(Imagine me, cat-like, hanging from the ceiling by all four paws, my entire bloodstream filled with shots of espresso. Like, a demonic Garfield! Meowsies!)

Today is a hugely super dooperly enormous day here at the Blurbodoocery, one where everyone is running around slapping duct tape up here and over there, hoping that the energy emanating from our office doesn’t blow the doors off the house. Although that would kind of be cool as it would give the neighbors something to talk about other than the way that Armstrong woman is always standing on the porch in her pajamas screaming COCO!! as that little skunk runs around the yard barking at grass.

Note: We no longer refer to Coco as Coco. She is always addressed as COCO!!, with lips pursed and a bit of a growl in the throat. It is also the most frequently used word in the house.

I am so excited and thrilled and DEMONICALLY GARFIELDED to announce that I have signed an exclusive development deal with HGTV.

H to the G to the T to the V.


You can see me here! And here is the official press release.

I am joining the HGTV talent family, as they call it, and I could not be more over the moon. I’m all the way to Jupiter. The air is very thin and dry up here.

There are a lot of projects and ideas in my life that I’ve wanted to develop but haven’t had the resources to do so, and HGTV is the perfect partner to help me take this next step. I think what we’re planning to do is going to be fun and spectacular and a fantastic addition to what I already do over here. And yes, I’ll still be posting on my regular schedule here on this Internet Website Blog Thing. Y’all, I would never take Chuck away from you. Unless you started upholstering your couch in denim, and I’d be all, hmm….

I cannot wait to take you all along for this exhilarating ride! Meowsies!

Many thanks to Katie Granju for her stalwart support and role in the project development (you can find her on Twitter at @kgranju). I can’t gush enough about her vision and wisdom. Also, it’s great to know that I have someone in Knoxville who can buy me a bourbon.

Now, back to hanging from the ceiling!

  • rrouse

    You totally rock!

  • 2fatcats

    Yippee, two of my favorite things in the same place! Congrats, Heather!

  • Jen in KC

    Wow! Congratulations!

    I must say that I am a little anxious, though, because now so many people are going to know about you. Don’t forget about us little people…

    Seriously, I’m really happy for you and your family. This is great news. Good luck!

  • linda_keddie

    That’s amazing!!!!!!! You must be SO excited. Congrats!!!
    I check every day for new updates, and can’t wait to see you on HGTV!!!

  • agablack

    You’re a Master Manifester, Heather. So inspiring.
    Can’t wait to see your creations on TV! Kudos to the whole Armstrong team.

  • filmgoerjuan

    Congratulations, Heather & Jon! Hopefully your material will make its way to the Canadian version of HGTV as well!

  • heylady

    *high five*

    I love seeing you take things to the next level! You’re an inspiration!

  • FunMommyK

    Wow – congratulations! Very exciting! I also have watched many many episodes of Sell This House and Curb Appeal – and am quite familiar with house hunting in remote areas of Europe…can’t wait to watch what you have in store!

  • jenniesloan

    congratulations! I can’t wait to see what’s planned.

  • mp


  • lindsaylou

    Congratulations, Heather! Fantastic news!

  • PShizzo

    Ha Ha on all the Dooce haters! Suck it y’all!!!

  • doobrah

    Congratulations! I took a survey last summer asking which bloggers I follow and what I think of them. You were my top choice. :-D

  • twodoghouse

    Congratulations Heather! You (& the family) couldn’t be cuter in that video!

  • RandomAmy

    If you come to Knoxville I will buy you a whole bottle of bourbon and drink it with you! Hurray for HGtv

  • Jamie Bray

    Holy crap!! That’s fantastic!! HGTV is awesome, and with you it can only get better! Is that enough exclamation points? I think not. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :D

  • KathleenMary

    Congratulations to the Armstrong’s! I can’t wait to come along on the ride.

  • Ayumi

    WOW! Congratulations!!! That is amazing news. :-) How am I supposed to get ANYTHING done now between reading your blog, keeping up with the community, and watching HGTV?

    Wait, I have kids? HUH?

  • Domestic Goddess

    That’s pretty freaking awesome. HGTV is my favorite channel, so I can’t wait to see it!

  • darango

    Congratulations! Mazel tov! COCO!

