the last few weeks of pregnancy has been overruled with these photos and video. dang it. One more year, I must wait one more year….

  • http://gas-food-lodging.blogspot.com/ Ginger

    Awwwww, how sweet!! She is very peaceful.

  • K

    After watching this video I would get pregnant in a minute. Marlo is so amazed and amazing. She is beautiful, just like Leta. She looks pretty cute as a glow worm, too.

    As for the names, my mom definitely calls us by each others name and has forever.

  • Abby

    So sweet…my dad often confused my brother’s name with the dog’s. It happens. :)

  • amy

    What a gorgeous little glow worm, sigh..

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I had to watch without sound, and it just looked so precious. She looked sleepy and tiny.

  • emfowler

    What a lovely laugh out loud moment. Welcome to having two kids – I get names wrong so often my 5 year old mocks my mistakes with “I know mom or whatever your name is.” Marlo is amazing. XO

  • http://storysofwinter.blogspot.com Summer

    oh holy hell that kid is cute!!

  • http://miastoriadivita.blogspot.com Jerusalem

    we have just given up and combined our kids names so that whatever we say, it at least somewhat resembles the correct name of the kid we are addressing.

    Marlo is beautiful, congrats.

  • http://www.whoahgirl.com Anne

    haha, so preciously adorable. :) I love the mix up and you’re matter of fact tone of “It’s Marlo”. :)

  • tonya

    He’ll get the last laugh. You’ll be doing this in no time. My girls just know to answer to whatever name I’m calling them as I look at them. And yeah, I’ve been known to call one of them “Trixie” on more than one occasion. Trixie, of course, is the dog.

    She’s beautiful. Congrats again.