• http://seismictwitch.com Naomi

    we did the same thing. boy developed his own taste in music from the music videos played on the channel we had it on (you know, back when music video stations actually played music videos). his taste went to bon jovi, edwin, ricky martin, live and a couple of others. he’s into european head banging metal now.

    oh, get leta in to some dance lessons…poor child has as little sense of rhythm as me (and believe me, that’s *very* little)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help to notice the similarity in moves between her and Chris Martin…*cheers* to rockin’ out in the kitchen…we do it everyday

  • http://prettylittlepenny.blogspot.com Be Like The Squirrel, Girl
  • http://www.trailerwife.com Christie

    Oh, Heather. It’s so great to hear you say that you have also boycotted kiddie music. I am embarrassed to admit it to most people, worried they’ll think me an unfit mother or something. But I just can’t bear it. There is already a lot we’re asked to endure, you know? My son is only 11 months, but I’m dreaming of the day when he’ll do herky-jerky little dances to Wilco and Aimee Mann.

    Rock on, sistah.


  • http://www.themomclaire.blogspot.com Claire

    My daughter did listen to the children’s crap for a while but it was mostly Raffi and Bear in the Big Blue House. Most mornings, when I was working, we listened to Kidd Kradick in the morning.
    I am a James Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jason Mraz, David Grey kinda girl. My DH is a Metalica, Greatful Dead, Korn, music-where-people-scream-instead-of-sing-and-you-can-not-tell-if-someone-is-dying-or-this-is-supost-to-be-enjoyable type of music. My daughter loves both. Of course there is Noggin in the background constantly when she is not at school. Right now I hear the Wonder Pets and want to run screaming from the house.
    When she was a baby she LOVED Crosby Stills and Nash’s Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. She knew every word (still does). The song is so long but she never missed a beat! It was so funny! She calls it “My song”.
    Leta looked like she was having a blast! I can not wait to see both Leta and Marlo dancing together! How great will that be!

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    Fox confessor brings the flood, my favorite! Everytime it rains I can’t get her rendition of Bob Dylan’s Buckets of rain out of my head. Sang it in the car on the way home from a drenched Chiefs game last saturday. My friends just did not understand…

  • http://www.theprimamomma.com Kristy Merrill

    I feel ya. Karis has an affinity for hard core gangsta rap. WTF? Where does this child hear that crap? How on earth does she KNOW THE LYRICS if we stumble upon a random radio station? Oh, and she’s got the slutty music video vixen moves to go with it. Again, WTF?

  • Mercury’s Daddy

    If she were any cuter my screen would totally melt down!

  • Kathie

    Love the video!! Just one thing – isn’t it “Roman Catholic choirs are singing”??? *pedant mode off*

  • http://shuggilippo.blogspot.com Jess

    Before getting thrust into parenthood via an “Oh shit!” pregnancy, I was the second in command at, what was then, The Edge 103.9FM, an alternative rock station in Phoenix. Upon discovering that, “Hey, I just missed three months of tampons and pre-menstrual cleaning tirades…” and ultimately that I was indeed preggo, I vowed to my Husfriend (I was his boss-ish…we lived on the wild side) to never expose our unborn Spawn Nugget to music that included instruments like the xylophone or whose album title was alliterated to the point where we never wanted to see or hear the letter M again in our lifetime.

    Coming up on 2 years and we’re still going strong.

    At any given moment, in any given room in our house, there’s an iHome, MusicChoice, Radio, or stereo blasting some sort of awesomeness from the likes of Coldplay to Jack Johnson to Minus the Bear. We’re attempting to hone his ability to get down with his bad self for an oh snap effect on the first day of kindergarten.

    Ere go, it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who doesn’t think I’m insane because “There’s not a single kid song on your iPod”…

  • http://www.elizabeth3hats.com Elizabeth

    I hear you. If I have to hear ‘Elmo’s World’ one more time I may slit my throat. But fortunately my daughter is also not given the opportunity to roll along to wheels on the bus. Her latest addiction is the Annie Lennox song ‘Free Bird’. I’ll take that any day over Raffi.

  • http://www.tokenblogger.com tokenblogger

    “music geared toward kids” is parental abuse. They need to keep that stuff at preschool and kindergarten. At home it’s only good at bedtime…

  • solaro

    Just got back from a 3 hours commute (no I do not live in LA but in Montreal) and I need my fix of Dooce. Your daughter singing is just what I needed to make me laugh (and 2 margaritas). Coldplay should have been with me during my commute it would have been much more interesting. Leta is great! Keep the good work and play that song again.

  • Jamie

    I love, love Neko Case. And I can’t help but smile when my own four year old daughter asks me to sing something by one of our favorite bands/musicians for her bedtime song…..

  • Rachel

    674 Kathie: No, it’s not.

    It never occurred to me until I read this post that we have not really introduced our daughter to kid-specific music. She has always listened to what we do, and she prefers it so much more. Don’t get me wrong, she will watch Hi-5 (Australian kids group, although I think there is/was a US version?) but when the shows off, their music stops there. She loves ‘normal’ music and responds so much more to it- now that I think back, when we go to friends’ parties she doesn’t go crazy for the Wiggles CD like the other children do. I wouldn’t have it any other way- that’s exactly how I grew up. Her music taste is incredibly eclectic (like mine) and I am proud of that because it’s an important part of my life and I hope for it to be an important part of hers.

