• Brenda

    Speaking of good albums, you might want to check out Phoenix’s new album, and their song Lisztomania. Highly catchy and danceable. Leta will love it.


  • Cate

    They will forever and always be called albums by me. My kids have been begging me for a record player so they can play some of the old “albums” they found in the basement.

    Thanks again for being so awesome!

  • Beffgus

    First of all, hats off to Gabe Askew. Gorgeous.

    Secondly, given your exquisite taste in music, I thought you might appreciate an introduction to The Current, an offshoot of Minnesota Public Radio. Great variety, DJs who know their shit, lots of indie and local stuff that would never get played elsewhere, and lots of interaction with listeners. And when I say variety, I mean that this afternoon I heard Wilco, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Mos Def, Beck, and Gossip. In a row.

    They stream live so anyone can check it out if they wanna take a listen to what’s up in Minneapolis.


  • Jeanne

    Wow – love the song. And if it is a fan video it is amazing. I may be a bit jaded being that I am an Imagineer and am exposed to wonderful art forms like this on a daily basis –

    I love albums and still own all my vinyl!!!! There is a radio station down here in LA that plays album side Wednesdays – with all the scratches just like the old days.

  • http://www.katiecarman.com Katie Carman

    Heather – don’t fret! My boyfriend and I still buy “albums” and even some on :gasp: VINYL!

  • Please

    Please write more about depression and how you are deeling with it. I know you are well but I am hoping to hear about this on momversation. As a severely depressed pregnant woman I am thinking on going back on Lexapro after 8 months but I am soooo scared. Noone is giving my straight answeres. Therapists says no, midwife shakes her head says it is all fine… internet is a damn mess….you are the closest thing I have. Please help! Be an advocate for this. I know you cannot say one way or another but be the statistic that you are. You took it talk about your fears before and after and how your baby is feeling.


  • http://habitual.wordpress.com Creature of Habit

    I say album and I buy whole albums. Fuck what the kids think!

    I also like to run with this ‘old lady’ persona and throw other little ditties at the kids like…

    “pickle”, used in a sentence: “well, give me a call if you’re in a pickle and I’d be happy to give you a ride”

    “rats!”, used in a sentence in lieu of words like ‘fuck!’ and ‘shit!’

    Also, try throwing out things like “well that’s a bunch of baloney” instead of “that’s bullshit!”

    Really, it entertains the kids and will give you plenty of satisfaction that you are fully in character.

    Also – that piece of land your Mom has is incredible. Gorgeous.

    Stay classy Dooce.

  • lisa c.

    awesome! thanks for enlightening me :)

  • Mia

    I still say album too. Kids, what do they know, its hard to take most of them seriously when you know how hard they are trying not to be enthusiastic.

    Grizzly bear is amazing I like the fur song.

    Also I love the Dooce backup singing on the Coldplay/Lita video. Sing it sister.

  • http://www.myhormonesmademe.com MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt

    Okay, I am going to say something honest here and you may love me for my honesty or hate me for maybe/possibly (I completely hate to admit it) my ability to relate to the Abercrombie modelish guy. And for NO other reason than the fact that I spent the enire first paragraph thinking you were talking about a photo album and therefore utterly perplexed…for what else would we call that album.

  • http://shellydonald.blogspot.com ShellyD

    I guess I’m old (graduated high school in 1984) cuz I will always call it an “album”. BTW, I think Jelisa is one funny funny chick too.

  • http://www.imajing.com Jing

    I still say albums and I still “tape” shows on my DVR.

    Beautiful video. I just watched it with my 2.5 month old daughter (born same day as Marlo actually) – she was completely captivated by it!

  • http://tangledstrings.net BethErin

    Oh, how I love Grizzly Bear and this album in particular. This video is amazing. It’s like a Disneyland ride for the eyes. Love it. It’s way better (or at least less creepy) than their official one.

    If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out Department of Eagles. They’re made up of most of the members of Grizzly Bear, and they do this fabulous song/video (which is a little less kid friendly):


  • http://freeul.blogspot.com Wendy

    Wow. That was totally amazing! I’m amazed that someone did that just for fun…as in for no money at all…just because he wanted to. And, I’m jealous!

  • http://www.greeblemonkey.com/ Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Love the original tweet, and started following her, but had to do it over my fingers twitching in rebellion. Seeing as there was not one, but THREE misplaced periods in that there message. Argh, like my WORST pet peeve. None the less, I will break out my walker and use the word “album” any day. I even said “mix tape” at a public function recently. THAT was a hoot.

  • http://www.jennbenn.com Jenn Benn

    I love the whole thing. Beautiful. Music, visuals, everything. And I’m a picky music eater.

    I’m not sure what to call those recorded music cartridges. My instinct is albums. But they’re not albums anymore, so…humph.

  • http://www.funnyisthenewyoung.com Leah Rubin

    OMG– Gabe deserves to be worshipped. I’m speechless, and that’s a rare event!

