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All grown up

Jon calls me into the kitchen where Leta is having a snack, and our assistant Katey has just finished up some paper work. I ask what’s going on, and he motions for all of us to look at Leta. The three of us surround her as Jon tries to stick his finger in her mouth, [...]


Several weeks ago Coco destroyed the dog bed that we have in our office, the one Chuck used as his main sleeping area during the night. And so for a while now Chuck has been wandering around at night, from the couch to our bed to the dog bed in the kitchen, never really satisfied [...]

Katey and Marlo

Here’s our assistant Katey holding Marlo the night we all piled in the car and headed down for my Granny Boone’s viewing. When I introduced her to all my extended family they all without fail said in their thick Southern accents, “My, you sure did hire a pretty one!” Yes, indeed, but you should see [...]