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I’m doing a ton of traveling in the next couple of weeks, so this scene will be quite familiar to me in the next little bit. I like how this photo feels a bit nostalgic, because that’s what I’m always going through before the plane takes off, all the sarcastic NO NO NO NO! rants [...]

Danger ahead

We have a giant range in the kitchen that we inherited from the previous owner whose controls are situated such that all Marlo would have to do is wiggle this one over here, and that one over there, and suddenly globe manufacturers are scrambling to remove Utah from their next installments. Does that frighten you? [...]

This morning

Time to count our blessings: it’s not a tornado. It’s not an earthquake. It’s not a tsunami. It’s not a volcano. It’s not a hurricane. It’s not a mudslide. It’s not a monsoon. I think that’s plenty.

No smoking!

Maybe I should have told him I bought it only for decoration.

Announcing: Groups!

Big announcement today about the Community, and before I get there I have to give full credit and major applause to Jon for getting this new feature up and running (Ben Brown didn’t do so bad either). He’s been working his (very toned and round, now that he’s been exercising regularly) butt off for months [...]

People are Awesome

That’s the title of this video, but I think a better one would be Crazy People are Awesome. This captures the thrill and glory of fearless (and crazy) human beings. Love it.

Running some spreadsheets

Oh man, Chuck. You better hope Tyrant doesn’t find out about this. Do you think his nickname is Tyrant for giggles? There are rumors that he stabbed his own sister. WITH A PITCHFORK. Well, not rumors, really. He told us the story at lunch. And she did live. And they still talk on the phone. [...]


A violent snow/wind/sleet storm ripped through Salt Lake last night, and the plans I had today to go out and take some shots of the remaining yellow and red trees was almost squashed along with it. But I saw this one on the way home from dropping Leta off at school. I can’t believe it [...]

The audible eye roll

Yesterday Leta had a play date, and while she and her friend were snacking in the kitchen I was in an adjacent room sorting through some mail. I heard them start to tell each other knock knock jokes, the ones that have been passed down for generations, like the one about the banana, and then [...]

Tis the season