• Steph TN

    WOO awesome air guitar. He is shreddin it! lol

  • Kelly

    i can see the appeal! lol!

  • http://serenitydays.blogspot.com/ amberstar

    Great performance and I just finished watching you on Bonnie Hunt! You were very sensible, funny, and poised. I feel like a groupie for some weird reason. Anyway, congratulations on a fine interview. You were classy, too.

  • http://redpajamas.tumblr.com Erin

    This video kind of makes me have a crush on your husband.

  • http://www.mymommatoleme.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    This is awesome!!! all that’s missing is some leather! haha

  • http://stevie-nicks-news.com Stevie Nicks Fan

    OH YEAH surrender to the air guitar. Men who uncork their musical selves for the camera are sexay as can be. My boyfriend finally agreed to karaoke Tom Petty to my Stevie Nicks. He is a great singer but not too keen on taking the stage. Finally, we had our moment last night at my favorite karaoke joint, to which I announced into the mic at the end of the song, ‘Thank you baby. Me love you long time’.

    He wants to go again next week.

  • http://nothingissacred.wordpress.com Becky

    Let me just say that I have been singing “Do You Feel Like We Do” since I read your Frampton post. Ah, the late 70′s…good times!

  • Alison

    There is nothing better than rocking out with air instruments with the ones you love. My husband and I have spent hours “practicing” and “performing”, its one of the top three reasons I love him so much!

  • http://radkitch.com erika

    Yeah, I have one of those twelve year olds too…

  • http://marriageconfessions.com Chris

    ROCK ON! Jon.
    ROCK. ON.

  • Anonymous

    That’s hott.

  • Stinky

    I can’t believe how much he looks like Leta!

  • http://meganbeth.com/blog Megan Beth

    Is that what he looked like in front of Frampton in the airport? NO WONDER FRAMPTON complimented on how adorable Marlo is.

  • http://wondermommysfreespeech.blogspot.com/ Wondermommy

    I can relate, although my air guitar choice is not Peter Frampton!

    I can now see why you married him ;)

  • http://mommysaidwhat.wordpress.com julie

    1. That Jon let you put that on your site astounds me.

    2. What do you think Frampton’s reaction to “downloading” everything he’s ever recorded will be? Copy left, or copy right? Hmm….

    I’ve spent the past two days telling everyone, “You just have to check out the whole dooce/frampton exchange. Legendary!”

  • http://jackandjillputupablog.com/ Jill Put Up A Blog

    Drunk in the middle of the day? Unbelievable :) hehehe

  • http://afritoskindalife.blogspot.com Jess

    So cute! Reminds me of my husband! :)

  • Folkheart

    I like it…I like it…yes, I do!

  • http://www.theprimamomma.com The Prima Momma

    *Throws underpants on stage*

    The commitment is perfect. You’ve got yourself a keeper!

  • Sara

    Every time you share your happy life, my life gets happier and happier. Thank you.

  • Meg

    When I was little my dad used to play that song. I thought Frampton was actually making his guitar talk. I was mildly disappointed when I learned he used a talk box (and not the magic/super human skill I thought it was), but its still one of my favorite songs today. Its my go to song for rocking out in my car. So Peter, if you’re reading this, I love you.

  • Boo

    THAT made my Thursday…

  • Paula

    I freaking love you guys.

  • Ashley

    So I tried tivo-ing the Bonnie Hunt show today, but instead it recorded 30 minutes of Malcolm in the Middle and 30 minutes of an infomercial featuring Montell Williams. Bummer.

  • http://linka72.blogspot.com/ Linka72

    damn it all..I can’t see the video..but I’m sure it was embarassing..YAY JOHN

  • http://www.stinkyfeet.org Siobhan

    I can see why you married him. A man that talented needs to be snatched up immediately. ;)

    Jon, LOVE it dude. That shit was insane. Very few people get to relive their 12 year old selves for the entire world to see.

    Although I will admit I would have preferred video of him doing that IN FRONT of Frampton.

  • http://www.parsingnonsense.com Parsing Nonsense


    Little does Leta know that Peter Frampton TOTALLY put her parents on the map. Y’all were nobodies before, but now? Bust out the red carpet and the Cristal, is all I’m saying.

  • http://www.happinessontap.com Elizabeth_K

    Even a famous person like you is excited by a brush with fame! Good to know, good to know ..

  • http://manualnotincluded.com Kara

    Leta comes by it honestly!

  • http://leball.wordpress.com Anna

    You guys are so hilarious. Jon NEVER has his hair done. Love his talent. My guy does the same. Only he sings with so much passion to The Boss and Tom Waits. Bruce, I can handle, but Tom Waits, only sometimes! Love ya Dooce!

  • Branderzy

    Sexy sideburns, rawr

  • http://www.d3voiceworks.com d3 voiceworks

    love your laughing in the background!

    in this he looks a bit like johns larroquette and cusack, in a good way!

  • Tricia

    Love Jon and all that, but what I really need to know is:
    where did you buy that adorable skirt Chuck is wearing today?!

  • http://forgingahead.wordpress.com Kathleen @ ForgingAhead


  • http://simplyblissful.blogspot.com tracy

    I love that you & Jon are so free to be silly & goofy and just BE YOURSELVES. I won’t even dance in my house if my husband’s around. Watching Ellis dance is inspiring: at this point in her life, she is the epitome of “free”. I’m trying to take a cue from her & let go a little. I don’t want to be boring mom, I want to be fun mom!

  • http://webcat74.blogspot.com webcat74

    A LOL moment to the viewer, and could have watched AT LEAST another minute of it. So unabashedly INTO it.


  • Anonymous

    I feel like he do (about Frampton)!

  • http://ifevolutionworks.com Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com

    I’m a Cheap Trick girl myself. I never did get much into Frampton. Guess I couldn’t handle that he looked better in spandex than I did?

  • http://www.yourenotsobig.blogspot.com Tamara

    Wow…THAT was awesome!

    Jon kinda reminds me a llittle bit of Kevin Nealon there…and I mean that in the nicest possible way…soooooo funny!

  • http://mommioandretti.blogspot.com Aron

    looks like you’re not the only one with spaghetti arms!

    hey, nice to see you on bonnie hunt this morning.

  • http://www.wildtochild.com Wild To Child

    Stunning…absolutely stunning.

  • http://laurelrants.blogspot.com/ Laurel

    Your last post made me laugh until I had to blow my nose, and this is the perfect exclamation point. Why didn’t you tell Frampton, on the plane, that YOU’RE NUMBER 26???

    Jon is a good sport. Clearly not having issues with self-esteem, or his Kramer hair, for that matter.

  • http://www.dramaminequeen.com brandy

    He can air drum and guitar during the same song?? Now THAT is talent!

  • http://scrappinjenny.blogspot.com Jennifer M.

    That’s hot.

  • Kristin

    WOW… he DOES look like Kramer!

  • Kristin

    I love that you guys dance in your kitchen. The Yarn Harlot says basically that there are two kinds of families: Those that dance and those that don’t.



  • http://www.littleblueworldphoto.com Valeri

    Huh. Well. I see where Leta gets it, now.

  • http://midgetviking.wordpress.com/ MidgetViking

    I was right. Peter Frampton’s Twitter followers have increased big time. I’t possible you have given the man’s career one helluva boost. :-)

  • http://amazinggreis.us AmazingGreis

    I can no longer listen to Coldplay’s – Viva la Vida without imagining Leta dancing around. Every time it’s on the radio I imagine a cute kid dancing in her kitchen.

    Just so you know…

  • http://sara-sundries.blogspot.com Sara

    Diggin’ it! Here’s to hubbies who play air guitar!