• Laura

    Thank you! I’m pregnant after PPD, less than a week from being full term, and this is so wonderful to hear right now. I’ve been really really worried, and I really hope I can get to where you are now. Gives me hope!

  • http://myimaginaryblog.wordpress.com Zina

    That’s how I feel with my 6.5 month old baby girl–I’m constantly asking myself, “Am I really enjoying this as much as I am?!” I’m lucky to have enjoyed all my babies, but maybe it’s because she’s my fifth and possibly my last that I’m savoring parenthood even more than before.

    (That doesn’t mean I savor the constant messes, scarcity of free time, rooms and clothing and belongings to maintain, and decisions large and small to make. But the baby girl, oh yes I enjoy her, and so do the rest of my brood; she’s the center of constant adulation. As well she should be.)

  • Betsy

    Wilco and babies and stuff. Perfect.

  • Jill

    It was rough for me the first time. Very rough. We are trying for a second baby and I sometimes get overwhelmed with thoughts of what might be this time around. Thanks for writing that. It made me smile. It also assured me that I’ll be fine.

  • Emily

    I am so thankful for this story. My first child has lots of adjustment issues on top of being introverted, and nearly everything is hard with him. I fear for what another child will add to the mix. But your situation inspires me!

    So take that haters!

  • Sasha

    This is so nice. I can’t wait until my son starts to bond with my daughter, who is 2 weeks old.

  • http://www.ivamessy.com/ Iva

    Marlo and Leta are absolutely adorable and they love each other so much, it’s just the sweetest thing ever. My son and daughter are 2 1/2 years apart and every morning my son rushes over to see if his baby sister is wake and doing ok. In that moment, everything in the world is blissfully perfect. I can’t help but feel so grateful..and also so very lucky.

    I am so happy that this time you are doing so much better. Really. So happy for you. Your family is truly beautiful.

  • Julie

    all the wilco just makes me so happy.

  • Annie

    Dooce, you have adorable girls, and I wish your family the best.

    However, I agree with other comments that say that they feel you seem to be losing that sense of relatability, that sense of realness. I hope you regain it, because I have loved your writings, all of which I have read.

    To be honest, I think your “Hate” page is stepping down to the level of those obsessed with sending you hatemail. You have said straight up that you are using those people’s words to make you money, yet the ones that are reading it are your fans, (is that all we are good for anymore?) and it just encourages people to send more hatemail in order to gain notority. “I am posted on Dooce’s Hate Site, HAHAHA.” You get my point…

    I suppose I held you in some sense of high regard, but after these past couple weeks with the appliance issue, and now this hatemail, I just feel as though I have lost the Dooce I loved, and it makes me feel a little sad.

    But then again, I am just a faceless no one on the internet, and it doesn’t matter what I think. Just had to vent, I suppose.


  • Anonymous

    Dooce – I have been down. I just suffered a miscarriage, and I find myself wondering if I will ever get pregnant again with my second child. Your last post made me cry – and give me hope. Thanks.

  • http://thisitaliangemini.blogspot.com Michelle

    Cute video :) Oh and by the way, does Michelle Rebeiro Yoakum Mcbee having nothing better to do with her time? My word, she’s certainly helped you out in the hate mail dept. What a sad, sad woman…

    Love the blog! Keep the posts, pics, and laughs coming :)

  • Anonymous

    Cute blog, but the song choice, eh? I love love love Wilco, but in this context it makes it really seem like you are saying that Marlo is a blessing and Leta was a curse. Did that not occur to you when you picked it?

  • Erin

    Do you remember that momversation asking the question ‘is your family complete?’ or something like that…

    It’s sounds like your family is…and from your last momversation about birth control, I know it is.

    I wish you the most everlasting peace.

    and your chin isn’t big..

  • jg


  • Jen

    Thank you for this post. It has given me hope for the future.

  • jg


    I have no idea why you would even think that. The singer says “I am a curse”. i am pretty sure Leta wasn’t singing it. Also, there is so much more context to it. The song is basically saying the subject (the blessing) is bring perspective to the singer as to what life is really about.

    Think positively. Life and good things don’t always have some sort of black loop hole eliminating goodness.

  • Kathleen

    Jenna, I’m so sorry that your twins died. I hope that your family is growing again as soon as you wish it to be.

    Everytime I think I have finally put the secondary infertility behind me, I stumble across proof that I have not. I’m so thankful to be a mother and yet my heart truly aches for that next baby who was never to be, who never came to make my son into a brother.

    Leta and Marlo are beautiful, I’m so glad they have each other.

