• Sarah Cate

    That poor cat!

    And that completely awful previous owner!

    I hope you’ve done some house cleansing, smudged some sage around or something, because that is bad juju to have hanging around.

    (Hey, I totally smudged my office when I moved into it, because the guy before me got fired – that energy needed to be cleansed the hell out, okay?)

  • leasamarie

    Haha! My son broke his front tooth when he about 18 months old. He was fighting with another kid over a toy and in the middle of a tug o’ war, the other kid let go! The toy popped him right in the mouth! I thought I was the only bad parent! We just locked him in the basement until his permanent tooth came in so no one would see it and call child protective services ;) Honestly, though, we took him to the dentist who said there wasn’t much they could do and to just wait until nature ran it’s course and the baby tooth fell out. Needless to say, he survived. Barely ;)

  • zchamu

    I’m reading this post in the corner of a starbucks, and now people are looking at me funny because I gasped and covered my mouth in horror at Marlo’s tooth, then I welled up and nearly cried at Diego’s story. Holy great merciful whatever. And I really, really hope he wasn’t locked in intentionally, because there is a special place in hell for people who do awful things to animals.

    Happy Birthday, Heather.

  • mercedesmom

    Too bad about the cat, but the primary tooth damage is much more serious. Hope she doesn’t have pain, but she will most likely have a very dark colored tooth stub. So upsetting that things like that can happen in an instant.

  • s3rp3nts

    Dude – Congrats, Diego! So glad it wasn’t actually a bobcat and the previous owner is going straight to the circle of hell that includes many, many cats doing terrible things to her.

    As far as Marlo’s broken teeth go… Yeah, sand ‘em down until it makes a real difference. I knocked out my two front teeth when I was about 4 years old; I think they came back by the time I was 7 or so, maybe 8. It was thrilling when they did, let me tell you.