• Ellen

    Rock on, sister.
    When you get people in a line down your sidewalk asking you to put their causes out on twitter, what do you do?
    Just curious, because I hope you encourage others to do for themselves as you did.
    Not every network has to be as big as dooce’s to work, and this sort of post is what inspires the power of the people.
    This is America at its finest!
    And what I love best is that the next post could be about dog hair or Leta’s new school friends, and life goes on.
    Keep it up, Heather.

  • Mari

    I’m glad the outcome to this story was such a positive one, with Rescue Mission getting a free washer and dryer when all was said and done. I also strongly believe that we as consumers have the right to voice our discontent when we’ve received shoddy customer service. However, there’s obviously a difference between having the right to express yourself verus the wisdom of expressing yourself in certain ways and in certain forums. I was with you right up until the “do not buy Maytag” tweets, which I thought were an over reaction (I know, the sleep deprivation) for a personal problem, and I believe you would have gotten the same response from Whirlpool (and Bosch) by simply twittering or blogging about your negative experience. Of course, I think you had the right to write those tweets and I don’t think they were slanderous, just maybe an example of not the best judgment. Finally, I hope you don’t interpret someone disagreeing with you on this issue the same thing as calling you a “bully.” Anyway, I’m really glad it all turned out well, with the Rescue Mission getting some obviously much-needed appliances, and now you can start washing that huge pile of laundry that must have accumulated on your laundry room floor.

  • medkid21

    Ay yai yai people!

    A of all…does the American public know what a blog is? That, oh I don’t know, it’s something one can express their OWN thoughts and opinions on? Sure you can politely disagree, but if such a blog is creating you such angst and discontentment you could, you know, hit the delete button and not go rudely ranting and raving against it’s owner? Or go outside and jump around on a pile of bubble wrap to ease the tension. Spread the shalom folks.

    B of all…yeesh that’s poor service. Why shouldn’t Heather be allowed to use Twitter like any other human being? Plus, my word it got the job done. Woman, that’s a lot of money to pay for a washer. They should have given you a 6 month laundry sherpa for that price with all the parts included in laundry sherpa’s trusty knapsack (not unlike Dora’s…).

    C of all…having just spent the last two days in forensic pathology lectures in which I was allowed to witness how cruel we can be to each other in rather gruesome photographic form, I can safely say there’s more to life than upsetting a giant appliance conglomerate (unless, of course, they come after you with a pair of kitchen tongs…ooo). Like, for instance, the fact that the Armstrong family is happy and healthy and that they have clean pants to put on.

    Yea for clean pants!

    -Love Medkid

  • snarkyvegan

    Fuck the critics! Shaming bigass corps into respecting their customers shouldn’t be necessary but it is. And people wonder why American companies are losing out to foreign companies. Why more people bought Toyotas than American cars during Cash for Clunkers. DUUUUUUH! When did this country lose it’s work ethic?

    (I’ve just pissed off every American conservative driving a Chevy, Ford, Chrysler or GM vehicle.)

  • chelle

    What a great ending to this saga! I’m glad you have a washing machine again (or have you burned it up trying to take care of the mountain of laundry you’ve accumulated?)

    I don’t read your blog every day, so if this has been mentioned before I’m sorry. Have you ever considered cloth diapers for Marlo? (Now that you have a washing machine again. LOL) I am using cloth with my 6 month old, and have found them to be much better at containing those blowouts.

  • http://teaforthoughts.wordpress.com Ida

    Oh. My. God.
    I just love you too much, Heather! Love the story, love the honesty. I know you’ll never ever read through all of the almost 2000 comments but IF you do: I just love you!
    Yes, you completely did the right thing. And I would have done the same thing if I were you. We have a 2 and 1/2 month old baby here and I’m drowning in laundry too. But I’m lucky (?) enough to live in an apartment building with a very functioning washer/dryer right outside our entrance.
    And yay for taking power to the Twitter. Yay for using the power that you have! We all would have if we were in your shoes!
    Love you. Love you. Love you.
    No Unfollow.

