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Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon

This is another black and white piece I found while searching for art for the office, and it’s from The BIG Harumph Etsy shop which is full of super cool prints, and I’m not just saying that because this is a Radiohead reference and they are my favorite band. Although that does help.


Right before landing in cloud-covered Salt Lake. A week later, this conversation: Leta: “Mom, the guy on the news keeps talking about Salt Lake.” Me: “Okay.” Leta: “Well… I keep getting confused. I mean, I always think he’s talking about Salt Lake City.” Me: “He is. sometimes people drop the City part, and they are [...]

This one was written on adrenaline

Monday morning when I met my trainer at the gym she pointed at my face and asked what had happened to my right cheek, right there under my eye. I explained that my whole face sort of swells when I cry, and I had cried myself to sleep so fiercely the night before that when [...]

Walking on sunshine

You guys, the Zoloft is working! His recent poetry is about flowers!

Self-portrait in gray

I took this while in DC because, one, I wasn’t in my work out clothes like I am 98% of my life, and two, I wanted to show my eyebrow waxer that sometimes I’m actually capable of maintaining them in between waxes, let’s please forget about that one time I accidentally trimmed one into a [...]

Butt. Kicked.

I’M ALIVE! ALIVE! I was doubtful that I was going to be able to say that yesterday afternoon after watching Marlo alone for four straight days, and then last night… oh god. I wouldn’t describe what I did as sobbing because that word doesn’t pack enough punch. Is there a level of crying that comes [...]

Constellation City

This is an original ink pen drawing that I bought from the Sometimes I Swirl Etsy shop. I was searching for black and white art and had the good fortune of stumbling on her shop. The whimsy in this print fits the the mood of the office perfectly, all sort of topsy turvy but still [...]

An explanation, perhaps

Ringworm: unlike her sister, Bobo enjoys playing in the dirt. And mud. And what is that over there? A precipice? Overlooking an ocean of feces? She calls shotgun!

Day two of solo parenting

My friend Cami came to the rescue this morning just in time. I’d been awake with the baby since 5 AM, and already Marlo had tried to stick her head in the toilet. Twice. I guess maybe she thought that would take away her misery? Because nothing I do seems to soothe her, and she [...]

Along F Street

I purposefully matched my shoes to the flowers along the sidewalk in DC. It’s called patriotism, people.