• shnon.photo

    Please say there is a part three!

    That sounds amazing!

  • PShizzo

    “Oh is so boooful!”

    Comment from the peanut gallery :D

  • zanie

    Wait, wait, wait! Did you just throw another cliffhanger?! I hope that means you’re working on Episode 3 for us!

    Gorgeous house! Hope part 3 concludes with its purchase!

  • mommica

    I agree. Penises ARE awesome.

    Also, sooo glad you posted pictures. Of the house, not penises. I don’t think I’d be able to access this site at work if you posted pictures of penises.

    I hope pictures means you got it… The house. Not a penis. Although…

  • HeckYes

    Damn you!!!! You’re going to make us wait until after the LONG holiday weenend aren’t you! You are such a tease; a horribly cruel tease. But I still love you!

    P.S. After reading yesterday’s post I dreamed that you re-decorated my house. So…do you want to re-decorate my house? It’s like a blank canvas since I haven’t actually decorated it to begin with. It’s just not my thing.

  • Skizzywicket

    The house is absolutely beautiful!

    I’m guessing that you got it, based on the recent time spent huddling with lawyers, but I’m guessing the insano homeowner thing has something to do with removing dead birds from the attic, as mentioned in your last post.


  • Blahggy

    I logged on right at the right time! Didn’t see part I until part II was up. Awesome.

    In all seventh-grade-oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-he’s-looking-at-ME style, OHMYGOD! It’s GORGEOUS! That KITCHEN! That BACKYARD! THE WINDOWS!!! HOLY CRAPOLA! So awesome. I love the Universe.

  • josephine

    Wait a second – did you or did you not get this house? Insano home owners #2??? That doesn’t sound good!

  • terrible_t

    I was so looking forward to this post. I was hoping part one meant you had found something better – and you did.

    so. My thought process as I read your post went something like:

    Oh wow
    OH WOW
    this is SPECTACULAR!!


    why why why must people be insano why

    I know you’ve probably already finished with all this insanity and our thoughts are coming after the fact, but man, I gotta tell you, I’m pulling for you here. <3

  • Jen Cottrell

    I’m supposed to be ExFilesChick, but something went wrong…

    Anyhow, congrats on your new home! It looks gorgeous! Hard work pays off, and obviously you’ve “done good.”

    (My captcha is: which spinster) That was like taking a bullet.

  • aslapintheface

    That is one heck of a house … but does it have a Sprite cellar ?

  • ebee

    What a gorgeous house!! So excited for you!

  • missaudreyhorne

    A cliffhanger? Seriously? DAMMIT.

  • sarashous

    ARGH!!! Another cliffhanger! :)

  • Coyote

    Wow! What an abode! I’m stupefied. I could easily and comfortably live in just the loft. Do you need a slave? I love house cleaning, doing laundry and running errands. And, most especially, kids and dogs!

  • HodgePodge

    I laughed so loud at your farting in a Denny’s dumpster comparison that I scared my dog. Congratulations on your beautiful new home!

  • Fifi Coon

    Great – so now we are waiting on Part 3???

  • Brookelyn Bridge

    Beautiful! And spacious. I love it!

    The chandelier above the piano is the same one we have above our dining room table. It’s cool because you can change out the sconces to different colors. I know they have amber and red – not sure if there are more now.

  • 3xx1xy

    Totally my style, I’m drooling! Hope you got it, I’m worried!!

  • JessicaM

    I take it that this is the new home of the Blurbodoocery. Congrats!

    Pretty pretty house! I love the miles and miles of hardwood. And the light.

    Does it have good secure fencing to keep Chuck and Coco safe?

    And I want the piano. I can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, too. And Chopsticks. Take that, Leta! la

  • mrswilson


  • tallnoe

    GORGEOUS floors!

    Eeks for Insano Home Owners… can’t wait to hear the rest!

  • Feastafterfamine

    wait. that doesn’t look like new york.

  • wordsupmixed

    I weep for the chickens and despite all appearances to the contrary, the ducks were innocent.

  • Ray1987

    WOW! Gorgeous house, Heather. I love the wood kitchen. Absolutely beautiful. CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! =D

  • Kerrin

    HOLY SHIT! That’s your new house?!?!? It’s gorgeous. Did you run from room to room giggling like a school girl? You should have. Leta probably will because, hello, that place is awesome! Congratulations Armstrongs!

  • SuzieQ1

    Loving it until that last sentence…now I’m getting nervous waiting for the other shoe to drop. Main thing is to find a place where Chuck can’t go missing. Love you and your family, and Coco, but REALLY LOVE THAT CHUCK!!

  • musickatt

    That place is absolutely gorgeous, and yet you mention insano homeowners. Now I’m frightened and hoping you’ll post more this weekend, because I’ve GOT to know what happens next!

  • Mo

    You HO!

    First General Hospital, now this.

    (I want to live in that kitchen. I’ll sleep under the island. It’s cool. You’ll like me.)

  • souphead

    Mazel Tov, Armstrongs!

    It’s gorgeous!!! And you deserve every square foot of that house (I’m assuming this has a happy ending or you wouldn’t have included pictures).

    Enjoy the weekend :-D

  • mkdsmall

    I sure hope Part III comes soon. I serious think you are ending up in this house – I mean with a table like that surrounded by windows like those – I can’t imagine anyone else in that house.

