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First taste of evil

Someone got her hands on an entire chocolate cake yesterday in celebration of her birthday. I can’t wait to show you the sequence of shots and some video of the incident, but I’m headed out the door right now to catch a plane to New York. I’ll keep you updated!

Newsletter: Marlo turns one

Dear Marlo, Today you turn one year old. In dooce terms, that’s twelve months. Years from now when you and your sister look back on what I’ve written here and you realize that I wrote a lot more about her first year than I did about yours, I kindly ask that you forgive me. It [...]

My graduate

Leta’s last day of kindergarten was a few days ago, and it was really, really emotional. When we got in the car to go home she started crying because she was “going to miss her teachers so much.” And then I started to cry, and Jon was all OH MY GOD, REALLY? She’s growing up, [...]

Summer traditions

Is this just totally disgusting or what. I mean, I didn’t have any of the popsicle after this. No way. I just handed it over to Jon.

Featured community question wherein I am not the valedictorian

Today’s featured question comes from user Onemoremomblog: Yes. Always. Wait… that’s not true. Let me explain before you throw a flaming, unscooped turd at my head. I’ve got jackets with pockets full of poop bags, because whenever I take the dogs for a walk I want to make sure I’m prepared. In fact, I’m even [...]


The girlfriend of hobby photographer Gareth Payne sent me this photo from his collection knowing that we have in common partners who love Star Wars. When I opened it, I thought, RAAAAAD. I mean, how did he ever sneak up on a storm trooper and catch him this off guard?

Nature’s nipple

The couple who built and lived in this house for over forty years were apparently known for their rose bushes. We’ve done our best to maintain them, meaning we stay away so that they don’t die. I particularly love this bush because the roses are multi-colored, and when this blooms we can usually say with [...]

Things you never want to hear our trainer say in the middle of a workout

“Let’s try this. I just made it up in my head.” “Ready for some fun?” (usually followed by a set of one hundred “fun” push-ups) “I think you’re ready for more weight.” “We did this exercise in the class I taught this morning, and only two people died.” “If you don’t have perfect form on [...]

Insane clown posse

The real challenge here was the amount of time it took to get Coco to sit still, and the fact that Chuck sat there frozen with this on his snout the entire time.

Where’s Daddy?

Leta spent the majority of her weekend playing with Marlo, in and out of her little homemade tents and caves and bathroom hangouts. Here she’s imitating Marlo as she bangs on the door trying to get Jon’s attention. And when I saw them here together, I was just struck. Stunned. I remember being Leta’s age [...]