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Holiday for Him

I’m going to begin my series of gift guides with suggestions for women (or men) who live with/are married to/would like the right to be able to marry a very geeky gadget addict who leaves a trail of cables wherever he goes. Kind of like Hansel and Gretel in the sense that he’s so absentminded [...]

The big brother

We’ve been so surprised by Chuck’s reaction to Marlo, one so gentle and attentive that one time when I put her down for her morning nap I didn’t realize he had followed me into her room to make sure everything was okay. And when I shut the door I accidentally shut him in there with [...]

Most thankful

For my beautiful family, our health, our safety, the love we all have for each other. Best wishes to you and yours!

The inside track

Last week Leta learned how to make get well cards at school, and so over the weekend she ran with that idea, holed herself up in her room and started her own printing press: I have to admit, yes, this is adorable and such a sweet gesture, but the first thing I thought is OH [...]


What? You don’t think I adopted a dog and gave birth to a child because I love them, do you? I only did all that because I was bored!


Very proud of herself for getting through the morning routine without any fuss. The key: TIME EVERYTHING. Ten minutes to eat breakfast. Ten minutes to get dressed, brush hair, and brush teeth. Any extra time is play time. Period and done. No negotiating. Meaning, we have to treat her like we’re dealing with a vicious, [...]

Achtung! or something

So I’ve either got one wicked cold, or I’m in the beginning stages of swine flu. I’m trying to be positive here and hoping for the former because I don’t have a very high temperature, and also, I DON’T WANT TO DIE! I’m headed back to bed in a second but wanted to announce a [...]


Chuck has put up with Coco’s constant badgering, I think because he feels sorry for her that she’s so nuts. But the other night he was sitting in the living room minding his own business when she ran up and tried to mount him, and DUDE SMACKED HER DOWN. Like, I AM DONE. And Jon [...]


These are the remaining leaves on the tree right outside the window to our office. It boggles my mind that it’s the middle of November when it seems like just minutes ago that Jon had to use both feet to push my massive pregnant body out of bed, back when I couldn’t wait for summer. [...]

Call for submissions

I am in the process of putting together a holiday gift guide, one for women like myself, one for geeky husbands, one for infants, and one for five-year-old girls who think life is totally unfair. Maybe just some coal for her. I’m looking for handmade goods, products from small businesses, and would love to see [...]