• kbdyar

    So my mom decided my dad got the right to name their dog, and he named it… ‘KUDZU” – why would you name a dog after that??? Luckily they call her Zuey but seriously? He is no longer allowed to name anything.

  • Fran Peacock

    I was at that New Kids on the Block concert in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1990 too! TOO. COOL.

  • Melanie McGhee

    Loose association…have you seen the book, “The Truth About Santa”? AWESOME!

  • oatcake

    Dude. Daily occurrence back in Korea. I had to SNEAK OUT to recycle in the middle of the night there, or have cat poop thrown at me. I mean seriously. See:


  • Corey

    Did Katey ask the woman if she might like to jump in the bin to check?! I would love to see that!

  • melizerd

    LOL I have to say I can see Katey opening one of those glass bottles of WHOOP ASS on her.

  • spokeit

    It makes me happy that you still recycle glass. In our town they took away the glass bin because it was costing the city too much money to maintain. Forget the millions global warming is costing!

  • renataface

    Well, here in Ontario, all you have to do is put all your recyclable items into a blue bin, and set it outside your house on Tuesday morning, and BAM! It’s gone! Magic!

    Actually, guys wearing coveralls and driving a big truck take it away.

  • CynthiaO

    In Nova Scotia, where my family lives, you can recycle EVERYTHING from your own home and it gets picked up every 2 weeks, along with the garbage. You only have to sort into two groups: one bag for paper stuff and one bag for everything else – plastics, cans, bottles, etc etc. So, while I have always sort of considered this as a bit of a pain in my ass because the garbage collectors are like crazed Nazi’s now if you accidentally put something recyclable out in the garbage (and our garbage bags are clear by law so they can see what you chuck out), at least I can just throw it all in together and someone else takes care of it for me!

  • knighton

    OMG! Same thing happened to me, only it was the cardboard. Apparently I hadn’t folded and mutilated into an appropriate size or something ridiculous like that.

    Some people!

  • littlewords

    I’ve experienced many instances of IMPROPER RECYCLING here in good old uptight Seattle, until they decided we could just everything in together just to get it done!

  • Alexandra

    I haven’t lived at home for almost ten years. My dad STILL, to this day, collects all his pop bottles and cans and stows them in massive leaf/lawn bags and then as soon as I come to visit, casually, as if out of the corner of his mouth, says “Oh, by the way, when you’re out if you could happen to drop those cans off at the supermarket.”

    So my family does a lot of recycling, so long as I’m in town.

    (They really do it all year round, I think my dad just likes to get my goat and sees it as a source of public shaming, carrying around those sticky ridiculous bags).

  • jlaur

    Recycling is ALWAYS commendable but doing it correctly makes a huge difference in the energy required to process the materials and whether they can then be effectively reused. If they can’t, then it’s really not recycling. Even peeling labels off of glass or cans or rinsing things well before recycling saves a LOT more effort/energy/cost etc than just tossing the whole thing in (I admit I don’t always do this). I have no clue if mixing glass has a similar result because we don’t separate glass here… but broken glass can’t be sorted and usually also won’t be recycled. We definitely get points for trying, but… if you do it incorrectly enough, you are unfortunately negating the positive effects. Your stuff will just take a longer, more costly trip to the dump.

  • William

    If one has a pile of, say Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazines, and one refuses to take them to the recycling center, is that person NOT enviromentally friendly?

  • lesileinwv

    I live in WV, if you want to recycle more than newspapers, you have to take it to one of two centers within a 60 mile radius.

    We may be a little behind here.

    As for Jordan Knight, oh my goodness gracious. I loved him…when I saw them in concert (1990/1991?) I swore for days he was looking right at me.

  • akhowell

    Here in Boise they give us a huge bin with an attached lid for all recycling. Everything goes in it, you put it on the curb every other week, and they sort everything for you. Makes it very easy.

  • yay4tay

    Oh, poor lonely santa :( you guys should’ve gone to see him. You could’ve sat on his lap if Leta wouldn’t have.

    Then again, I’m sure he’s getting paid by the hour, and is probably grateful not to have screaming, runny-nosed kids on his lap for a few minutes.

  • EL

    I gotta say, we Phoenicians have it easy: everything recyclable goes in a big blue bin that gets picked up curbside once a week. Of course, they specifically prohibit dirty diapers, but that’s probably reasonable.

  • sheameister

    Kudzu inhabits my nightmares. In NC, it was everywhere… constantly threatening to swallow me whole. I get serious heebie jeebies just thinking about it. Thanks a lot ;)

    Have you seen the websites that sell KUDZU JELLY!?!?! I kid you not. Jelly. Take a moment to ponder that, will you?

  • The Prima Momma

    When I lived on a farm, we used to have to take all of our garbage and recycling to a dump. The dump site was watched over by a crazy lady that would yell at you if you were tossing anything she felt was still usable.

    Many a day she would CLIMB INTO the giant dump bin and drag out treasures. Then she would line them up by the entrance like an Isle Of Lost Garbage Christmas special.

    90% of it was broken baby gear.