  • Agree with you, but about to rant a little

    OK, first of all? TOTALLY justified. Fuck them. Maybe it’s a bit unfair that you got service only because you managed to use a bit of your pull, but that’s on the company, not you. You deserved service and I say, do whatever you can to get it.

    I will try a bit to defend the people at the hotline, though, even though it sounds like the lady you talked to sucked. But because I’m still smarting from this experience: Ten years ago, through circumstances beyond my control, I found myself working for the “status department” call center for Evil Big Box electronics store. What I did was try to explain to justifiably angry customers why, after six months (minimum), their computers were still not fixed, despite them having paid $300 for a warranty that is supposed to get them in-home repair 2 weeks after calling tech support. Every single customer screamed at me. Many cursed. Many threatened to call the Better Business Bureau, the news, Oprah, etc. and at least every third caller threatened to throw the flaming computer through the window of Evil Big Box. I agreed with every customer, and wanted nothing more than 1) to be able to help them and 2) get the hell out of that job. But I couldn’t, and so I’m sure many of them thought I was snooty and rude when they were begging for help and i was literally incapable of doing anything. I was incapable of even having them talk to someone with power because Evil Big Box did not have supervisors at the call center, or even a higher up customer service line they could talk to. The closest we had was people who didn’t mind getting yelled at who would pretend to be supervisors. What those customers didn’t know was that I went home crying every day because I HATED getting yelled at for things I couldn’t control and thought were completely wrong and unjustifiable. The fact that I had to treat people that way made me feel like the worst person on earth. To this day, I refuse to shop at Evil Big Box and tell everyone I know to never, ever, EVER get that warranty plan.

    So, back to reality: Maytag sucks, they deserved everything they got from you and more, but … even if she should have been nicer, that woman on the phone *might* have just been some poor exhausted underling who hates their policies as much as you do and somehow got stuck working there.

  • Anonymous

    WOW. What a bunch of… um… Americans.

  • http://soontobeadub.blogspot.com AC

    you are awesome. that was awesome.

    all hail the power of twitter.

  • JR


  • Jen

    I’m so happy that this story ended with someone in customer service FINALLY understanding what customer service should really be about!!

    Yay for the new washing machine that went to the shelter!

  • http://www.keepingupwiththejohnsons.com Alexa

    Heather, as I was reading this I kept thinking to myself, “Oh… they should have bought a Bosch.” Then, as I got to the end, I was incredibly pleased to hear the folks at Bosch stepped up to the plate to help you, and now your community out. I own a Bosch Nexxt 500 washer and dryer, and for what I spent on them my husband and I could have eaten out every night for a year. But, it was (and I hope forever will be), hands down, the best $3 grande I ever spent.

    If I might be so bold, let me say Maytag/Whirlpool did NOT help you. Jeff Piraino helped you, definitely (a) for damage control and maybe (b) because it was the right thing to do. And maybe now that your washing machine is fixed, it doesn’t really matter… “THE RAIN CAME BACK.”

    …I applaud your willingness to call the corporate machine out, and who cares if it was for personal gain! You did what you needed to do! Would that we all have such power. More, would that we all not even need it because Maytag/Whirlpool gets their shit together. In the end, if Whirlpool is smart, they’ll re-examine their ENTIRE approach to product development, manufacturing, customer service and repairs and good will come of it for plenty of other people. And (one can dream, right?) they’ll take a lesson from the talented, good folks at Bosch and donate and install myriad (WORKING!) washers and dryers to shelters in every major US city… (wink).

  • mk

    You Rock. Screw everyone else. You rock like no other.

  • http://myboynelson.blogspot.com/ Nelson’s Mama

    Would you twitter Maytag for me???

    I have a $1,200 Neptune that is a piece of shit…there is no filter to prevent coins, paper clips or screws from going throw the washer into the water pump.

    My CPA husband is now expert at taking the damn thing apart – over 30 times in four years, and we’re on the FOURTH pump.

    Always had been a Maytag girl…but I’m through.