  • http://www.happinessontap.com Elizabeth_K

    Such a wonderful post — may your happiness last forever, and bring a million blessings on your gorgeous family.

  • Catt

    You deserve all the happiness! LOVE the video!

  • http://www.rakebackleader.com poker rakeback

    A close friend of mine just had a miscarriage, so I know how devastating it can be. They do have a healthy 1 year old, so that softened the blow. Life is so precious.

  • HAHA




  • http://serenitydays.blogspot.com/ Amber Star

    They are adorable and Leta seems to really like Marlo. When I saw the name of your post I thought you might have some Eminem on here. *LOL*

    Marlo is a charmer for sure and Leta is, too. You all look happy as everything.

  • CapableGirl

    The love that Leta shows for Marlo is a testament to good parenting. So incredibly lovely and sweet! Keep up the good work and keep sharing with us. The hate page is addictive, like crack. Thank god for the kooks!

  • Paula

    There is such love and joy radiating from you!! Your story is such an inspiration for me and any future family of mine. I can only hope and pray and learn to make a family like you have made yours.

    Thank you for showing us the brighter days and feelings that come after the demons!

  • http://sofawned.com Desiree Fawn

    Well now I’m crying! Boy howdy.

    I’m so happy that everything kicks ass this time <3 Much love to you & yours!!

  • http://www.ruedasytuercas.net Alberto

    i´ve a small kid, too . I’m so, so happy for the four of you!!

  • Anonymous

    People who say ‘cheers’ are so irritating!

  • Frances

    Beautifully, beautifully written.

  • http://www.meaganclaire.com Meagan

    The way Marlo’s mouth seems to move constantly, I bet she’ll be quite the prolific early talker. :) And I know you say Marlo looks just like you and Leta is looks just like John, but I see Leta ALL OVER Marlo. Double :)

  • heather

    I struggled like you did with your first. I had such terrible anxiety! The clinical term is “free floating anxiety” but there’s an oxymoron if ever one was. It was like a black box around everything and I did not enjoy watching my infant son just like, don’t stop breathing, what did I do, this is just awful! I am 39, he’s almost seven now, and somewhere around two months it got better, and at around two years it got great, and I always wanted a second to do it again, and try to relax and enjoy and not be freaked out. But he was sick for two years and I stayed home, working from home but finances weren’t the greatest and I didn’t want to go from the frying pan to the fire financially, emotionally, mentally or get divorced by getting pregnant without my husband on board. Now, I have been diagnosed with a kind of chronic illness and I think its also thrown me into a kind of psychological menopause, next month I will be period free for six months.

    But I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog since Leta is a year younger than my son, and vicariously loved/lived your pregnancy and conception (?) with Marlo. It has been great for me, and I am so happy for your whole family, especially Leta, since I have a little sister who is my best friend (now and when we were little, not so much as teens… enjoy!). If I don’t ever have another one, I will continue to enjoy your family virtually. Don’t change a thing, you all are the bomb!

  • Anonymous

    I love how Michelle Yoakum Jingleheimer Schmidt says she’ll never click on your page again – yet resurfaces for more. Then Krista French comments about you obviously having nothing better to do but sit around and check email – well HELLO what is she doing but obviously refreshing the page feverishly to see if her most recent weak-ass attempt at insulting you guys made it. Pot, meet kettle.

    Makes it seem less hateful and far more pathetic when you put names to them.

    Your babies are adorable, by the way :)

  • Emily B.

    I realize that I am posted comment #488 so you probably won’t read this, but…thank you for your blog. You give me hope everyday.

    I was hospitalized with PPD after my first child was born. She is now almost two and I am scared out of my mind to have another. I’ve convinced myself that I don’t like newborns and maybe one is enough. But I always wanted a lot of children! I just don’t think I can go through this again…

    I don’t know what it is like to love your child so much that you never want to leave them. What is it like to want to squeeze them, hold them, and literally eat them with a spoon? I hope so much for this feeling…maybe then and only then will I be healed.

  • http://www.repliderium.com repliderium.com

    “she runs and hops up in between us, and Marlo looks up with a grin so wide there is no room left on the bed.”
    Greatest fucking sentence EVER.

  • Theresa


    Your post today was just what I needed. I had horrible PPD/anxiety with my daughter who is now 2 and a half. I struggle with the decision to have another child for fear that it will throw off the delicate balance we have finally achieved. I look to you to see it work. And when I see it working, and in motion… and to hear the happiness…it DOES give me hope. I’m so happy you are “there” finally

  • Shan

    wow does Marlo ever look like Leta in that video!