  • brendadog

    Congrats! But first, you must explain WHAT “innovative convergence programming” is.

  • WindyLou

    WOOHOO! Congratulations, Heather – that is so awesome. (My husband just walked by and asked me why my mouth was hanging open)I am so proud of you!

  • axosmook

    Ooo very exciting!! I watch those crazy Duggars on TLC from 6-7AM, and then HGTV from 7- when I leave for work (between 7:45-8AM). Your show probably won’t be on then, but I also watch it in the evenings when I have free time & nothing else is on (along with my other go-to channel the food network). I can’t wait to see you!

    Congrats, Heather! :)

  • strawberrygoldie



    And the dynamite goes BOOM!

    I can’t wait to watch you on the tee vee, chiquita. Big congrats :)


  • tanya

    They are so making a movie about you next! Congrats, blurbodoocery, this is so exciting!

  • buffangel2000

    *GAH!* HGTV is absolutely my go-to channel. This is so awesome! Congratulations to you!

  • Ramblings by Reba

    Congratulations! :)

  • cinddmel

    That’s so awesome!! I love HGTV and I love Dooce, now to have the two together – loving it!
    I can’t wait to hear that accent some more, watch you working on design projects, and see some more of Marlo’s dimples – it may be addictive!
    Congrats again!


  • micmacker

    Please make sure Hulu carries episodes – no cable here. Congratulations & stay sane! Or not, if it’s better programming.

  • Jen

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can’t wait!!

  • detroit_vampire

    CONGRATS! This is awesome news. I love HDTV and I can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Mom101

    Huge congrats Missy!

    HDTV today, tomorrow the Oscars.

  • sweetpotatopie

    It’s official: YOU ARE THE NEXT OPRAH. What color will the interior of your jet be?? Do you have your Gail picked out?

    This is so exciting. Congratulations. Huge, this is HUGE!!

  • hegwer

    Now, don’t go a Blogging about it and get fired from this job. I mean could the internet stand a person who does that Twice?

  • winecat


  • saramoseley

    SHUT. UP.

    couldn’t be happier, can’t wait, big hugs to you all!

  • B.Orbi

    Dude. BOOM is an understatement.

  • gretchie

    OMG, Heather!!! OMG!!! This is so awesome!!! It’s like hearing that one of my family members or friends got this! Only, since none of them read dooce, they don’t get why I’m so excited for you. I totally want to brag as if you were my sister, but, everyone already thinks I’m crazy and so I feel a bit alone in this celebration. Congrats, my dear! Now I get to share you with my Mom! She doesn’t even know there’s another channel on the dial besides HGTV. {{hugs}}

  • Liams Grandma

    So glad you’ll still be blogging here. Life without Chuck would be pretty bad. I still think he needs his own blog. He has charisma, charm and he is the “it” dog!!!

  • CataclysmicStar


    I need cable now! It’s official! Have to get it!

    I’m so excited that I need to go save my baby from falling off the couch!


  • Amber

    Congratulations, Dooce. I am so happy for you, but not at all surprised. HGTV is a pretty amazing place to be. You’ll fit right in.

  • maigera

    I saw you whimpering about not wanting to unload the dishwasher one. more. time.

    For whatever reason, this made me happy. If dooce can be so awesome and still hate household chores, there is hope for me!

  • ceecee

    Are you going to be giving decorating advice? That’s cool, I guess, but I don’t know if I would take the advice of some lady on the internet with no professional design experience. Having a lot of money to spend on throw pillows does not equal professional decorator.

  • Stephani


    Woohoo- so excited for you! :)

  • Stephani

    Ceecee (#178) needs to shut it.

    Just sayin.

  • mandinka

    Holy crapola!
    Will you get to meet Antonio Ballatore?
    Will you redo my bathroom?
    Will Chuck have a role?

  • JennyE

    Love, love, love loving that they’re already freaking out about the bathroom tile over there on the HGTV announcement…..awesome!!!! Heather, don’t change it….EVER! Just for spite!

  • mscyndi

    AWESOME! :) That is so exciting. You have a talent for decorating judging from the photos you have shared with us on your blog.

  • jangelos

    Congratulations Ms. Wondrous Being of Light and Splendor


  • Shana in Texas

    Just one more step on the way to World Domination!