• Anonymous

    When mine was tiny, we were at the grocery, in the checkout line. I lived in an area with a huge population of retirees — and they were all cooing over my 4-month-old.

    Just as one of them reached out to touch his hand, he let fly with a fart that made heads turn from 10 feet away.

    She backed away like she’d been scalded, and you could have heard a pin drop.


  • http://blog.alrightstill.net Chantal

    Is it me or is she beginning to look a lot more like Leta?

  • JennKD

    Nice!! So awesome you got that on camera.

  • http://nobiggiebunch.com/ No Biggie

    What a gorgeous gurgle!

    Is she, by any chance, part frog? :o )

  • Noelle

    That may prove that she is your daughter, but her features? proves she is Leta’s sister all the way!!!!

  • Bre

    Those are some bare (looking) legs in that video… and I don’t mean the baby!

  • http://www.theprimamomma.com The Prima Momma

    Aw, What a darling. I speak fluent Hamilton. She was showering you with terms of endearment.

  • http://www.ramblingbrooke.com Brooke

    Her timing is impeccable! Hahaha…She is beautiful, though, burps and all.

  • http://hair4myprincess.blogspot.com Hairstyles for girls

    Awesome timing!! Oh my goodness, she is a doll. I love those chubby cheeks. :)

  • http://mlbornstein.blogspot.com Meredith

    She delivers like a pro! And is it me or do those eyes get bigger daily? Just gorgeous.

  • http://www.mssinglemama.com Ms. Single Mama

    LOVE it.

    But was that a fart or a burp?

    She is so beautiful. When she’s big enough put her in front of the iMac camera. I have hours of video of Benjamin exploring his own face and expressions.

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  • Terrible T

    Check it!! She’s already speaking your native tongue!!

    Oh, also UNFOLLOW just because I haven’t said it yet.

  • http://www.mssinglemama.com Ms. Single Mama

    Had to come back to leave you an example. Check this one out – Benjamin on the harmonica in front of the iMac:



  • Becky

    I agree with an earlier comment that little Miss Marlo is starting to look a bt more like Leta! NOTHING cuter than Marlo’s smile… and a burp to boot! She’s got rock start potential for certain! :)

  • Unfollow

    I think I smelled it.

  • Delore

    Thanks for finally showing some leg. Now when can we see your boobs?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :)

  • Beth (in NC)

    Just the laugh I needed! Thanks Marlo. :-)

  • http://greatdayinmaine.blogspot.com leesavee

    She’s got them Southern Redneck genes…gotta learn how to belch properly EARLY! It’ll come in handy once she’s got a big pile of Memphis ribs and a Pabst Blue Ribbon sittin’ in front of her in a few years!

    LOVE HER!!! Too bad she didn’t do that on the national news. Maybe we can get her back on the 10 millionth hour of the Today Show (since she’s been on before, in utero) and she can perform that new talent for that horrible Kathie Lee…

    Speaking of KL, UNFOLLOW!

  • http://www.myhormonesmademe.com MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt

    Oh I just want to bite those cheeks! Now I’ve gone and freaked you out a bit sorry.

  • http://malediva.web-log.nl Zwolsche diva

    She is just thé most adorable baby!
    Mommy must be proud, she shows great promise!

  • Trina

    Yep, I agree with the others, she is looking just like Leta now, but with your chin. Adorable!

  • http://ritasaid.blogspot.com/ Rita

    She is such a cutie! I have a son same age as Marlo so I am always eager to compare them :)

  • Heather

    OK, now I am totally conflicted. I have the most hysterical video of my 10 1/2 week old (I found your blog while pregnant with her). Every morning after her breakfast (I’m breastfeeding), I sit her in her swing so I can grab mine and some coffee. Every morning, she swings contentedly and occassionally bats at her toys while she finishes waking up. Every morning, without fail, she lets out a series of the loudest farty poops you have ever heard come out of a little girl. Some friends were visiting one weekend and I warned them about the morning’s musical tribute to my prowess as her food source, and they convinced me I should videotape it. I did, and she performed with perfect timing to my narration. Now, it is taunting me from within my computer with the need to spread it. I’m convinced that she will be interviewing for a position as a CEO one day and they will search the internet for incriminating evidence before they hand over their company, and they will find “the poo chair video”. I showed it to some friends and they begged me to let it go viral. And now, Heather, whom I find very interesting, smart and entertaining, you posted the video of dear Marlo belching or farting. NOW WHAT DO I DO?!?! Ah, well. I’ll flip a coin, I suppose.
    Sending all my best to you and your family.