    Hanging breathlessly for Part III – oh and have a good 4th of July!

  • brendadog

    Are you for fucking real? The allusions to the lawyers and all this “drama” is over a house? Please tell me there is more to the story. Like it is owned by Cindy McCain and you found a private S&M den.

  • tokenblogger

    Does it come with the piano???


  • MustangSally

    hmmm. “not on the market yet”….. + “insano homeowners” + “lawyers” and I’m thinking you made the offer, they reneged or otherwise tried to sell it out from under you (or doubled their asking price as soon as they heard the SQUEEEE in the front door….) and you had to legally pry it out of someone’s cold (but hopefully not dead) hands.

    Or maybe, you got the house only to discover the 3rd story loft had been turned into a CHICKEN COOP and Jon did, in fact initiate divorce proceedings (hence the lawyers).

    But since you’re posting pics I’m now assuming you legally own photo rights to said domicile so I can happily jot off on my holiday assuming you also have “real” rights to the house, too. Congratulations!!! (in advance…)

  • Laura Jones

    We fell in love with a house and put a bid on it. The selling agent promised us that the people who had the right of first refusal weren’t going to exercise it. They did. He used us to goad them into action.

    We ended up in our current house and have been happy with it for 9 years. The longest I’d ever lived in a house before that was 4 years.

    If you made Chuck fat he would be too lazy to escape the fence. I have cats so my advice is tainted.

  • bunnybeee63

    Maybe the second homeowner is insano because her asking price is so reasonable? Or unreasonably reasonable?

  • kailee

    You and Jon should purchase real estate more often. Seriously, I LOVE anything and everything about house hunting. This is also why I love Sandra Rinomato and House Hunters International. The Sunday Real Estate Classifieds are like my favorite section of the paper, aside from the Travel section.

    The house looks goddamn BEAUTIFUL. I love the light fixtures! And the darker wood floors will really hide Coco’s barf. WE HAVE A WINNER!

    We’re remodeling our kitchen right now, and lady, I hear you on the Tuscan shit. It’s rampant in Northern Virgina too. These contractors come in with books and books of kitchens that look like they came straight out of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Maybe I’d be inclined to have a Tuscan themed kitchen if, I don’t know, I fucking LIVED IN TUSCANY.

  • samantha

    Oh my God, that is absolutely gorgeous. Do you need another assistant?

  • The Fabulous Mrs. Chevy

    O.M.G. That house is GORGEOUS! My heart was fluttering at each picture and I just kept taking little breaths in until my lungs exploded. I have been checking the page alllll day waiting for the post. My husband and I have been house-hunting for two years and have made umpteen offers for houses we keep losing. I hope that even though you are magnetized to Insano Home Owners that this one works out.

    Haha, my captcha is may pullout.

  • jan001

    I’m hoping for insano = ridiculously low price which you signed a contract on and are now in the process of living happily ever after! (in)

    Love love love all the light. I avoid stairs (rotten knees) but even those are sooo pretty!

    Waiting with bated breath for the next installment…

    (Ha! My captcha is “the journey” — how, like, karmically relevant and stuff.)

  • EarlGreyHot

    Holy fucking crap.

    Please, let this end with »we bought it«.

  • filmlady

    Holy crap, BEAUTIFUL place, I sure hope you got it because I’d hate to have to hunt down those lawyers and scream obscenities if you didn’t. Not that I’d really do that.

    Yes I would. Honestly, how could you let Chuck live anywhere else??

  • jess ica

    What a beautiful home!!

    I’m truly not being hateful when I say this. My WHOLE HOUSE is only 280 sq feet bigger than the loft of this house.

    I can only imagine how amazing it would be to live in such a beautiful, open home.

    Cant wait to see what the future brings for you guys! GOOD LUCK! :)

  • jacqueline

    this is better than porn.

  • francabollo

    Because I’m thinking you didn’t get this place, I’ll say it’s just okay. The design of the fireplace in the LR? Awkward.

    BUT, if you did get the place, congratulations and disregard my comments. I’m just hoping the universe is holding out for something better.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  • MrsRoo

    Oh Heather. Make this be the house. THIS IS THE HOUSE, RIGHT??! Because I need this to be the house.

    This is also my dream house and I want y’all to be living in it sooooo badly! I’m sure there’s another crazy story about how you managed to wrangle this house away from its previous INSANO HOME OWNER, but this needs to be the house. Got it?!?!

  • Dryad_girl

    Do you get to keep the piano? Just amazing!!!!

  • Sailor Scorpio

    Oh. My. Gosh. I really, truly hope you got that house. I will so enjoy living vicariously through you. That house looks gorgeous, and I’m betting the pictures probably don’t capture just how gorgeous it is in person.

  • lynda

    Oh it looks so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing pictures.

  • muse2323

    It is a gorgeous house, at least based on the pictures. And your description.

    My husband and I went house-hunting last year. What we found and did end up getting was just a little outside my comfort zone, price-wise, but they did come down about $50,000 from their initial asking price (on the market about 1.5 years). And we thought they were nuts, too–all because of the craziness over a lawnmower we didn’t even know they had.

    But I think you draw a different kind of craziness than my husband does; I can’t wait to see how/if this pans out…