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Featured community question

Why yes, of course, within the first week of the community site being live the questions have devolved into farts. If ever there were a marker for success! Here’s one from Mama M. I answered this question over there, but wanted to expound here because I realize I haven’t ever told you guys the actual [...]

Cavorting Hippo Cards

Rebekah Plett of The Cavorting Hippo Etsy Shop noticed my obsession fascination with hippos and sent me a set of these unbearably adorable hippo greeting cards. I want to eat them, they so cute. If I were designing another nursery I’d put these in frames and hang them over the crib. But I’m not having [...]

Hitting a brick wall

Leta is happily watching episodes of “Little Bill” as Jon crashes from a week spent troubleshooting and managing the community website. Jon is not a napper, but he took a few this weekend having had his brained sucked out through his fingers by Drupal and server load balancing (I don’t know what that means either). [...]