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What a lot of rest and feeling better and having a mouth not covered in sores can do for your mood! And the bank account! Because mommy and daddy don’t have to buy so much bourbon!

And the nightmares return

So the weird and annoying and “makes Heather burst up and out of bed with an obscenity” dreams are back with Cymbalta. I had these types of dreams when I was on Zoloft, but rarely when on Prozac. In fact, on Zoloft I was convinced one night that a tarantula had dropped out of the [...]

I see what you did there

If you haven’t seen this yet, Jezebel has collected a comprehensive gallery of animated gifs, and when I scrolled through that page yesterday Jon had to ask me to stop, please leave the room and compose myself. I was crying, you guys. My favorites: Do not want (emphatic) Internet reading expression We’re listening WTF But [...]

Oh yes, I did

Every woman should have her very own tampon courier. What?

Tyrant LaCaze

Tyrant is half Mexican, half French, one hundred percent PURE AWESOME. At least when he’s not hiding behind doors with the intention of jumping out and giving me a heart attack. IT’S NOT FUNNY.

Wherein I answer a frequently asked question

So, hey! How about some oversharing! No? Too bad! You’ve come to the wrong website! That is, unless you were searching for “antidepressant” and “sex drive.” Then, welcome! Hey-ohhh! I get this question a lot, actually. Usually it goes like this: “So, yeah, I hope this isn’t too personal, and I totally understand if you [...]

Although the puppies would be adorable

I leave you two alone for a second and things get kinky THAT IS SO GROSS.

Crabapple tree

Seriously. A crabapple. They’re like the appendix of fruit, am I right? No known function other than to screw with you.

Oh, I forgot mullet-headed

Yesterday Marlo turned sixteen months old. If I were still writing monthly newsletters this one would have gone like this: Dear Marlo, Yesterday you turned sixteen months old, you evil, ringwormed, pock-faced, canker-sored, chipped-toothed, screaming contagium. Love, Mama P.S. You light up our lives.

Three and a Half Seconds About Life

This is a short animation by Eran Hilleli, a designer from Israel. I couldn’t stop laughing, but then I experienced a profound sense of loss. Pretty amazing for a fifty-five second video.