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Here I thought I was capturing a tender moment with Chuck. And I pull the photographs off the memory card onto the computer, pull a few up in Photoshop and WHAT IS THAT? Chuck, seriously.

Circulatory system

No joke, it’s been snowing for two days here. Yesterday for about an hour it seemed like a blizzard. This is the tree in our front yard, so I thought I’d take a different shot from the usual portrait of a tree covered in snow. It looks like a page out of a high school [...]

Featured community question with accompanying forty-five pounds

Today’s featured question comes from user Brookelyn Bridge: I don’t know if every pregnant woman feels this way, but during the last month of my pregnancy with Marlo I was always thinking, what if I never lose these extra forty-five pounds? What if this pregnancy has changed my body forever? And then I’d follow up [...]

No more coffee table books

Look who can pull herself up! She’s a bit more excited about this development than the rest of us, as you can see.

Personalized cards

A few months ago the owner of happygirl greetings, Laura Beth Davidson, sent me these personalized cards, and in case you were wondering about that noise? It was me cooing. It registered as an earthquake here in Utah. That hippo looks exactly like the one I have in my head, the one I want to [...]

Locking up the cabinets

This morning after Marlo tossed her empty bottle three feet toward the end of the bed and then clawed her way on top of me almost head first over into the floor, in what seemed like a split second, I grabbed her by the legs, TO SAVE HER, turned to Jon and was all, um, [...]

An outtake

Chuck does a really good impersonation of Elton John. We should show you that some time.

Before the next storm

This is my favorite tree in the neighbor’s yard because the blooms are totally out of control, like PARTY PARTY PARTY. And the color is so saturated, as if someone hooked the tree up to photoshop and cranked the colors until the crank broke. These blooms will probably be gone by Wednesday because “they” are [...]

A look inside our days together

A few days ago in the hectic hours of the afternoon when Leta was home from school and the phone in the office was competing with the waterfall of email in Jon’s inbox, I snuck downstairs to reorganize my cosmetics drawer for a blog I was writing for HGTV. Yes, that is a link to [...]

Decisions, decisions

We’re trying to figure out which color of stain to use to seal the fence around the backyard. I want one that matches Chuck perfectly. What? Doesn’t everyone match their fence to their dog? WHY HAVE A DOG, THEN?