• http://www.graceofimperfection.blogspot.com Amanda

    I’ve just recently been turned on to your blog–and I gotta say–I like you! Just the kind of refreshing honesty I need in my day. I’m glad you’re feeling better–I’ve been there, and relief certainly didn’t come that quickly. Good luck to you!

  • Cowgirl1265

    Thanks for letting women know that its ok to take the meds you need to feel ok and still breastfeed your baby. You have an amazing ability to express yourself, so confident and brash and hilarious. Glad the med tweak helped so fast, feeling the panic and anxiety is just no way to live at all, especially with kids who are needing you to be sane.

  • Kim

    You are NOT poisoning your baby! You are doing exactly what you should to take care of your whole family. Congratulations on loving the newborn stage. I didn’t love it so much.

  • Larissa

    Good for you for getting help before it got so bad, for recognizing that the schmucks reading your blog (including me) don’t need to know the details of your medical care and for listening to your heart and your doctor and taking the best care of yourself and your baby that you can. I hope things go smoothly from here on out for your whole family.

  • Sadie

    You must get this yelling on video! Marlo is adorable btw. Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures : ]

  • http://www.surprisinglysane.com Tamra

    Heather, it’s a shame anyone would try to judge you for doing what is necessary to take care of yourself. Unless they’ve been in your shoes, they have no clue how painful postpartum depression and other mental health problems really are.

    Like you, I suffered a horrible form of postpartum depression that landed me in a mental health crisis center after the natural birth of my second daughter. I’d had it the first time, but the second time… it was much, much worse. Crippling. I couldn’t even function. Even though I had to take a pretty good dose of medication myself, my midwife and my psychiatrist assured me that my baby would be okay if I should continue breastfeeding. I did. I couldn’t give it up.

    Well, my daughter is 10 months old and still nursing… and she’s perfectly healthy despite the fact that she is receiving a small amount of my meds through the milk. The benefits of breastfeeding are just so much greater than the possible teeny risk that no one can define.

    Good for you for recognizing the signs so quickly and seeking help immediately, and don’t be afraid to get help again if necessary.

    Congratulations on your new beautiful baby. I hope you continue to do well!

  • http://rouxhauser.wordpress.com Dana

    Good for you for recognizing what was going on and seeking help. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Monica

    I am so happy for you I want to cry :)

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com Leesavee

    Heather, I am so happy for you that you got the help you needed and that you’ve been bonding so well with Marlo. What a gift!

    And those 19-year-olds need to know that our delicate flowers don’t come naturally waxed. Thank you for that important public service.

  • Aran


  • Kimmad

    I recently read your book, and all I can say is GOOD FOR YOU!

  • pamela p

    Amen sista! Enjoy every minute, you know how fast it goes!

  • Mama V

    Rockin’! Good for you!

  • Libby Guerrero

    Yay! So glad you’re experiencing joy the second time around. You make me want to go have sex with my husband immediately and try for #2!!!

  • Mel

    Wow, that doctor sounds like a mad scientist. Is that the same doctor as Michael Jackson’s? Must be some pretty strong medication to feel “instant” relief. Most medications for depression take a few weeks to reach their full efficacy.

    Does this so called health care expert have you doing any talk therapy in combination with the meds, or is he just pumping you full of pills? Cognitave behavioral therapy has been shown to be very effective for depression when used in combination with medications. But it sounds like you are just enjoying you potent cocktail of drugs.

    And from what I know (and I do happen to have a medical background) medications do reach the baby via nursing. I cannot even image the medications you poor infant is ingesting.

    I have been following your blog and generally enjoy your take on parenthood, but this post makes you look like an overmedicated pill popping freak.

  • Chrissy

    Heather, this is just so wonderful! I am soooo thrilled for you guys. And your experience? Totally makes me think that maybe I COULD have another child w/o going through the absolute hell of severe postpartum depression. That doctor? Pure awesomeness. And good for you for continuing to breastfeed! I did too and my son? Just peachy. Good luck chicka!

  • http://www.WebSavyMom.com Hokie Deb

    –>Take the drugs and enjoy the time with the newest member of your family.

    I realize in talking to more and more of my “new-Mom” friends that we never talk about post-partum depression. Ridiculous!


