• amandalk

    It might not go away…my 4yo is just as picky as Leta, but my 20 month old will still eat anything he is given. (Like, the cheerio that was god only know how old he found under the couch yesterday–he was SO excited.) Don’t judge.

  • PunkinP

    Oh my God, my head just splorted from all the cuteness. That is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Daddy Scratches

    I am told that when I was able to crawl, I would harvest lint from the carpet and shove it in my mouth. So at least Marlo has the good sense to stick with stuff that’s actually, you know, edible.

  • tracy

    Haha! I totally did that, too, even said the same thing: you asked for it? Well here you go!

  • Kris Mulkey

    Marlo is so cute. I love looking at that happy little face. She reminds me of my daughter. She’s ALWAYS eating, and always happy – - except when she’s doing her math homework.

  • hammy

    She’s just precious.

    All 3 of mine have loved lemons as babies/toddlers. Weird.

  • Lynn0308

    Well, that might just be the cutest thing ever…I love the face!!!

  • EliBailey

    My daughter was the same way when she was little; she ate everything, including lemons. I love the video – that is some super amazing cuteness there!

  • aslapintheface

    I have a kid who has always loved sour stuff too. Give her a couple of spoons of dill relish on her highchair tray and watch her go nuts ! Plus it’s good “spoon practice”.

  • Hazel

    so cute, but I’m afraid your child has no taste buds.

  • buffangel2000

    What a happy baby. She must bring you so much joy with that coy smile of hers.

  • mommica

    I can’t watch the video at work (son of a…!) but I think I know what is occurring therein. My daughter demands lemons, too. Once, I handed over a slice, turned to watch something on tv, and when I turned back around it was gone. RIND AND ALL!

  • expat

    That face she makes at the end is just too cute! I used to eat lemons like that. I would always win the contests who can eat a lemon without making a face.

  • tallnoe

    OMG the cuteness. I love it.

  • Tirzah

    She is so freaking cute!!!! I love her expression!

  • Chum

    I love the shoulder thing she does when she giggles. She’s gorgeous.

  • strawick

    this happened to me too. be prepared for a person that loves all lemon food, all citrus-y food, anything with “tang” (that kind and that kind). i’m 30 and still suck on lemons like a monkey. they’re DELICIOUS!