    BTW— album, album, album, album, album. Have I made my point?

  • Canadian Fan

    I call them “records” because hey, I’m 50. And then my 19-year-old coworker snickers.

  • http://torreymeeks.blogspot.com Ptiza

    Speaking of fan-made video, I was thinking of posting this the other day after you mentioned Leta liked Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.” (Woulda gotten to see how the public liked it too if EMI hadn’t yanked it down 24 hours after the song went public!)

    The 1970s How-To Video On TPing Houses, Playing With Dogs, Emulating the Beatles and Making Better Videos Than Coldplay’s Add-Pastel-Trails-To-It Team:


  • Anonymous

    Okay… I’m in the minority here… not really crazy about the song and don’t feel like dancing in the kitchen to it (but laughed out loud that Leta said that… I don’t have kids so I guess I will parent vicariously through you!)…

    But the VIDEO… dayum… I suspect the record (? is that still okay to say) producer made it somehow…. I LOVE the frigging video… it is fantastic.

    And… I joined Jon’s website… healthcare is number one on my agenda as well… the link to the Johann somebody or other piece in the UK independent was amazing. Will be reading him from now on… and may even follow his tweets, altho I swore I would never do that. Good info tho.

  • http://www.hagenhoopla.blogspot.com/ Wendy Hagen

    I think you are supposed to call it “an 8 track.” It’s kind of so retro that it’s cool. Try that one with amberdude and let me know how it works out for you.

  • Terri

    Wow, that is a great video and song…now I want to check out Grizzly Bear’s other stuff. Oh, and I also call them albums.

  • http://www.hagenhoopla.blogspot.com/ Wendy Hagen

    I am so old I called him “amberdude” instead of “Aber-dude.”
    What is itunes, anyway?

  • Elodia

    I feel like some people say ‘record’ instead? Musicians and indie-scene-children. Abercrombie-ish guy could have also been a hipster douche.

    I’m 19 and I still say album. *shrugs*

    (Captcha phrase: plu stopcock


  • Savanah

    I’m 18, and I still call ALBUMS, ALBUMS!
    I loathe my generation sometimes.

  • Musical Bum

    As someone who still enjoys cranking up the old Victorola, I must comment that trying to DL a Vimeo video is like flushing two coral pink beach towels and then expecting a trouble free sewer line. Vimeo SLOOOOW

  • http://www.pleasurenotes.com emma

    Given the fact that ALBUMS can still be purchased at any music store worth its salt, I think “album” is a perfectly acceptable word. I just wouldn’t use it in front of an Abercrombie-cute guy, but then I probably wouldn’t be able to form any word so it’s really a moot point.

    And I sincerely wish I had the time management skills that Gabe obviously has.

  • http://brandistrand.wordpress.com Brandi Strand

    Oooh, thanks for sharing this song and video. I share Leta’s sentiments…this is a great song.

    I, unlike the dude, believe that they are still called “albums” when they are speaking of the collection of songs produced at the same time to be distributed at the same time. Otherwise, what the hell are you supposed to call it?

  • lgski

    Number One – listen to any interview with any remotely cool musician and you will notice this – they ALL use the word “album”. It’s cool. Just proves that looks and youth aren’t everything. Take that, Abercrombie dude.
    Number Two – THE WHITEHOUSE RESPONDED TO YOUR HUSBAND’S TWEET. Are these the most fabulous of times, or what?

  • http://iranianamericangirl.blogspot.com Neda

    The band should just pay this gabe guy to make the video officially their songs video if they havent made one for it already. its pretty damn good!!!!

  • http://naptimestudiosquilts.blogspot.com/ TracyT.

    Lovely video! I’m totally impressed by anyone who can *spell* daguerreotype! As for ‘album’ I think we’re stuck until something better comes along.

  • TMyers

    Fab tunes, lady! We have extremely similar dance parties in our kitchen: my 5 year old son says “My Beautiful Queen, will you have this dance with me?” I’m afraid for his kindergarten teacher being romanced/stalked–when we went to the meet and greet, he whispered “She’s really hot.I think she’d like to dance with me to Bebel Gilberto.Or Kanye.” yep.

    SO off topic, but I had a Jon/White House moment recently, although my pathetic television obsession doesn’t really compare with a Presidential twitter…

    When my husband and I watch TV, the first thing we say is “Let’s find some murder!” As in Forensic Files, 48 Hours Investigation, etc. Our favorite, which has since been discontinued, is “The Investigators: The Wrong Man” where former NYPD detective and current PI Jerry Palace revisits cases (and people in jail) who have been convicted on shady evidence and have always claimed their innocence. We love his show so much, but have only been able to see a few as it has been off air a few years.

    Anyhoo, I sent him an email last year to see if a certain man (who was so ridiculously, obviously innocent)had been given a new trial, and he promptly sent me a reply. Upon seeing a rerun of the episode, I sent him another email asking if this poor man (Dennis Dechaine–check it out)had ever had any progress with his case. Lo & Behold, Jerry left me a voice message the next week, asking to call back at my earliest convience.  I felt like a celebrity!