  • http://www.themomclaire.blogspot.com Claire

    Seriously, with all of your talk of super poop I half expected to see shit running down your legs…. THANK GOD for the burp!

  • LC

    My sister has a daughter who looks exactly like me. She is 2 months old and the only reason we know it’s my sister’s kid is that she farts.all.the.time. I think she and Marlo would get along famously.

  • Sara

    That was great! Her burping and my 4 m/o son’s chainsaw farts, we could take over the world!

  • http://mediumcrazy.com mediumcrazy

    Oh, that we all could be so free.

  • http://babybybanksy.blogspot.com/ Caitlin

    She’s got the timing down.

  • http://www.jodiferous.com Jodi Hamilton

    I can confirm. In fact, as soon as I saw the title, I figured she was going to belch. It is interesting to find that the many branches of Hamilton share so many common traits.

  • http://www.elastamom.blogspot.com Tiffany

    She is freaking adorable…even farting! And I would kill for your thin legs!!

  • Maude

    Well, you did ask her to say something to you. She gave it her best and then some.

  • http://fiveblondes.com Erica

    She looks a little cross-eyed…but still adorable!

  • Beth

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think that was a burp ya’ll.

  • Starr

    It never fails, those pesky snails are always in the pudding.


    I love baby noises. And, if you like Polka Bats check out Dutch Sneakers and Flea Keepers. I too love the silly poems and illustrations and I bought both books long before I had children.

  • http://pogmothoinblog.blogspot.com/ Jen

    That was a champion burp!

    I am trying to teach my 7yo nephew to burp on command solely to annoy my sister (his mom).

    Gotta love gastric eructations!


  • http://www.jeppemorgenthaler.com Jeppe Morgenthaler

    The funniest thing in a looong time.

    @Jodi Hamilton: That was not a belch.

    PS: My spam block words mean ‘Huge Diper’ in Danish. That’s too funny in context!

  • http://www.mustlovedogsandmyparakeet.com Lauren

    She said something, alright! Freaking HILARIOUS!!

  • eb

    Am I the only one weirded out by the leg comments??

  • http://itsnotalwayswhatitseems.blogspot.com Lisa Lawrence

    I can’t get the video to work on my computer but I can only imagine how cute and funny it is. I think Marlo’s new nickname should be Leta-Face! The likeness is adorable! Both beautiful girls…

  • Mandy

    Oh my gosh! When did she turn into little Leta?? Her eyes are so huge and gorgeous. And the burp…now that’s impressive. She’s a beauty, just like her sister.

  • Amy

    I swear, she’s the cutest thing.

  • http://shangyle.blogspot.com Shantelle Argyle

    Man, even I feel better after that one!

  • http://closetnarcissist.wordpress.com abi

    I cannot believe you allow your little girl to make such offensive noises. UNFOLLOW.

    (Oh my goodness my ovaries are clenching she is SO cute.)

  • Rebecca Lake

    When my daughter was three weeks old, I swear that I said “Hi!” and she opened her mouth and said “Aye!” Talking at the age of three weeks! She started for real with “bye bye” at the age of 7 months. Cute!
    Now she’s 14… if she would just do her homework, all would be well.

  • amy j.

    Sarah, my seven year old just now after seeing this:

    “I bet the first baby ever invented the first fart ever…”

    “Duck for cover, the baby farted.”

    “You know…a kindergartener used bad language with a fifth grader…you know that “F” word…yeah, a kindergartener said that…to a FIFTH GRADER.”

    Have no clue how she made these associations all in few seconds. I’m suspicious though…so I can no longer allow my child to read Dooce.com. She’s UNFOLLOWING.


  • http://unmarriedwife.blogspot.com JennC

    Liar. That was totally you. Blaming your stink ass on the baby, already?


  • Rita T

    Too Funny!

  • J. Bo

    Hey, you ASKED her to say something.

    (I’m on about my 500th viewing of this, by the way…)

  • http://www.laurabell7.wordpress.com Bella


  • http://jackandjillputupablog.com/ Jill Put Up A Blog

    Dogs and babies are the only ones that can burp and it’s cute as heck. Too too funny:) Marlo, you are adorable!