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My therapist will have a field day

I always promise that I’m not going to do this, but then the dream is either so amazing or absurd that I can’t help myself and here I go again. I’m going to write about a dream I had. WAIT! STOP! Before you hang up on me, trust me that this one is totally worth [...]

Sir Charles, silently suffering

Him: I’ve had bowel movements more refined than that dog. Her: AHHEEEELLLLLGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLHHHHHH!

The secret lives of hoarders

This is a Martha Stewart Living from 1999. Up until about three months ago I had stacks and stacks of every magazine I have ever bought or subscribed to, thinking, one day I’m going to need to look through these for inspiration! ONE DAY! And then Tyrant threatened to start throwing them away willy nilly [...]