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Brief respite

Today is the first day we’ve seen sunshine in weeks, but since it’s not supposed to last long we’re spending every moment we can outside. Chuck is sort of beside himself with the possibility of where to fall over and soak in the heat. Here? Maybe over there? He could lie down ANYWHERE! Have you [...]


My mother took several of the grandkids out to her cabin in the desert this week, and I guess one night my nephews grew tired of being bossed around and needed to take a break from playing. That’s when Leta came up to my mom, her lower lip curled into a huge pout, and said, [...]

Where my pinky gets a little itchy with the shift key

Jon is about this close to activating the parental controls on our DirecTV so that I can no longer watch anything on Discovery Health Channel or TLC. It started a few months ago when I accidentally stumbled upon a show about a new fad in childbirth called Freebirthing where women have their babies at home [...]

Magenta protective case for the iPhone 3G

Because the iPhone wasn’t tempting enough to a five-year-old… I had to go and get a pink case for it. A pink princess case! This is the Incase Slider Case in Magenta that I bought for my phone, and for Jon we bought one in white. Love the texture of mine, it’s silky smooth with [...]

Wherein I play the party pooper

No, you may not come outside while I sweep the porch. Why? Because last time you chased that woman down the street thinking she was a sheep and nearly gave her a heart attack. THAT’S WHY.

An unsuccessful labor-inducing technique

A few days ago Jon and I spent about an hour at a local nursery picking out plants to put in pots around the outside of our house. My thinking was that a project that required this kind of attention would certainly send my body into labor. I mean, come on. Plants! That need watering! [...]

Just in case you were having second thoughts about that vasectomy

Friday morning I was minding my own business when out popped my mucous plug. Guys, I don’t know how to put it more delicately than that. It is what it is. I wanted to make sure that it was, in fact, a mucous plug, and not, say, the leaking brain of a reptilian parasite, so [...]


Thank God we’ve got Chuck around because I didn’t know where I was going to put my disposable breast pad when I wasn’t using it.

Looking west

We’ve been having the weirdest weather this month, tons of rain and thunderstorms so heavy that sometimes I wake up and think I’m back in Tennessee, and yesterday I walked over to this window in our living room to see if I could see an end to the line of clouds out over the valley. [...]

38 weeks

As of today there are only ten days left until my due date: Yesterday morning I had a weekly appointment with my OBGYN where she checked to see if I was dilated. You know how that is done, right? Because I remember the first time my old doctor told me how he was going to [...]