• Kellie

    Greatest Start to a Birthday EVER! AND a Star Wars Cake! Heaven!

  • Brii

    “…it sounded like a trombone being raped repeatedly by a tuba.” One of the best lines you’ve ever written. Thanks for making my Friday!

  • http://www.swedishpankakes.blogspot.com SwedishPankakes

    I’ve always wanted a flying bed. But a floating couch would do.

    Or, the ability to swim like an octopus would do as well.

    Happy Birthday, Jon!

  • Anonymous

    I love your book and your blog. You make my workday a million times better.

  • http://www.lorenadavis.blogspot.com Lorena

    Happy birthday, Jon!

  • Katie Kat

    The WORST part of Oswald is when he SINGS! It’s ALMOST worse than that stupid moose on Noggin. OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!

    By the way – although the comments were closed on the last picture of Marlo, I HAVE to tell you how incredibly deliciously adorable she is and I want to smooch her face repeatedly. Just so you know.

  • Ilyssa


    That is an awesome cake Heather! And hahaha, the story about Oswald cracks me up. My 6 year old sister loves that show. But it truly is so obscure!

  • Katie Kat


  • http://seventenclark.com Karrey

    I want that goddamned cake!

  • http://fatblastzone.com LillianB

    Happy B-Day Jon!

  • http://www.lorenadavis.blogspot.com Lorena

    PS–I didn’t have to type in something silly to ensure that I was a human visitor. Anyone else run into this? Maybe Dooce just got rid of the filter.

  • Candy

    “You say it’s your birthday
    na na na na na na
    It’s my birthday too, yah
    na na na na na na”

    Happy Birthday, Jon, to both of us.

  • devoted fan

    “shows where the main character just keeps getting beat up by life”

    Ummmm Pot? This is Kettle… we need to talk.

    I love the trials and tribulations of the Armstrong family and how you always pull it together Macgyver style. With Tape, a tube sock, explosives you have sitting around…and prozac. just like my family. Thanks for making me feel a little less weird.

    lots of love and many happy birthdays to come :)

  • alayna

    happy birthday jon! that cake is fantastic!

  • Megs

    The cake is freaking me out. Seriously.

  • Rouver

    Love the post, Heather

    To those of you who say “let ‘em starve” you’ve never seen a child that WOULD rather starve than eat. Mine will go so long without eating she’ll puke at breakfast because she’s so hungry. I have gotten sick (literally) with worry, cried heaving sobs because she WILL NOT EAT. So, let’s weigh it out, shall we? My sanity + her health vs. me making a different meal for her. It’s not like we’re caving in to their demands of donuts & vodka. We still have her try a bite or two before making something else, but as I’ve learned, you *cannot* make a child eat.

  • http://www.toothfairyrecipes.com/MatinsRecipes/tabid/181/Default.aspx Matin

    and thats why I never eat beans and i dont even have a baby:-) Jon’s cake is awesome, im getting one of those for my geek hubby:-)Good luck with the diet, sounds like you are doing amazingly well:-)
    Love, M

  • Teresa

    I have seen this episode of Oswald and I do believe we shouted the same thing at the tv! Have you seen Yo Gabba Gabba? I HATE THIS SHOW and yet famous people like to appear on it. Jack Black, the big eyed kid from Lord of the Rings and Biz Markie. Why? It’s HORRIBLE! And don’t get me started on Caillou and Boo Bah!

    Happy Birthday Jon!

  • Jennifer P

    Happy birthday Jon, you’re a trooper AND you make cute babies :-)

  • http://www.WebSavyMom.com Hokie Deb

    –>What a hilarious way (from my perspective) to start a birthday. Happy Birthday Jon!

  • Meagan D

    Happy Birthday, Jon!

    Hope that you all have a great time today!

    My husband and son will be jealous of the cake! I also HATE Oswald, it just doesn’t make sense.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    44 and a star wars cake.


    was there a shiny new iphone 3GS around for him somewhere?

  • http://krysworld.blogspot.com Krys

    My sister was friends with/dated/liked (who remembers? It was, like, 25 years ago!) Oswald’s creator, Danny Yaccarino.
    If I ever run into him again, I’ll have to thank him, NOT, for that blue octopus.
    I’m NOT a fan!
    Happy Birthday, Jon!

  • LynzM

    Happy Birthday Jon!! You guys are so lucky to have each other :D

    p.s. – Heather, you do know that those last 10 lbs., your body will often keep in “reserve” until you’re done nursing? So don’t despair if they stick around until then, just nature protecting you against famine ;)

  • http://www.deborahwolfe.net Deborah Wolfe

    Happy happy birthday Jon!!!

  • emily

    Just read throught all the posts and cant believe only TWO people commented on the weight loss…YOU DONT NEED TO DIET RIGHT NOW! your baby eats 600-800 calories a day from your milk! Eat healthy, enjoy your food, and the weight will come off…relax. You are a goddess.

  • http://www.tokenblogger.com tokenblogger


    I wonder if it’s safe to use “BEANO” when one is breast feeding?

  • CJK

    OMG…thank you for the laughs on so many levels!! I can relate not only on the bean/breastfeeding colossal disaster (was right there with you a couple months ago with my son…black bean enchiladas) but also the being awoken at an ungodly hour by the older child (daughter is 4).
    Two things about Oswald that make me giggle, that he has a dog named Weenie and that the voice of the penguin, Henry, is David Lander aka Squiggy.
    Happy Birthday to Jon!

