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Saturday afternoon eyes

Last weekend we took advantage of some good weather and spent several hours “enjoying the evening” in the backyard, even though it was mid-afternoon. Meaning I sat with Marlo to the side as Jon and Coco chased Leta, and Chuck stood in a corner looking confused. Soon Marlo will be running through that yard, too, [...]

Featured community question

Why yes, of course, within the first week of the community site being live the questions have devolved into farts. If ever there were a marker for success! Here’s one from Mama M. I answered this question over there, but wanted to expound here because I realize I haven’t ever told you guys the actual [...]

Cavorting Hippo Cards

Rebekah Plett of The Cavorting Hippo Etsy Shop noticed my obsession fascination with hippos and sent me a set of these unbearably adorable hippo greeting cards. I want to eat them, they so cute. If I were designing another nursery I’d put these in frames and hang them over the crib. But I’m not having [...]

Hitting a brick wall

Leta is happily watching episodes of “Little Bill” as Jon crashes from a week spent troubleshooting and managing the community website. Jon is not a napper, but he took a few this weekend having had his brained sucked out through his fingers by Drupal and server load balancing (I don’t know what that means either). [...]

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a total blur, mainly because we spent the week leading up to it trying to iron out the bugs of the community website, and as usual I waited until the last minute to buy candy and the only thing left at the grocery store was really expensive dark chocolate that makes little kids [...]

In the meantime

I’m working on a huge Halloween post that should take me most of the day to put together (in between feeding and cuddling Marlo), but here’s the sunset from last night. Had to share it.

Featured community question

I found this question from Becky O a little difficult to answer at first, and of course I had to keep pushing “never trust a man with two first names” out of my brain. Because that’s just a dumb rule to live by. Because come on. CLIVE OWEN. I would trust him with my everything.

Business time

I take it you two would like to be left alone.


This is Lily, Katey’s six-month-old, just another member of our Wackadoo Clan. She is now crawling, sitting up, and on the verge of pulling herself into a standing position. And do you see that face? We’re all doomed.

Wherein I’m just begging you to judge me

Leta and I enter her room after eating breakfast, and because I haven’t slept in several days I forget the structure that we’ve implemented in order to get her to focus her attention on tasks that need to be completed before school. Recently we’ve been making a game out of getting dressed, timing her with [...]