• Holly

    So sorry about the ouchie ta-ta’s…the newest picture or Marlo is absolutely gorgeous, by the way.

  • http://www.poutbabyboutique.com Holly

    All of those who are ready to “smack” Adam and think there is something wrong with him…you do realize he is 18 months old, right? He’s a baby. Pretty sure his folks don’t need to look into military boarding school just yet.

    Absolutely love your blog!

  • Anonymous

    Clogged ducts are the WORST. The Thermacare heating pads that stick to your skin are great for those, at the first sign; and also a lactation consultant advised me to take Lecithin supplements–and I have had zero clogged ducts since then. Gotta take care of those girls!

  • http://missivesfromsuburbia.blogspot.com Missives From Suburbia

    Good girl… she’s learning early to kill ‘em with kindness. Revenge will come later.

  • Shona

    Just finished reading ‘Monetizing the Hate’. Cannot believe people say such horrible horrible things about your kids. I’m mean, saying it about you is bad enough, but you’re an adult and realize what risks you put yourself out there to. Your children are beautiful and precious. How can people be so cruel? How can you handle it? It’s a truly sick and miserable person that can actually write and send comments like that about a little girl–even if they’re just doing it to hurt you (which is whole ‘nother level of disturbed).

  • residualliquor

    Oh man… not even going to comment on the blocked boob thing. I have not had children but have seen enough evidence from sisters and friends to know how horrible this is. I can only imagine what that pain feels like.

    On to said sister’s kids though… there is something about boys. They can be so aggressive (yes, girls can be too) but boys? Wow, that was something I was not prepared for. I came from a family of three sedate girls… we were polite, wore dresses, had our hair in french braids, and rarely saw any sort of physical force, unless one of us stole the other’s jeans or sweater and tried to return it without notice, except that it was doused in the undeniable evidence of cigarette smoke (sorry Christine). The random acts of violence that are perhaps just natural in people were so foreign to me until my nephew came along. For the longest time I thought there was something innately wrong with him, until I saw other boys doing the same. Only then did I realize why our world is ruled by men :)

    Kudos to Marlo for sticking it to him.

  • Dee

    Heather, there is something increasingly real and grounding about you, and as much as I hate admitting this, I’m really getting what you’re about. I’ve definitely hit some walls in my years of following your blog, but . . . your honesty reaches people, and all the tough stuff you’ve shared about Leta that has often left me feeling very badly for her . . . although I have disagreed with making that so public, your posts have no doubt helped countless parents who are dealing with the shame and challenge of similar experiences. I’m not sure you can do wrong in my eyes anymore, because you’re writing about your life. How can I question your life, your family, your experiences? That you bacon-wrap what you share in humor deflates some of the celebrity and makes you accessible and (there’s that word again) . . . real. Thanks for the consistency. I don’t think you’ve ever waivered off that course. This here blog, it’s good stuff, and on days like today (rough, rough, rough), I appreciate the raw honesty. Makes me feel human and unashamed of my own stuff.

  • http://www.learninghowtothinkagain.blogspot.com jill

    I’m always just happy when it isn’t my child doing the hitting :)

    And my third (age 1) has a very similar temperament, with the smiling at being smacked. It’s glorious, especially in a third child who will obviously be attacked numerous times a day by this brother (age 2).

  • http://longislanddailyphoto.blogspot.com/2009/03/garden-gnomes.html Lily Hydrangea

    that sounds like a very difficult situation that Miss Marlo handled with total aplomb.
    I love how your brother realizes the humor of the human wrecking ball & is willing to share the story. I can see your humor runs in the family.
    Glad you are feeling better too.