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The power of puppies

Me: “Jon. Punkin just proves that we need a really small dog.” Jon: “NO NO NO NO NO NO.” Me: “But—” Jon: “NO NO NO NO NO NO.” Me: “But she—” Jon: “NOOOOOOOOO.” Me: “Just hold her. HOLD HER.” Jon: “….. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Esteemed colleagues

Last night at the King’s English holiday party I got to meet many, many wonderful people including Sister Dottie S. Dixon (on the left) and Pat Bagley (on the right), they who revised and updated and illustrated The Mormon Kama Sutra: “An Instant LDS classic when it first came on to the scene in the [...]

Quick reminder

For the Salt Lake City locals or anyone in town tomorrow night, Thursday, December 3, I’ll be joining several other local authors at the King’s English Bookshop for their annual Holiday Celebration. Stop by and say hi or SUCK IT or MY LORD YOUR CHIN IS HUGE. I’ll be there signing books and mingling from [...]


Leta: “Mom, my friend at school said that Christmas trees die.” Me: “Well, some do. When you pull a plant or a tree out of the ground it will eventually die.” Leta: “Is our tree going to die?” Me: “No, we have an artificial tree.” Leta: “A what?” Me: “Artificial. It means our tree is [...]


We have a very special guest today here in the Daily Chuck section of this website. Everyone, meet Punkin, my hair stylist’s dog who is vacationing in our home for a few hours today, and maybe tomorrow, and maybe forever if I decide to kidnap her! HA HA! I think she’s a poodle, maybe a [...]

Only thing missing is a side of waffle fries

So. Today is a bit of an exciting day around here because Microsoft has given me five Xbox consoles to give away to my readers, just in time for the holidays. And I’ll just go ahead and get the disclosure part of this out of the way: this is a sponsored giveaway. I do not [...]

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