  • Gabby

    Heather, I am certainly not going to tell you that you’re poisoning your baby. I think it is fucking FANTASTIC that you are able to be treated and well and continue breastfeeding. I’m sure Marlo is incredibly happy about it too :D

  • Maureen

    Thank you so much for describing your experience. I hope you continue to feel so great!

  • http://www.princesshedgehogchronicles.blogspot.com Hedgie

    I stopped by for a Daily Chuck pick-me-up and was inspired by your courage instead. Thanks for the honesty, and I hope that doc knows what an amazing physician he is.
    Be well.

  • http://www.theprimamomma.com Kristy Merrill

    Yay Heather! Enjoy. Every. Minute. (even the poop filled ones)

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations first of all on Marlo – she is adorable! And, also, congratulations on taking care of yourself.

  • LindseyLu

    I CAN’T even BELIEVE you said Butterscotch! My daughter’s poo (second child) smelled like butterscotch, too! For some weird reason, I loved that; though I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to eat butterscotch again.

    Congratulations on all of your successes. You never cease to entertain me.

  • http://www.musicformotherandchild.com Music for Mother and Child


    Great to hear!

    Have a great summer :-D

    Music for Mother and Child

  • http://beanieandmrt.blogspot.com/ Beanie


    I’m so glad you posted this!! I’m also glad your new meds are working and you don’t have to miss ANYTHING!

  • http://heartfullocat.blogspot.com Chrissie

    That is just muy awesome! YAY, YOU!

    Oh, and could you take a moment and apply a teeny-tiny zerbert to that luscious baby’s belleh? Please? Thank you.

  • Jenn A.

    So glad you were able to get the help you needed without delay. The dimple picture is absolutely captivating-enjoy your new little miracle. :)

  • http://themilkmansdaughter.blogspot.com Brooke

    Is it weird that this post made me want butterscotch???

    It probably is……

    BTW, my “captcha” words are “from champagne.” Oh, indeed I am!!!!!

  • http://www.blackdragontattoo.org Leslie M

    Heather I am so glad you share this part of your life, even though it opens you up to such harsh and cruel judgment from perfect strangers.

    A few years ago my mother was telling me a story about some people she goes to church with. Their daughter had been hospitalized with PPD and they thought she was doing much better. Sadly, one day about 6 mos. or so after her baby was born, this poor tortured young woman drove to a Sheetz, bought a can of gasoline and went out into the woods. She doused herself in gas and set herself on fire. It was a horrific tragedy and she so loved her child. She even left her a note.

    The care women get for PPD (and mental health in general) is sorely lacking in my state. It would be fantastic if you doctor would write a book about his treatment! Possibly other physicians could learn from it! Good Luck to you and Jon! You are good people doing your best to live your lives. Just like the rest of us.

  • http://beornica.blogspot.com Dani

    I am SOOO RELIEVED! at the risk of sounding like a crazy stalker person, I’ve been on this site and twitter constantly over the past two weeks, worried about you!

    I’m also wondering about the poop. how’s the pooping, heather?

  • Anonymous

    Dooce, I have not read theough all the comments so apologies if someone has asked this and it has been answered, but please PLEASE what meds did he give you? Mine aren’t working!!!
    P.S. i am under a doctors care, not just sitting waiting for your answer to treat me LOL! So there will be no tragedys or anything, but I would REALLY like something to tell my doctor to try…..

  • Anonymous

    Heather you give me hope! I had wicked PPD and wouldn’t get help because I was nursing and didn’t want to have to stop. Totally miserable for the first 7 months or so of her life and cheated out of the joy of it. Thank you for pointing out that I don’t have to keep my head up my butt that far next round! Love and luck to the family!

  • Susie


  • Anonymous

    This is why I read your blog, why I am interested, why I have hope that one day I will have a picture similar to the one of Jon, Marlo, Coco, and Chuck laying on the bed with Jon’s Apple computer, why I am patient with life…try to be patient with life, why I appreciate your ability to share, why stepping up and taking a chance on not being perfect for one brief period in life is key to having a whole and happy life. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your life, your experiences (even the stitches), and your family so openly. Everytime you write, you help someone. It just doesn’t get much better than that :)

  • Carley

    Congrats again.