  • http://adventuresinthehallway.blogspot.com/ Diana

    Yessss, when we were reviewing washers and dryers, we read that Maytag has the worst repair service out there. I guess it was true. We bought the Kenmore Elite HE4 Front loaders. Did not get the extended warranty because they never want to actually help you if something breaks. Then about 3 years in our dryer is retaining water… Our DRYER. The water it has drawn into itself has seemingly fried the circuit board (according to the repair man). The repair guy tells us we should have bought the extended warranty because the cost to repair that is about $50 less then just buying a new dryer, and with these things all having computer chips in them, they break regularly. Good to know. So we pay him for coming out…and my husband decides to google this particular brand of dryer. It turns out that this happens quite often and the solution is to open it up, get a hair dryer and dry it off. Guess what. It worked.

    I realized then that these repair men only know how to replace parts…they don’t know how to fix the part that is broken. Didn’t once upon a time they know how to fix the part that was broken??? Or did I dream that?

    Okay I know you didn’t ask, but there you go anyways.

  • Serenity

    Good for you! All company’s really have is their reputation.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you’re enough of a bully or a bitch. I’d have gone into the store and started making a fuss until they agreed that the sucky washer would be picked up and a brand new one delivered within a few days.
    They sold you something that didn’t work. They are the first to be responsible to you.
    Anyway, good job, and I’m glad you can do laundry again. Hey, you have to use whatever you’ve got, ykwim?
    BTW, I have a $400 Kenmore that’s been working steadily for 14 years without a problem. I like having fewer working parts and I don’t see the need for a computerized washing machine. It just agitates and spins, right? What is there to compute?

  • Uppahand

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever written. I can’t believe you wrote this with an infant in the house. I couldn’t write my name when my son was a newborn. Glad everything worked out.

  • Katherine

    Lady, whatever anyone says about bullying (aka demanding the service you deserve), you did a great thing. Not enough people put their foot down about the crappy service they’re given, and that’s why the service industry is in the shape it’s in now. And, after all, look how it all turned out! I say kudos to you and good riddance to anyone who doesn’t like it.

  • themasterkey3000

    Ok, I don’t mean to upset YOU here, but I wouldn’t think that laundromat patrons are even remotely your key demographic and you should therefore not have to worry about upsetting them.

    Also, if I happened to read the blog of someone who was pissed because the built-in sound system in the guest house stopped working, I’m not going to get all upset that I can’t afford a guest house. Read something else if you only want to hear about people whose troubles are worse than or equal to yours.

    I am jealous of your camera(s?), by the way, but not angry that you have it.

  • http://www.macaroonshindig.com Katherine

    I think it’s total crap that people responded to you like that! People reach out to companies on Twitter all the time–many set up an account for that very purpose!–to resolve a problem when calling customer service goes poorly. (And that’s putting it lightly for your situation.) I’ve been stewing over this since your divulged the backlash on Twitter this week. And I’m still annoyed! I’m glad it was finally resolved. Now I know God is conveying his wrath by way of appliances I understand my many many laundry mishaps in college (bleach incidents despite not using bleach, red dye on all my clothes in a normal load, plus slipping/sliding on pavement all the way there and back…IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.)

  • Molly

    Things my friends have complained about on Twitter in the last month:

    The US Postal Service
    Jimmy Fallon
    40s of Miller High Life only containing 32 oz.

    We only *wish* we could actually get results when we complain about bad service. You bought a brand-new appliance that didn’t work right out of the box. The company’s *first* response should have been, “I’m sorry, let me exchange that for a working one.” Simple Customer Service 101.

  • http://upallnightstamper.com Bren


    A) You rock.
    B) You stood up to the REAL bully – Maytag – and you were well entitled to your rage, sleep deprivation or not. Apparently Maytag has never heard of a warranty of implied merchantability but now with your help they won’t ever pull that shit again!
    C) I suggest that you make a nest of your freshly laundered onesies and sleep in it en famille.
    D) Love that you use your powers for good!
    E) We are in the market to replace a NUMBER of appliances – guess who WON’T be on the list (we already hate Maytag because of our stupid effing dishwasher)? Guess who WILL? GO BOSCH!
    F) You rock.

