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Bah-pheeewwwwwww! No that wasn’t a sneeze. It was more of a sigh, a straight-bodied falling over into the bed only to hear the frame crack underneath the jolt. And then two nights later Jon’s all, seriously? We’re finally alone and it sounds like grandma is knitting next to the bed in a rusty rocking chair. [...]

Happy roaster

From now on, whenever I go through a rough period and think I’m not going to see light at the other side, I’m going to pull up this picture and say to myself, “Here comes the sun.”

22 seconds of joy

The puppy. He is confused by the escalator.

The moving child

She who will not be contained. I don’t know where this kid came from, and the difference between her and her sister is kicking our butts. She can crawl up the slide and will occasionally try to throw herself out of the side of this thing, head first. We keep saying to each other, I [...]