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A command during dinner

What we said: “Lie down, Chuck.” What he heard, apparently: “Climb into that basket of dog toys that is too small to hold your 35-pound body. And then look really cute.”


A few nights ago we took a family walk late enough in the evening that when we returned our sprinklers were running, and since Leta was in such a good mood we let her stay up and run through the water. This is by far my favorite time of the day: the quiet, still moments [...]

Not Maria’s nursery

Last week we were finally able to put the final touches on the baby’s nursery after what seemed like months of living with piles of crap up to our ears. Because before we could even address the nursery we had to tackle sixteen other projects first, and in the meantime everything we were collecting for [...]

The pretty ones are always the crazy ones

We’ve had new carpet in the basement, what, less than two weeks? And in that span of time Coco has had a bad case of vomit and diarrhea, and yesterday she baptized the floor with a gallon of pee. Jon does not believe she is going to survive the next month, not if he has [...]

Sheep mobile

This delicate sheep mobile (an Original Museum Mobile from Flensted in Demark, we have the Futura hanging in our office) is one of several that will eventually be hanging up in the nursery, and I bought it because of the somewhat abstract shapes and the black and white color scheme. We hung this one directly [...]

Resident evil

This lil’ buddy hung out on the railing of our deck for about ten minutes right up until Coco spotted him from inside the kitchen and ran head first into the window. Surprisingly, Coco did not suffer a concussion, and I’m guessing the squirrel just hopped onto a branch of one of the pine trees [...]

June 2009