  • http://nostalgicnana.blogspot.com Loretta

    WAY TO GO!!! I have been in the same situation before so I could really feel your words. It’s amazing what negative Twitter comments can do and who they can reach. I read your blog faithfully and I’m stunned that people call you a “bully” or anything else that is derogatory…doesn’t make sense to me. Keep up the good and humorous work and just tell the nay-sayers to SHUT THE HELL UP!

  • jennyg


    You are back on my hero list. You are a hero.

    Maytag has sucked since whirlpool bought them out. Noone should buy a maytag anything.

    You are a hero, and yay for Bosch!

    DAMN. That is all I can say. DAMN.

    YOU DESERVE AN 8 HOUR NAP!!!! Followed by an argument between Clive Owen and Alan Rickman over who gets to wake you up first that you overhear, but do not let on that you can hear, since the sleep, oh the sweet beautiful sleep…. -j

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work! Kudos to you!!!

  • Malindi

    the parts of this story where you predict the type of feedback you’ll receive really put into perspective the internal turmoil of any politician or famous person. i mean, being popular might get you excellent service & a free washing machine in the end of this blog, but every word… every thought… every movement is scrutinized by people who don’t really friggin’ know you. i can see why you wrote that post so defensively. i’ve always said you can take from those you don’t know what you want, & leave the rest. you can remember how shabby the bum was dressed or you can remember how kind it was for him to wish you a nice day. you can focus on how Brett Favre has retired three times now to cause NFL turmoil, or you can keep in your heart how sexy he looks throwing a football. the basis of all opinions is personal choice. i wish people would choose to take with them a more positive view of others – you have tons of positive parts! & you have more important things to do to cultivate a consciousness powerful enough to predict & defend every thought your readers will have. i dare call that an impossible task. just write… our responses are our problem, leave us to learn to be responsible for them. i suggest whomever called you a ‘Bully’ should lead the way.

  • Pants

    Here, here! – “bullying,” otherwise known as demanding decent customer service, is the BEST part of capitalism. Glad the shelter got something out of it, too.

  • http://www.blog.amywenzel.com Amy Wenzel

    I am headless. And very angry with you.

  • Nick

    Does anyone actually read the 301st comment?

    You did well, wrote about it with panache and style, and I hope the lesson out there for large corporations is to be extra, extra customer service orientated.

    If that’s what the legacy of the internet is, great. I hope that people don’t think this gives them license to criticise every company for every little reason though.

    Some people step over the line between ligitimate and unfair/ vexatious without knowing about it. You obvious had a genuine issue, but what if someone unlike you tweeted what you tweeted when the repairman made the first mistake?

    The fact you have a million followers suggests you are no crank, so it’s a good filter from that point of view. But the old saying is ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

    You now know you have power. Please use it very, very wisely!

  • http://www.daddysfishbowl.com DaddysFishBowl

    Wow, I’ve been waiting to hear about this story since I started getting the tweets! I think you handled it greatly, what’s wrong with using your voice to express dissatisfaction? I think its awesome that you were able to get a washer and dryer donated! My favorite part of the post was definitely:

    Do you have a headache? SHUT UP. HOW DARE YOU. Some kid in war-torn Iraq DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A HEAD.

  • http://www.phoo-d.com Phoo-D

    If I had the ability to do this with these results – I would never stop. Thank you for sticking it out and demanding customer service. It is making the world a better place for all of us and I for one am VERY grateful.

  • Kris

    Oh my fucking God, your patience is amazing. The first time they told me I had to wait for 10 days for parts on a brand new machine, I would have been calling up the chain to Corporate. You are not a bully. You are a paragon of patience. And you turned your predicament into an Act Of Good Work! AWESOME!!!

  • http://www.betterbalance.blogspot.com Casey

    Who loves you? I do.