    Whew, that was long-winded. Great post! Leta is AWESOME!

  • tricia

    My cheeks are killing me from grinning so hugely through that entire video.

    My 3-y.o. is also a huge Coldplay fan… but I only play it in the car. After seeing this, that’s about to change!

  • http://www.freckletree.com Joy Martin-Malone

    Holy shit! She dances just like me! I’ll send a video of myself dancing to Weird Fishes for you to post. Everyone will love it! Oh wait, I’m not a cute little girl. I’m a twenty-seven year old mental case mother of twinfants. Nevermind.

  • Kathleen

    Hilarious! Leta is such a delight. I love it when little kids dance because they’re so uninhibited.

    And, for what it’s worth, I don’t turn on kid music for my son either. I hope he grows up preferring Coldplay to Barney. I like Coldplay. I guess I’m just uncool.

  • Claire


  • mdog

    I am a sick person – as in ill, like I can barely get off the couch this week. You have no idea what something like this video can do for people like me, who are unable to participate fully in life all the time. I totally got tears in my eyes, seeing Leta so free and healthy and happy. Not only does she walk, people, she dances! With her dad! While her mom makes funny voices! Having read your blog for a while, this just seems like such a triumph for each of you. Go team dooce! Play it again!

  • Helen

    Someone may have already mentioned (and I don’t have time to read 6K comments) that you can download a live album “Left, Right, Left, Right, Left” for free at http://www.coldplay.com and it includes a live version of this song. Just wait until she hears all those people cheering, of course, for HER and her MIRACULOUS DANCING!

    Congrats, Heather, you have two beautiful children. :)

  • http://www.theprimamomma.com Kristy Merrill

    side note – I actually saw Cold Play debut that song at the 2008 MTV music awards.


    Good times…

  • http://cadee.blogspot.com Cathy D
  • http://www.justchangingbags.co.uk/ Changing Bags

    See, I knew she was a baby rockstar waiting to be born- Great music taste too!

  • http://www.firethehousewife.com Sarah

    She even dances like a scenester!

    Things that are good for kids: Listening to their parents awesome taste in music, I grew up singing along to Penicillin Penny having NO idea what that was about until years later.

  • http://mommyiamhome.blogspot.com Karen

    Forget Leta’s dancing. Is John wearing man capris in that video?

  • MSR

    Rock on kiddies! Our son who is almost 6 started his own boycott against kid specific tunes at the age of 18 months when daddy turned on ACDC in his car. To this day our son’s favorite song is “Dirty Deeds”, nice!

  • Brandy

    I fully AGREE!!! We have 6 yr old twin boys, and they not only love Viva La Vida, but they also can tell you the name of each band when a song comes on..
    Three base notes into a song and they shout in unison “Depeche Mode!!” or “Frank Sinatra!” It is a Name That Band challenge at the end of every track when the iPod is on shuffle… and I think there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with that at all.

  • Barb

    My 6-year-old daughter loves that song, too. She asks for it every day in the car, and she does the Chris Martin hands (from the video). Thankfully, I love it, too, and I’m happier to hear that than Jai Ho (sp?), which she also wants to hear every day.

  • EB

    love that she has rhythm!!!

    don’t knock Anne Murray…that was my first “concert” (with my parents)…oh the joys of growing up mormon…

  • MM3

    Ridiculously cute. I like the way she works that gorgeous head of hair. The girl has got ‘tude!

  • http://www.survivethemayhem.com SAHM: Suriving Assorted Home Mayhem

    I love how nonchalantly Chuck strolls back and forth in front of the camera as if to say; “See how cute I am even WITHOUT something on my head?” Darling video of Leta dancing and Jon, too!

  • akp


    you’re daughter is very cute but something about this video disturbs me deeply. i am a reporter and, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for me to cover child sex assault cases. PLEASE know that there are some very sick people out there and if you think they cannot find your daughter….well, do you really want to chance it? if there is just one person intent on finding her…just one…wouldn’t that be enough to keep you from posting a video he might interpret as sexy?

    i recently covered a story of a guy who, at sentencing, expressed that having sex with children was human nature and, as an example, cited young beauty pageants…). http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local-beat/Sex-Offender-.html

    he was caught just after having sex with a 3-month old…and i am not kidding.

    he was a computer wiz by day. these guys don’t need a street address. an ip address will do.

    anyway, i think you get my point. sorry but i just couldn’t let it go without saying my piece… good luck and love the blog otherwise.


  • Shannon

    That was incredibly awesome. Made my night. And I have been having a series of unhappy nights lately. Thanks Armstrongs! :)

  • http://smellsliketeenblog.wordpress.com Tracy

    I just want Leta’s hair. It’s gorgeous, and I love the way she works it like a little mini-Cher.

