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DC, part three

I had not originally planned to write a third and final recap of my visit to Washington DC, probably because Michelle Obama’s speech was the climax for me, and everything else following that in the forum itself left me feeling a bit restless. I guess I should explain. First, there were the twitters and the [...]

Not again

We’ve got what seems like hundreds of shots that look exactly like this one, where I’m trying to get something from a low angle and HERE COMES LUMBERING BABY. She knows I have the camera, and she knows I won’t let her have it. Thus, a magnetic attraction to it. It’s the first law of [...]

New frames

Leta had a follow-up appointment with her eye doctor yesterday, and her prescription looks good. We got her a new set of frames and lenses that adjust to changing light, something we had hoped would come in handy on our vacation to Florida in a couple of weeks. Except, we may have to cancel that [...]