  • Jessica

    This story is amazing. You are a genius.

  • http://chavezdesigns.blogspot.com/ Anthonette

    I loved seeing your tweets yesterday! That is the power of Twitter. You have over a million followers; a company would be stupid to not get up and get your damn machine fixed. I totally understand the amount of laundry a newborn can generate. You were patient with them in my book. I was without a washing machine for a week and it was a major pain in the butt. Kudos to Bosch for donating appliances! Good work, my dear!

  • http://ellensjourney.org/stranger Ellen

    Seriously mothereffing awesome.

  • http://sewandsox.blogspot.com Jen

    I believe online social media sites will FINALLY bring customer service back into focus for large corporations. It happened with Dell and that Jarvis guy…why not for Maytag and you as well?

    Good for you. I believe you used your “power” for only GOOD in this situation. You weren’t bullying a company, they were bullying YOU. You were able to make them stop and hopefully they are doing a little internal investigation right now to fix the situation so that it doesn’t happen again…to us little guys with much less then a million followers on Twitter.

    Thank you Heather!

  • Lacubriousone

    Awesome job. Maytag ass raped a lot of people on the Neptune washers. Ours died and we got in the class action suit, got the cash then were told we couldn’t use it on a front loader. My husband is disabled and the only way for him to be able to wash clothes is with a front loader and duh! Why tell people who obviously wanted and purchased a front loader that they couldn’t have one now?!? I did call the Mothership and had to apply for a waiver so all was good but what a pain in the ass!

  • Elle

    DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!! Why. Why?? WHY DIDN’T YOU DONATE THE MAYTAG!?!!!!?! You should have kept the Bosch. That is some sleep deprived shit right there, because Bosch and Maytag? No comparison.

    Bully? Screw those people. When you have washing machine trouble and a pile of poop, you use everything you have to make things right: Twitter, the fact that you’re a net celebrity, a bullhorn, whatever.

    BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT THE BOSCH! Can you call ‘em back and get another one? :)

  • http://none.com Ruwani

    This is why I read you Dooce, I live far away and have little/ no insight into blogging power, or your ability to sway a million plus people in favour of one appliance brand or the other, but because your writing is fantastic, and the well-timed BOO-YAH

  • Anonymous

    Um, I think I liked that even better than the labor story.

  • http://www.ctoverdrive.ca Connor Turner

    Without a question, this has to be one of the single greatest rants ever published on the internet.

    This deserves a slow, but dramatic and classy golf clap….clap…clap…clap…

  • Kat in Oakland

    the amount of shit you get from people is truly incredible.

    though, you forgot in your post all the people who will be complaining that you have an assistant. How dare you employ someone?! Or did that already play out when you first wrote about her.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’ve forgotten the angriest contingent you just pissed off: Kenmore.

    Watch your back.

    (kidding of course)

  • christina

    I don’t know if I’m just hormonal or what, but your kickass story just made me cry. Awesome. That is all.

  • http://www.memoryworkshop.ca Sandra in BC

    There you go, just like Oprah, using your power for good.

    The problem with these big corporations is that they give their employees no credit and no power and no accountabiity and then you end up with a bunch of people like Miss UgghFineHoldthen. And people like us (YOU) have to suffer and rant and lose your mind so that a bigwig like Jeff Piriano or The Bosch Guy can swoop in and save the day and look like the hero. Are you tell me Jeff Piriano is the only person at Whirlpool that has the power or cares enough to do what it takes to make this right? Sad.

  • http://bellasbox.blogspot.com megan

    Awesome. Way to use the power of Twitter. Woot!

  • cakeburnette

    you are shitting me. Someone actually accused you of bullying a giant CORPORATION? This would be hilarious if it wasn’t a testimony to how sad our society has become. People just go around looking for ways to be offended. How stupid.

  • http://noziroh.wordpress.com Carrie

    Heather, this is my first time commenting, but I’m a long-time reader. I absolutely LOVE that you took to Twitter to get things done. I’m with you until the end! Keep being awesome!