  • Nicky Pellegrino

    Hi – I’m writing a story for a magazine in New Zealand about Mommy Blogging and hoping you could contact me as would love to talk to you about it. Assume you can extract my e-mail address from the “private field”. Hope so anyway. NICKY

  • http://schmamy.blogspot.com amy

    this almost makes me ready to start trying for number two. glad it is going so well for you this time around.

  • http://gardendjinn.typepad.com/garden/ jenn

    So glad Leta’s on board with the newbie.

    I was six when we adopted my (then 6 mo old) brother. I was so excited, I insisted on signing the adoption papers. Everyone thought it was so cute.

    Then he proceeded to scream for 10 months or so. I lost all my luster for the baby.

    Leta’s a gem.

    (Oh, and you should update your text that goes to Google search to include the s on daughters!)

  • Anonymous

    my husband and I have just started the conversation (argument) about having a second child. He wants one. I’m too terrified it will be like the first time around.

    Thanks for this.

  • http://www.muffinsoven.blogspot.com Colleen

    Can you tell me what kind of software you use to record video, edit and add music over your voices? Your video is so beautiful.

  • Sarah K

    I’m joining in with the masses and asking, “what song was that playing in the background??”

  • Vee

    Your hate page makes me sick because I cannot understand the people who will go out of their way to be so mean and cruel. I just don’t get it and I’m so sorry you have to read that.

    On the other hand, I’m so glad you get to live life with three such beautiful people are two great doggies (all dogs are doggies to me). I’m so happy the second time around is a huge cloud of joy for you all.

    I’m crying tears of joy for you and yours and I’m not even a mom-heck, I don’t even know if I’ll ever want to be one but I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you. I admitted my disease to myself and I got treatment for it and it’s all because of you. No BS, it really is because of you. I was afraid to admit that I needed medical treatment for my disease and I’m so glad that I finally did. The past three years have been like waking up without a blindfold on after being spun on an office chair for five minutes. Thank you. A million thank you’s for not letting the haters stop you.

  • http://www.mommica.com Mommica

    That is life… So beautiful…

  • Sally O

    Heather, this entry brings tears to my eyes. My daughter just left for college…I know the complete adoration you are feeling. And I miss her.

    Enjoy every day with your girls. They are blessed to have you as well.

  • Stacey

    This is beautiful, but it makes me so very very sad for myself and the many other couples out there who are struggling with infertility and wish with all our hearts we could have this. I don’t minimize post-partum depression, but it’s very hard to understand from the point of view of an infertile woman.

  • stephers

    Thank you for sharing that incredible display of pure love…I wish that I had seen the clip first thing today and it would have set my perspective strait. Love is truly all we need.

  • Denise

    Thank you for the inspiration! I haven’t been brave enough to make the leap to #2 but i would LOVE to!! Our first was rough – the delivery complications, the colic, the sleep deprivation, the high-maintenance personality… Don’t get me wrong…wouldn’t change it for the world and love her to pieces even in her most difficult moments, but as to the ‘doing it all over again’ concept – i feel like i have PTSD because each time i consider get pregnant i have flashbacks and break out in a cold sweat. But i know my daughter would be just as enamoured as Leta is and it would be soooo wonderful for them. The real question in my mind…the real issue is whether or not my marriage can handle it. And part of me feels like i’m depriving myself and my child of something really wonderful by not taking that chance…if my marriage can withstand the strain then so what? At least i’d be a single mom with 2 great kids, right? But I’d rather be a wonderful family of four!!

  • Christy

    Beautiful. I have two daughters. They are 19.5 months apart so the relationship is a little different but they are very much BFFs…..most of the time.

    I think it’s great that you can share these moments to give hope to other women. Very inspirational. :-)

  • http://oakbriarfarm.blogspot.com/ Anonymous

    This made me cry a little bit. I’m so happy for your family.

    I’m also glad to hear it for myself. I didn’t really have the depression problems that you did, but my daughter was a very difficult baby. She had severe reflux and milk and soy allergies that made her intestines bleed. Needless to say, she was very unhappy, with lots of crying and no sleeping. I didn’t really enjoy her having her around until she was about two months old. I mostly hated my life at the beginning.

    And I have a new baby due in about six weeks. I’m so hopeful for a different experience, so I love hearing about yours.

    But even if it’s the same as before, it’s so worth it. This beautiful two-year old I live with now is a miracle. So worth the first rough months…

    Congrats on being Here.

  • http://greenroomthoughts.blogspot.com/ E. Peevie

    H–Excellent for your family that you are in a better place this time around.

    I love Monetizing the Hate. Love it. It’s the best thing since upside-down ketchup bottles.