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Featured community question with accompanying fear of Gorbachev

Today’s featured question comes from user tam4797: Well, definitely this one. I can’t sit with my legs dangling over the side of the bed because surely there is a demon underneath who is going to grab me and drag me to some horrible dark place. Like Chuckarama. Or Reno. Oh no. I’ve upset Reno. Listen, [...]

Installation art

I’m calling it “Do I Really Need Three Pairs of Scissors.”

Ten months

Marlo turns ten months old today. She is celebrating by screaming in pain due to teething. Or maybe she’s just angry, I’m not sure. Maybe she just enjoys sounding like a duck being ripped apart by a particularly vocal hyena. Who wouldn’t? Her crawling in the last week has progressed from just a few feet [...]

The first conversation this morning

Me: The guy last night on the news said it was supposed to be a “mountains only” snowstorm. There are five inches outside! Jon: That guy was Sterling Poulson. Obviously he’s a liar. Me: Does his bishop know about this? Jon: He does now. Me: I wonder how many meteorologists are routinely worthy enough to [...]

Their local haunt

This was one of the photos I took in DC a couple of weeks ago right before every bird in this tree fled up and to the right. I’m posting it here because I adore the shape of the tree, and it also feels like early winter. Which is exactly how April has felt in [...]


Several weeks ago Leta’s school conducted eye examinations, and some of our concerns were were confirmed when we found out that she did poorly both times she was given a test. The teacher pulled us aside, gave us the news, and said that Leta has a hard time reading the message board from far away. [...]

All it needs is a cup holder for beer

Marlo graduated to the high chair over the weekend. She’s still a bit small for it, but she can’t yet wrangle her way out of it, and that is all that matters. Also, it’s new enough that she’s fascinated by it to remain somewhat silent for a stretch of five minutes at a time. Which [...]


He always matches his collar with his modesty patch.

DC, part two

So. Purple tights and Official Rogue Blogger. Well, someone sort of said that to me, don’t remember who it was, but I think their exact words were, “So you’re the official blogger of the group.” And they said it as we were filing into the building, so I didn’t get the chance to respond, “Yes. [...]


Flying home from DC, this is an aerial view of an interchange in the Salt Lake Valley between 215 and the 201. I had to look on a satellite map to figure this out. Still blows my mind that we live in a time when I have that kind of resource.