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Insane clown posse

The real challenge here was the amount of time it took to get Coco to sit still, and the fact that Chuck sat there frozen with this on his snout the entire time.

Where’s Daddy?

Leta spent the majority of her weekend playing with Marlo, in and out of her little homemade tents and caves and bathroom hangouts. Here she’s imitating Marlo as she bangs on the door trying to get Jon’s attention. And when I saw them here together, I was just struck. Stunned. I remember being Leta’s age [...]

Working our angles

Scene: Lunchtime, Armstrong sitting to my left, Tyrant sitting to my right. Somehow the topic of chickens comes up, maybe because we’re eating a chicken salad. Or maybe because I’ve been talking about nothing else since I found out we could raise our own in the backyard. I would name them after my personal heroes: [...]