    So SHE was doing her part to reduce, reuse and recycle! I shudder to think of all the red neck farm babies that were injured from being left unattended in the broken baby gear daddy picked up FOR FREE! At the dump!!

  • adrienne jackson

    in our small town, middle of nowhere, saskatchewan, canada, we have no curb side …. and the drop off town bins only take certain things, and then the place where you can get $ for your bottles only takes certain things. so in order to recycle your cardboard boxes and wine bottles, you need some serious organization at your own home, and you gotta be willing to do multiple drop offs. we even built a little recycling shed. it’s a hassle, but it gets done.

  • The Prima Momma

    Is kudzu related to the infamous Elephant Ear plant that I grew up with in Utah? That stuff will take over ANYTHING.

  • jeannefay

    I referred to our Virginia creeper as kudzu for several years before my husband discovered there really was such a thing. Honestly, if I’m going to make something up it’ll be better than that.

  • Jillybeans

    not knowing anything about Kudzu, I logically Wikipedia’d it… did you know:

    “The Harvard Medical School is studying kudzu as a possible way to treat alcoholic cravings, by turning an extracted compound from the herb into a medical drug.[7] The mechanism for this is not yet established, but it may have to do with both alcohol metabolism and the reward circuits in the brain.”

  • little_dynamite

    i had to drive my recycling to the waste management/recycling center when i lived in my old apartment complex. once, i had a man stop me and lecture me for not turning my car off for the thirty seconds it took to dump my cardboard into the dumpster and i just looked at him like, seriously dude? i wanted to yell, “HEY…I’M RECYCLING HERE!”

  • Mo

    You got the RIGHT STUFF, bAbY! I love the way you TURN me ON!

    (sorry. I got hung up on the NKOTB reference.)

    My dad used to throw away the recyclables when my mom wasn’t looking on purpose. He still thinks it is a conspiracy to keep liberals ignorant while feeling effective. So now we recycle behind HIS back. HA!

  • momof8

    Come to Minnesota! We have curbside recycling. We are provided with bins on wheels and we can throw plastic, paper, cardboard and glass all in the same bin! THEN you can pick your own hauler, so one of the 3 recycling trucks that come through your neighborhood can pick up your recycling! Yes, irony is everywhere.

  • Mo

    (Hangin’ TOUGH! Hangin TOUGH!)

  • sarahdoow

    I love the “Tangent” announcement. It makes me want to get a little hand-held sign to hold up whenever I feel the need to go off on a tangent … which is quite regularly.

  • SOLO dot MOM

    I’m with comment number 1… I would love to see that. The nerve… I mean really!

  • Peanut Peddler

    The woman was probably Swiss. Anybody who has had to recycle in Switzerland knows what I’m talking about.

  • portlandrose

    My in-laws live in Idaho, not too far from you actually in Utah (more mormons per capita in Idaho!) They don’t recycle anything. Not. One. Thing.

    The reason is not that they are hateful, earth destroying people (well…) but that my MIL claims that the hassle associated with it is just too much to handle.

    While I have made my thoughts clear and explained how I used to drive my recylcing once a week yada yada yada, I do believe that if you don’t make it easy, people won’t do it.

    Good for you, er, good for Katey and you for paying her to do it!!

  • JannyLynn410

    When my sister lived in Virginia she used to recycle all the time. She’d take the time and sort everything and set it out nicely on the sidewalk for them to take away. Then one day she actually watched them… they grabbed her recycle bin, dumped it in her garbage can, then grabbed her garbage can and dumped it in the truck. She refused to sort after that…

  • Jla0979

    I don’t get that. I don’t get why the people who design the recycling programs are all “Yeah, we are going to save the earth, but make it AS COMPLICATED AS HUMANELY POSSIBLE” This goes here, that goes there, this gets picked up, that gets dropped off, but only if you separate correctly and blah blah blah.

  • sunshinecupcakes

    Dude, why is recycling so hard for you in Utah? In Arizona, we’re overrun by derelicts – yet, we toss any and all recyclables together in one bin and VOILA some nice man comes and takes it away each week.

    Seems like the wholesome Utahns would have this going smoother than we SouthaThaBorderns!

  • Greta Koenigin

    Reminds me of when I let my kid eat a cracker off the ground. A lady said, “She’s eating a cracker off the ground.” I said, without irony since I didn’t sense any, “I know. It’s hers.” The lady huffed and puffed and rolled her eyes at me. She looked past the fact that my kids were bathed, okay dressed and not screaming in her ear. She had to get me on the dirty cracker, as if the 10-second rule hadn’t been invented yet. Issues like the environment, child-rearing, and war WERE invented so that we can yell at people we don’t know. If the world ran smoothly, our self-righteousness would be so bored.

  • Utahcouple

    I can’t believe that we (Salt Lake City) do not have a curb-side glass recycling program yet. My partner and I take turns driving up to the zoo to drop off glass, and it is a pain in the ass.

    Also, what are we suppose to do with the blue bottles? Thanks for sharing Heather!

  • Allie

    You know how when you learn a word you swear you’ve never heard before and then all of the sudden that word pops up constantly in your life and you wonder if you’ve just been tuning it out all of these years because you didn’t know what it meant?