    OK. That is so lame, so NOT a comparison, but I’m posting anyway. I feel fancy.

    and Marlo is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. I have bored endless single friends by sending her picture with a “will you look at this gorgeous child?” memo. It’s my ovaries craving some estrogen.

  • http://gihyangkang.tistory.com gk

    gosh, daguerreotype? I don’t even kno my pronounciation is right or not. I still call it as ‘album’.

  • Hsin

    I still like the word “album” for certain releases. There are some records/CDs that I can’t imagine buying singles from because they just don’t seem right without the whole collection. (On the other hand, I DO like being able to buy single songs from an album. Back in the day, you had to buy a whole record just to get the one or two songs even if an albums had mostly junk.)

    Speaking of albums, how about the word “record store”? Does such a thing still exist? The mall in my town doesn’t have a music store, and I think the ginormous record store that I used to go to back in the Village (NYC) is long gone.

    And whatever happened to single releases and the “flip” side? Sometimes we DID used to buy songs intended to be sold as a single, but then you got a free B-side song. I guess I’ll have to figure out some sort of flip replacement.

  • http://www.whatsablog.com/whatsablog.com/home/home.html Brooke

    sorry, i must be missing something…it kind of put me to sleep. i’ll listen again though, sometimes it takes a time or two to kick ass.

  • http://www.gorkyrises.com gorky

    They are albums. Period. And I love when my 19 year old tries to correct me. Because the term “CDs” has no weight. When you moved your “albums” from apartment to apartment – you got a hernia. You can throw all your CDs in a garbage bag and never know the difference.

    Besides… I still say “icebox”.

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    This video is amazing. It’s like a Disneyland ride for the eyes. Love it. It’s way better (or at least less creepy) than their official one…

  • http://tatca.vn Tatca.vn

    Thanks for shared, i like it


  • http://theviewfrommacy.blogspot.com Macy

    Sorry – had to do a quick check that the White House hadn’t responded to your husband on your behalf…..
    with your antiquated healthcare system the US might also have had antiuated protocols :)

  • http://XemCaNgay.Com Anonymous

    This video is amazing. It’s like a Disneyland ride for the eyes. Love it. It’s way better (or at least less creepy) than their official one…


  • http://XemCaNgay.Com Anonymous

    She actually dances in a manner quite similar to the front man of Cold Play, Chris Martin.

    Music shouldn’t make your ears bleed. And lots of kids music makes my ears bleed.

    Except “They Might Be Giants.” That doesn’t make my ears bleed.


  • Rochelle

    Heather! OMG, I was in London about a month ago perusing the wares of Topshop on Oxford Street and they had this song playing. I was madly asking sales assistants if they knew what it was, only to be met with blank looks. THIS WAS THE SONG! THANK YOU. NOW I CAN SLEEP AGAIN AT NIGHT.

  • Anonymous

    excellent video, but that has got to be the most annoying, run-on-goes-nowhere song without a hook I have evah heard.

  • http://onecookieshort.blogspot.com/ Cookie

    I’m not sure what you would call them besides albums. And I’m part of the CD generation. Also I’m very big on buying the whole album, even from iTunes. Also, awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://windylou.etsy,com WindyLou

    I have to chime in on this one.

    Albums are still around in vinyl. They aren’t making a “comeback” because they never left. Artists ARE putting out singles, especially broke-ass bands that play for beer money – they call them 45′s and most of the time they put them out themselves, sometimes they even put out cds and cd singles. Even better, they split the costs with another band and you get two bands for the price of one.

    If you want to find a record all you have to do is look – go to a yard sale, salvation army, DI, Goodwill. Check out ebay. Go to a record shop. There are plenty of record shops around, you just have to be interested enough to look.

  • Kate

    I am just loving the ALF reference.

  • http://blog.sailorscorpio.com/ Meredith

    I say keep calling those collections of songs on one disk (or whatever) an album. They still give out the “Album of the Year” awards, don’t they? All the goofballs who can’t use the word album are dorks. I say “blog,” even though I still find it to be a rather ugly word. Really — “blog” sounds like some sort of sound one would make after a night of heavy drinking.

  • Jessie

    I never comment but I love your blog, and will check out this band. But I really want to know about Cami’s hair. Can you please ask her to do a tutorial so mortals like me can get that super-model-on-a-beach look?

  • Katie Kat

    Um, WOW? WOW WOW WOW!!! That was amazing. It has just come in second place behind OK GO’s song “Here it Goes Again!”

    Thanks for expanding my ALBUM collection and my mind!

  • http://lauramack.wordpress.com/ Laura Mack

    Oh Heather, ThankyouThankyouThankyou for taking me on a whimsical little journey with you and Leta this morning and helping me forget that my hulking football playing turning 14 years old teenager is driving me to insomnia and alcoholism.

    Must go watch that fan video once again.