  • Stacey

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying life with the wonderful new addition. It’s not easy being a mom and while most of us have an ‘escape’ to an office or job for a few hours, you bravely stay on the battlefield 24/7. Not many parents are brave enough to do that and maintain happiness/sanity/love. You don’t need the internet to tell you how to do it but just know we support you and wish the Armstrong clan only the best.

  • http://www.pamelajeanstarkey.blogspot.com Pam

    I did not have PPD with my first child, so when it popped up with my second I had no idea what to do! Thankfully, I had doctors who also helped me get back to my normal again very quickly. Thank you for sharing your story, Dooce!

  • Anonymous

    I want some. What in the world do they give you for the anxiety? I so have that and military docs do not get it.

  • http://stopdazzlingme.wordpress.com Sarita Pagita

    All I can say is you rock! I’m like 2nd hand proud of you and happy for you. I’m so glad you are doing well and that motherhood the second time around is like whisky down that coal miners throat – smooth with a tiny burn, which is totally to be expected.

  • http://thegrandimprovisation.blogspot.com/ Anne


  • Vee

    I’m so glad you’re doing well. Thank you for being so open and honest. I re-read your entire blog and I cried and laughed and am so grateful you’re not afraid to talk about depression.

    Love to you and your beautful family.

  • Katie

    Kudos to you Heather!! Sooo happy to hear y’all are all doing well!! You seriously ROCK!!!


    another Southern Belle ; )

  • http://www.frecklewonder.com jenny

    heather, so happy for you. show that anxiety the what-for!
    ps, little marlo is a gorgeous little thing. xo

  • Erin

    You give me such hope! My son is 21 months old and I have been battling PPD since he was born. I wish I had a miracle doctor like yours because honestly, while the meds have helped and therapy has helped even more, I really need a miracle cocktail right about now. A friend in my PPD support group (http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/alightershadeofblue/) told me about your book. I’m only about a 1/3 of the way in to it but check your blog out a few times a week to find out how it is going with #2. I really want a #2. Somedays I am geared up and totally ready for it and other days, I just want to crawl into a hole and stay there forever. The crap seems to never end – I wish more Dr’s were as educated about PPD as yours and knew how to make it go away. Does he make house calls? Maybe to say, Cincinnati Ohio?

    Thank you for being so open and honest about your life – I wish more people had the courage you do!

  • Alyxherself

    I get how much you understate with humor, and I think that is why the need-a-sledgehammer-to-get-it crowd gives you grief. They just don’t understand, comprehend…they just dont get it.

    Bits said what I wanted to, that the body has A FILTRATION SYSTEM ppl.
    You go be a good mom, and cool person, and loving wife :) And hey, thanks for all the years here, and doing what you do. You’re like a fun public service announcement for common sense.

  • Katie

    Kudos to you Heather!! Sooo happy to hear y’all are all doing well!! You seriously ROCK!!!


    another Southern Belle ; )

  • Anonymous

    I am so very happy for all of you.

  • http://www.katiemorton.com/ Katie Morton

    Thanks for sharing … it’s comforting to know moms are allowed to be real people and are no longer expected to be some weird iconic plastic halo-wearing virgin Mary bobble heads.

  • http://simplyblissful.blogspot.com tracy

    You can count me among those who have been wondering (caring) how you’re doing post-birth, but I didn’t want to be the one millionth person to ask you.

    Heather, I am so, so glad you are feeling good again & are enjoying gorgeous Marlo. For people like us that need them, meds are a wonderful thing.

    You & I spoke briefly in Portland about my similar experience (you even let me hug you), and after years & years of trying different meds, or thinking that my issues were just me, that violent mood swings were just a part of who I was, or denying that I really was depressed, I now have a referral from my doctor to see a psychiatrist about being bi-polar. When I told my mom, she said ~ are you sure it’s not just postpartum? (my “baby” is 14 months old) So many people just don’t understand what it’s like to feel this way, so I thank you, again, for being brave & giving others the strength to be brave, too.

  • http://www.aheadofthewave.blogspot.com Kate

    So good to read this post, Heather and to know that you are doing well with the new baby. So happy that the “tweak” of medications did the trick. I admire you for all that you’re doing to thoroughly enjoy raising your two lovely children and furthermore, to honestly share with all of us. You are at once a riot (!), so funny, and so honest. Love it! You go girl!
    Best to you!