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The most adorable pajamas ever

Marlo is almost busting out of these pajamas, and when the day comes that she can no longer wear them we are all going to moan in despair. Because when she wears these we fight over who gets to hold her. These were a present from Cynthia Wise, owner of the Hello World Clothing Company, [...]


That’s what Leta loves to call Marlo, because she heard us talking one day about how when Marlo’s insurance card came in the mail it said, “Mario Iris Armstrong.” And it took some time to fix. I think we have unknowingly given her a life long problem with that L in her name being mistaken [...]

An ode to Linda

So my mom calls yesterday, and immediately I set a timer to see if maybe this time we can set a record. Because my mother does not like to talk on the phone, and on average has said goodbye within twenty seconds. That is not an exaggeration. Twenty seconds. A phone call with my mother [...]


We just didn’t know what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy, and he was all, HELLO! OVER HERE!

Katey B.

Last night we were playing around trying to get a good head shot for our assistant Katey to use as her avatar for all the different social networking platforms that kids these days are using. Katey can dribble a basketball, juggle a set of knives, and text a friend all at the same time. It’s [...]

2010 The Former Congressman Charles

It’s here! Finally! Twelve months of one neurotic dog and his occasionally coherent partner in crime. My only wish is that my Granny were here to see the photo for the month of February and have her go, “Are them two dogs having sec?” Once again we’re donating 100% of all proceeds to The Humane [...]

Triumphant return

Of Scrumptious Bearded Armstrong! Jon has agreed to grow a beard for me this season. Here he is remotely managing and fixing bugs on the community site on our quick business trip last week, and I don’t know. Just something about a bearded man on a computer that MAKES ME SO HOT.


One of my biggest inspirations for photography is our friend Marshall Sokoloff who can capture a magnitude of significance in almost any juxtaposition of texture. I saw this string of leaves growing along a staircase that leads down to our back yard and immediately thought of him. Thank you, Marshall, for helping me open my [...]

The Cuteness

I wanted to share this Momversation with you not just because you get to see Chuck and Coco in live action, but if you wait for it, at about five minutes and thirty seconds in, it’s OMG ALICE. THAT IS ONE HUGE PUSSY.

Once upon a time

Every morning at about 9AM Chuck wanders upstairs having spent his morning doing WHO KNOWS WHAT in the dark corner of our bedroom. Something to do with candles and a tattered copy of Twilight probably, but he instinctively knows that it’s precisely that time of the day that I like to take pictures. And maybe [...]