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Decorative mane

I just realized that the thumbnail for this photo makes Chuck look like a Senegal Bushbaby, but then you get here and realize it’s just another normal day here in the Armstrong household.

Utah Lake

I believe this is the southern end of one very dirty Utah Lake, made so because of the crap Geneva Steel used to dump into it (don’t quote me on that, it’s a bit of a controversial topic in these parts). It’s hard to ignore the discoloration of the water from the perspective of an [...]

Of dares and double-dog dares

So last week I get a call from a producer at the Bonnie Hunt show, and after we talk for a few minutes she says, “Do you think you could show Kourtney Kardashian how to change a diaper?” Just let that sink in for a second. I twittered my thoughts about it earlier, but I [...]

By popular demand

Not enough Marlo photos, some say, and I think my mother may be signing up for multiple email accounts just so she can get her way. She isn’t the Avon World Sales leader for nothing!

Oh, delicious fluffy rodent

Moments after telling him we might get to babysit the guinea pig that lives in Leta’s kindergarten classroom for a weekend. I TOLD YOU HE WAS A CAT.

Vintage Vera Neumann textiles

I first learned of artist Vera Neumann when I was shopping at an antique shop in Sebastopol, California a couple of years ago and found these handkerchiefs patterned with the bright red rose. Ever since then I’ve been keeping my eye out for her vintage 50′s and 60′s linens and textiles, and found the other [...]

The House of Adorable

So my assistant Katey, the one who had her baby six weeks before I had Marlo, comes into work last week and goes, dude, you are not even going to believe this. And I was all, JOHNNY DEPP TOOK OFF HIS CLOTHES AND COOKED STROGANOFF IN YOUR KITCHEN? And she goes, no, something even more [...]

One of the Boones

This is my cousin Robert, son of my mom’s brother Danny, brother to one infamous GEORGE! who lived with us for three months back in the summer of 2007. He and his family were visiting Utah last week, so we had them over for dinner and DO YOU EVEN KNOW how awesome it is to [...]

A true Hamilton

I can’t take credit for teaching her this, but it’s further proof that I am her mother:

Alien invasion

God, when was this? A week and a half ago? A producer from ABC called me on a Saturday morning and within two hours there was a camera crew in my house to film for a segment about pregnancy and anti-depressants that aired the following night. The way these things work is they come into [...]