  • http://www.littlemancooper.blogspot.com/ Amy

    Well, it looks like Leta has converted another Coldplay fan. My 16mo. old son and I just watched this and he was diggin’ her dance moves. She sure can cut a rug. Thanks Leta, thanks A LOT. We both enjoy reading (and watching) your blog.

    Do it again Leta…(and I bet again, and again, and again, and again)

  • http://theconfusedhomemaker.com/ beth aka confusedhomemaker

    Nice moves, I like the hands playing the piano at the start & finish. She knows how to bring it all together. I am *almost* ashamed to admit that I have love for that song, especially since I use to rage against Coldplay. The whole drawing on the arm thing made me think of Eddie Vedder & that just turned me off.

    My daughter is a freakin’ HUGE Elliot Smith fan (she’s 3) wants to listen over & over (that’s my melodramatic girl) and the boys have a host of bands that they love none are “age appropriate.” But all are awesome. IMO exposing to kids to a variety of music early on only helps create a wider range of tastes as they get older, growing up we always heard music our parents listened to. There wasn’t this host of kiddie crap. Although once they got into school it got harder to keep them away from the kiddie crap. But thankfully they still enjoy good music.

  • http://www.helloworldclothing.com/blog Cindi

    Love this song and her over the shoulder shake look. We are huge Coldplay fans in this house. But, our latest favorite is 3oh!3 and we are doin’ the Helen Keller over and over again.

  • http://prettyswell.wordpress.com/ Suzanne

    Leta rocks!

    My 18-month-old also happens to love Coldplay. Claps at the end of every song. Well, she claps at the end of pretty much any song, but I like to think it’s because she knows it’s Coldplay.

    Thanks for the video — just what I needed to get going on a Monday morning!

  • http://www.amybuettner.com/ amy

    love this, thanks for putting it up, you guys are awesome parents!!!

  • http://keeponsmyelin.blogspot.com/ K*OS! (Keep On S’myelin!)

    You go, Leta!

    Your post brings back memories. There’s a video on my blog of my little girl dancing to Kid Rock!

    I wish I would have avoided the kids music in the car with our son. I had my fill of The Wiggles by the time my daughter was born. My husband and I put the kid tunes away and took back control of the cd player. Now my 2 and 5 year olds favourite tunes are by The Beatles, Kid Rock, Black Eyed Peas, to name a few.

    Keep on rockin’, Leta!

  • Casey

    Ugh. So agree. Can’t stand people who hate Coldplay for the reason you are describing.

  • http://endmeetend.blogspot.com/ Mrs. Smith

    That’s so GREAT!! I’m pretty sure my kids would kill me if I put a video of them dancing on the internet. But, I’m pretty sure I’d do it anyway…

  • http://idroppedmybonbon.blogspot.com mpotter

    i agree. our 1yo daughter listens to our music as well. an eclectic mix, for sure. we don’t even have (i don’t think) the disney channel, i don’t know where nick is on my TV, and there’s no radio disney for us… although, we may be borderline in the “kid songs” range. she does have 2 cds geared for kids. one was a gift of elizabeth mitchell (who’s a folk children’s singer, apparently) & the other is they might be giants.

    does it count if one of your bands does a kid cd??

    i guess we figure if we’re gonna have to listen to these songs overandoverandover when she gets older- it may as well be something we can enjoy as well!

    great video. i’m sure i’ll have plenty of those in the future, as i already have lotsa video of her giving a little wiggle when she hears music.

  • Cari

    My 4-year-old loves Sinead O’Connor AND attends a Catholic pre-school. Talk about needing therapy…..

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    LOL. Looks like she got her dancing skills from you, Ms. Flailing Octopus Arms. (Oh yes, we remember the SXSW pictures.)

    Not sure about the cuteness, though. Can one inherit things from one’s dogs?

  • http://tinyapple.wordpress.com katie

    the lip syncing is fantastic!!

    i feel the same way about kids music, we’ve limited our daughters in-take to kids music we can stand, which is a very limited amount, mostly made up of they might be giants and barenaked ladies kid’s cds.
    her current favorites are harry connick jr and the flaming lips, so i feel our mission has been a success.

  • http://www.ninesandquines.typepad.com libby @ ninesandquines

    AWESOME!!!!! she needs a keyboard to start practicing on – looks like she’s ready! and chuck walking back and forth just think “what the hell has my life become?” :-)

  • http://justbetweenstrangers.blogspot.com/ acm

    Man, this might be my favorite video ever, and I don’t really even know the song. great stuff! :) )

    We have a couple kids’ CDs, either in the sounds-like-current-hits variety (Mother Goose Rocks, volume 3 cracks me up!!), or of the cool TMBG/Barenaked Ladies variety. That way, the repetition doesn’t kill you, but you still have music that the kid thinks of as theirs when you’re on the road or otherwise need a little grounding from home. But sometimes she has to listen to our eclectic mix of music, so hopefully we’ll evolve in that direction. (Our baby is only 18 months right now.) Am inspired!

  • CS

    “go shave off your ironic mustache” is the best line ever. Can I use it out in public?