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Forever a family of four

Where do I begin. Wait, let me check and see if I’ve had enough coffee… oh you shut it. I’ve already admitted that I continue to drink coffee while nursing. Just don’t tell my mom about all that Mountain Dew. She’d FLIP. So a few months ago, I’d say the morning we brought Marlo home, [...]

Tub of chub

The other night we had my mother, stepfather, and my assistant Katey over for dinner, and dessert was bathing both Katey’s baby Lily and Marlo in our relatively small kitchen sink. Wait until you see the video.

And here we go

It snowed almost four inches here yesterday. And it’s not even Halloween yet. It’s like last year when Costco started putting out Christmas decorations before Labor Day, and I was all, COSTCO, TELL ME YOU ARE JOKING. Utah is not joking.

On overcoming phobias

A couple of weeks ago when I was cleaning out my closet I found the black rubber tarantula that I bought several years ago in an attempt to scare Jon. He’s been featured here many times (here, here, and most prominently here), so I think at this point he deserves a name. Everyone, meet Randall: [...]


When Leta realized that it was snowing this morning she couldn’t wait to get dressed and put on her new gloves and scarf. Jon was the one taking her to school this morning, and as Leta and I sat on the couch waiting for him to finish brushing his teeth she got a little worried. [...]

Title Track dog duvet

I am absolutely in love with this idea: take a mesh sack, fill it with old clothing and sheets and pillows that you would have normally just thrown out (in this case a large number of cotton pants that I will not ever fit into again after giving birth to the second child, also, several [...]

Do Not Resuscitate

That’s what the animal on top of Jon’s head has requested should it suffer cardiac arrest.

Gone are the days of the snooze button

After a few discombobulating hiccups (whoever taught my baby to roll over? MINUS TEN POINTS FOR YOU), we’ve finally transitioned Marlo into a regular nighttime routine. It’s not exactly perfect because she can barely make it to 6PM and then she’s done. Kaput. Like she’s been studying for that calculus final through the night and [...]


Continuing the tradition of repurposing clothing (see Chuck here and Leta here). We’ve got to teach her early that innovation is very important. Especially in fashion.

Small clutch and wristlet

Things with my diaper bag have gotten a little out of hand as mountains of wipes and hand sanitizer and burp clothes erupt at the seams. So I was looking for something small that I could shove my wallet and iPhone into when I run quick errands without the baby so that I don’t have [...]