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The usual bumps in the road

We’ve been in the house for about a week, and of course like any other move this one has not been without its total mind-blowing freak-outs, starting the second day we were here. A day that coincided with the start of my period. BAD BAD PLANNING. I do not suggest this kind of scheduling at [...]

Marlo and Grandma

One of the reasons it took me so long to write about the house saga was the fact that we hosted a couple of holiday parties over the weekend, including one where about 35 of our family members gathered for burgers and Sprite. Here’s Marlo with Jon’s mother. I don’t think this kid touched the [...]

Our upright grand

This piano has been in our family since I was probably in the womb, an antique my mother bought from a neighbor back in Memphis for a hundred bucks. I learned to play on this thing, and it’s seen years of lessons and jamming sessions. Recently, after sitting in my sister’s living room for several [...]