    I’ve now seen three kudzu references this week. And those are the first three kudzu references of my whole life. Weird.

  • the former Dr. Tongue

    A) I’m amazed that it took 12 commenters to mention Josie. And that it was a female commenting.

    B) Is there a way for a supermodel wearing skimpy dance outfits to suck? That’s like sucking at recycling. Or at posing in a bikini on a beach. Hello! Supermodel scantily-clad.

    C) Katey should’ve smashed the end off a brown bottle and brandished it at her before tossing it in the green bin.

    D) SLC needs curbside pickup. Here in Calgary, we also have the ‘throw it all in one blue bin out front and the city picks it up and sorts it’ recycling plan.

  • Kim

    As someone else from Toronto pointed out, we get our recycling picked up by the city. And often, street people go through bins (especially the large ones outside apartment buildings) to collect bottles for deposit money, which further reduces what is picked up. I do agree that more cities should be making it easier for people to recycle – having to drive it somewhere makes no sense.

  • abwhittle

    I just currently moved to a small town in GA and they REQUIRE that you recycle. You get a green can and a blue can and if you don’t put out the blue recycling can or don’t put anything in it they won’t pick up your trash. There is not sorting involved and a list of what can be put in it is listed on the top. Pretty cool idea if you ask me.

  • raddit

    Hell yeah to the kudzu from Georgia. That stuff is crazy. I grew up in small-town Alabama and it is EVERYWHERE. Is it only in the South that it will eat your trailer when you’re not looking? :-)

  • Mialulu

    I love the “recycled” car in the photo. Too bad they could not fit that in the recylce bin.

    When I lived in Maui, people would leave their car on the side of the road exactly where it had broken down. It sits there leaking all its fluids out into the enviroment, while growing beautiful tropical plants and flowers all over and inside of the car as if it is some sort of peice of art… CRAZY. So Sad.

  • annmelissa

    Are you sure you don’t live in Berkeley, CA? I’m a devout recycler, but I have more than once been told I’m doing it wrong by a grumpy hippie. :) Not to be totally lame, and sound like my grandmother, but THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH PEOPLE TODAY — ok, just environmentalists — that they need to feel holier than thou and that you’re not doing ENOUGH to help the environment, instead of encouraging good efforts. ‘Cause, you know, if you can’t recycle correctly, just don’t recycle at all. :) Heh.

  • Alina

    Yes recycling is important, and yes it saves some stuff from making it to the landfill, but the truth is that consumer recycling is a tiny drop in a gigantic bucket. The problem isn’t at the end, it’s at the beginning.

    Manufacturing companies waste more than you or I would ever even dream of owning, much less throwing away or trying to recycle. I recycle, because I don’t want what I consume to be around for hundreds of years, but I also try very hard to buy less. Less furniture, less appliances, less packaging, less clothing, just less.

    I highly recommend watching The Story of Stuff. (http://storyofstuff.com) In fact, I think everyone should watch it. It’s an easy-to-understand explanation of why a linear system like the materials economy isn’t sustainable in a closed system like earth, and we’re basically fucking ourselves with our own consumerist society.

    Wow. I sound like a nutjob. I swear I’m not a nutjob. :)

  • MommaPug

    You are the third person in as many days that I have discovered attended that New Kinds on the Block concert. Its like a badge of honor that binds us together.

  • Amelia_Bedelia

    That photo totally reminds of a time in high school when my best friend informed me that her family “found” a car in their yard the previous night. Not Kudzu, but blackberry bushes, in the Pacific Northwest. I later married her brother, and every summer we hack back the bushes to find treasures.
    That kinda sounds dirty.
    Except the treasures I’m talking about are boat carcasses, can after bottle after can of used oil that his dad uses to start garbage fires because he is protesting (for 20 years) that the city won’t drive down his firetrap of a driveway to pick up the garbage, decomposing paint, and other environmentally horrible things. It is dirty in a totally different sense, and I cringe every time we go there. I’m sorry to say, but all the environmentally responsible things I and about 25 other people do are totally offset by my father-in-law.

  • tracy

    we have to take all of our recycling to the recycling center, and they will actually FORBID you to recycle if they catch you repeatedly putting #2 pastic in the #1 plastic bin, or if you’re a total rebel, and you put corregated cardboard in the mixed paper section. I am so not joking, they will straight up take away your right to recycle. Kuh-Razy!

  • Jacquie

    I can not handle the sad santas. My kids are similarly horrified at the notion of taking one for the team and just going in there to say hi, so I overcompensate by waving like a loon and blowing kisses to santa, and just MAYBE I sometimes pop my head in to the little igloo tent thing to tell him thanks for all the hard work that he does to make the world a merrier place, and that he should not worry because I am CERTAIN that my kids fully intend to start behaving in plenty of time to earn lots of shiny electronics beneath the tree, but if they don’t he should definitely send coal.


  • lindsay masten

    In regards to the “Santa Incident,” I point you to


    Not my site, or anything, but alternating creep and hilarity.