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Reagan International Airport as seen from my phone. Right after some woman shoved me out of the way and said, “Ugh, excuse me, I’m a Medallion Member.” Oh, really? Do all of you “members” need one up the pooper?

On parenthood, and why you should rethink it

I returned home late last night from DC only to wake up this morning to one horrifically sick baby. Chipped-tooth, ringwormed baby Bobo now has a mouth and tongue covered in giant white canker sores. ATTENTION UNIVERSE: when I write about Marlo’s ailments I’m not asking you to give me more content. We clear? Also, [...]

Got it.

I guess a gallon of milk is not as canine-boner-inducing as a light bulb remover. The learning here just doesn’t stop.

Night birds

This is the wall decal in my photography nook in the office, something Tyrant sees whenever he exits his office. Like I said in the final video, I don’t think he’s ever driven above this speed limit, so ladies, don’t be calling him if you’re in labor. You’d have that baby in the driveway.

Pennsylvania Ave

Yesterday I got to attend a conference at the White House (I’ll be writing more about that later), but because I always arrive early wherever I go I got to take some shots while standing in the cold. The wet cold that curled my hair and reminded me of getting up at 4:30 AM every [...]

A tribute to Uncle Doug

Several weeks ago when Marlo caught the cold that had already afflicted everyone else in the family, we were constantly chasing her around with a wipe to clean up her face before she rubbed it on a piece of furniture. Or on my shirt. Or — and I’m not kidding about this — on Chuck’s [...]

Hedgehog print coasters

I have featured this shop’s work before, but I couldn’t resist these hedgehog coasters for the office which fit perfectly into its color scheme. And of course I’m a sucker for hedgehogs. Done and done. Now if I could just train Jon to remember to use them.

Flying over

I have no idea what part of the country this is, somewhere between Utah and Washington, DC. From now on every time I step into a bit of shadow created by a cloud I’ll wonder what it looks like up on top.

From the deepest part of my heart where all the burps come from

Untitled (I told my therapist about you) by Mike Monteiro from 20×200, hanging on the wall in our meeting area. Yesterday marked the end of our partnership with Verizon, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for taking what some would consider to be a huge risk in working with us [...]

Limited edition camera drawings

While brainstorming design ideas for the office I decided to collect several pieces of black and white art to scatter throughout the room. I found this set of vintage camera drawings from Christine Berrie’s Etsy shop. Perfect for one of the walls in the meeting area because Jon has at one time or another either [...]