  • Jessica

    Awesome cake first of all! Secondly, I am so glad to find out that I am not the only one who cannot physically sit through a Ben Stiller movie! I couldn’t explain it to my last boyfriend, but the amount of anxiety I experience watching those types of movies makes my stomach twist into a tiny ball! Nice to know I’m not alone…

  • http://daddysfishbowl.com Keith

    OMG, this story was hilarious. I know the exact Oswald episode that you’re talking about. My son loves the show for some odd reason. The sad thing about your story is that while watching that episode I never came to the conclusion that he IS an octopus, so why not swim. Thanks for making me feel dumb. lol

  • Karen

    Brass instruments raping each other? Dammit Heather, you are hella awesome. Happy Birthday Jon!

  • http://mommyiamhome.blogspot.com Karen

    Too bad you didn’t get a picture of the sparks shooting out of Marlo’s ass. But, hey, tell Jon happy belated birthday!

  • http://www.bellystory.blogspot.com/ Belly Girl

    Nothing says nerdalicious like a cake with the opposing forces of Star Wars in battle in frosting. Epic.

  • http://www.zappas.be Catherine

    Congratulations Jon!
    With regards to Marlo being a loud baby… have you considered taking her to a manual therapist? My daughter was a “loud” baby too and that had to day with the intestins and so on not being very adjusted yet. It helped a great deal!


  • http://latherrinseandrepeat.wordpress.com Lisa

    Oh I love it. Happy Birthday to Jon and thank you for making me laugh so hard I, er, tooted. My family needs no help in the fiber department, believe me, but like the others I’d love this bean-cheese recipe. Bring it on.

    The only Sprout-ish show I can abide is WordGirl. I refuse to let my kids watch that other shit. Because then I’d have to listen to it too. And I’m already getting stupid enough from the evening cocktails I inhale. I’m selfish that way.

  • Kathy

    Hang in there! By the way I am three years post baby and only just successfully losing the last, oh, 30 lbs! The trick is …….count calories!!! forget the greens and the beans – just count everything! You will be amazed! I guess you should ask your dr. what the minimum you can get away with breastfeeding but that bull about losing weight because your breastfeeding, well, didn’t work for me. Just left me with boobs three times their original size!
    Just remember you will blink your eyes and she will be 14 so enjoy the sleepless nights! It’s better than lying awake wondering when she is going to get home!

  • Mack

    Heather – I still wear flip flops and maternity clothes 10 months later, and I’m les than my normal weight. It’s called laziness and not wanting to relearn walking in heels.

    Rest assured, with all that breastfeeding, you’ll shed the 15 within 2 or 3 more months. Breastfeeding is like smoking. Enjoy it. In a few months, you’ll be trying to eat lots of pizza and cake so that you don’t get too thin. At least, that’s what happened to me.

  • Becky

    That Oswald episode is on ALL THE TIME.

  • http://poopandboogies.com William

    Happy Day to Jon. May the farts be with you.

  • Sara

    That is the awesomest cake I have ever seen in my entire life.

    May the Frosting be with you.

  • Lisa

    Heather, I would not stress the diet too much. I found that my body kept weight on when I was nursing for at least the first four or five months. Suddenly the weight fell off around month five for both of my kids. It didn’t matter what I was eating. I personally think dieting now is futile and you really need some good meals to make it through these early days! Just my 2 cents!

  • http://minxlj.tumblr.com minxlj

    Happy Birthday to the lovely Jon! That cake is almost as damn cool as he is :)

  • Missey

    Re: your baby weight. You’ll keep on at least ten of those pounds while you are breastfeeding- your body needs that extra cushion to create milk effectively for your child. So…don’t beat yourself up or freak out over your weight, you need it for now!

  • http://belleandnel.blogspot.com Nel

    I don’t think there are nearly enough candles on that cake! :)

  • kristin

    Oswald? That’s nothing. Does anyone remember Oobi, the super creepy bare hand puppet? *shudders*

    Seriously, can I just forward my kid’s future therapy bills to Noggin?

  • p jane

    Congrats on the “healthy food” dedication ;) and Happy Birthday to Jon!

    Echoing Maggie and CJK, Squiggy makes Oswald tolerable for me. (Fred Savage, meh…) That, and the fact that it roots the perpetual-motion-machine that is my 4yo to one spot for the duration.

  • Jenny

    I’m still recovering from the Teletubbies and Oobi to even start to watch Oswald. I would love your recipe for beans too. HB Jon!

  • http://landofbears.blogspot.com Jenn H

    Since becoming a SAHM my IQ has dipped severely thanks to Sponge Bob, Oswald, Max and Ruby (who Hubby consistently calls a b*tch), etc. But there is not a cheaper babysitter available and this morning my 2 year old counted my toes in Spanish. Thanks Dora.

    Happy Belated Birthday Jon! I would have left the congrats on your site but didn’t think it would fit the health care reform posts. Your not medicare old.

  • Jill

    Okay, one, Happy Bday Jon! Two – I hate those pick-on-and-beat-up-the-main-character movies too! Almost as much as I hate the Borat and Bruno movies and Candid Camera type shows where they do nothing but make people feel stupid and inferior… where is the humor in that? It just makes me squirm too. Give me potty jokes (Marlo’s toots) anyday… Now that’s funny shit!

  • http://www.myleftnerve.blogspot.com Marianne

    really, that was just too funny.

    Happy birthday, Jon!