• KMGill

    Isn’t Coco begging Jon to dance again?

  • dezignr93

    “but I like the evil child. Can I eat her poop too?
    he he

  • lisame

    Coco is super disappointed in Chuck for his evil plan. She loves the new human especially the part about her carrying her poop in bags attached to her bum! Oh, and the dropping of food is just a plus.

  • Kristina

    I’m not sure what Coco is trying to say, but you can be sure it’s E V I L eeeeeeeeevvvvviiiiillllll!

    Thanks you and to Xbox for giving us a second chance!

  • greenkat

    Coco is dictating her science fiction book.

  • MCD525


  • GenXGirl

    Coco is thinking “SQUIRREL!” or maybe “LITTEL SQUEE!”

  • rhonda

    Dude, if we are nicer to the small humans, we might get more treats!

  • spaina

    HA! this video cracked me up.. I think when Chuck says, it must be done, and Coco let’s out a long squeal, making a face like, what have I committed to, I think she’s like, noooooo! as she realizes how much she’ll miss Marlo!

  • ohpeachy

    “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”

  • rocknrobn

    I’m pretty sure Coco is R2D2 and Chuck is C3PO, and I never had any idea what R2D2 was saying.

  • dirksgirlsmama

    Coco is saying “man, I thought times were tough during the postpartum years, now I gotta deal with Chuck and his crazy obsession with the one person in this house who listens less often than me?!”

  • ronnagail

    I think she’s wondering why Chuck’s farts sound like a squeaky balloon.

  • ozonelayer

    Coco wants her own Calender

  • Jhianna

    I think she was just repeating “hello! What are you doing in that box?”

  • Wendy Hill

    Coco is saying how she is the one who convinced Marlo to come over to the dark side!!

  • ekaty84

    I would have to guess that she is wondering if everyone has caught on to her master plan. She is actually a genius and will one day take over the world!

  • queenofthesnot

    “Must. Always. Be. On. High. Alert. Wait, did you hear that? I think I heard one of those small things dropped something…might be something delicious”

    PS Thanks for having another giveaway, Microsoft and Dooce!

  • Sara Carling

    I know it’s not original, but I’m almost certain that she’s talking about how Tyrant has been in cahoots with the evil squirrels. And Marlo is their leader.

  • SnoozeIn

    Still camera shots 24/7, and now Xbox live video streaming…are you NUTS Chuck? No plan, no way, no how, especially now! Tis the Season for decking the halls…with poop and perhaps with a little vomit too {{tailwags}}.

  • Mommy 2 Bears

    Seriously? Do I sound like that? I thought that was just a squeaky toy you’ve been playing with.

  • ashhioli

    definitely trying to get out of mormon country! haha

  • MT Farm Girl

    “My name is Coco, hear me ROAAARRR.”

  • ropnmom

    Coco is disagreeing with Chuck. Marlo is the only one who tolerates her. Maybe Marlo and Coco are in cahoots, planing to take over the house, and Coco is pretending to go along with Chuck to gain his trust!

  • Jashley05

    “Español, por favor?” Cooommmme on xBox!!

  • margiestroman

    “I would certainly do what you are asking if I only knew what you are saying. Nope, still don’t understand, sorry!”

  • kellkell

    Coco said she knows where Bin Laden is! Just ask her.

  • mommyoffour

    “Sure, I may LOOK stupid, and ACT stupid, but YOU’RE the one with issues, Chuck.”

  • jewels421

    She’s wondering why Chuck needs her help to destroy the humans…

  • LuluBerlu

    I am cracking up at everyone else’s comments here.

    Coco reminds me of the dog from Up: “I will stop the child! Stop you child!”

  • leanat

    They have a definite evil C3PO and R2D2 thing going on…

  • katiebellybee

    My brain TINGLES! I like it. Let’s get the ECT machine out!

  • Awesome Sarah

    Coco says “Can’t we just gets an ice cream instead? OMG SQUIRREL! Nevermind – was just a furball. What were we talking about?”

    She also says “giiiive saaaraaah the xbox kineeectttt”

  • angelle321

    She definitely sounds like she’s arguing in favor of Marlo’s survival. Or trying to call in an army of ants. I can’t tell, really.

  • Donna Pilato

    Coco is just pleading to go outside to relieve herself. She saying “stop the plotting Chuck and focus on the important things like getting the back door open.”

  • MollyCT

    She’s got dirt on some nasty emails the Congressman Chucklesworth sent to a former page. Hence the need to muddle her audio. Tsk Tsk!

  • Jashley05

    Probably thinking about food or poop. They are interchangeable…

  • LooseSeal

    It’s pretty clear that you’re right. Coco loves poop. And that’s pretty much all she can talk about.

  • poptart66

    Coco is informing you that she is an alien from a far away planet where eating your own fecal matter is a sign of genius and high honor and once she can get you to understand that, the mother ship will reveal it’s universal knowledge to you and you will then rule the world. Ahahahahaha…

  • blackstonestudio

    “What’chu talkin’ about, Willis?”

  • slapper

    Coco’s voice made me twitch uncontrollably here at work.

  • hpaulus

    Umm, she is probably talking about Patty Cake.

  • whitney.m

    most likely something like, “Bacon!?”

  • Louw

    Why oh why can’t they just give me something to herd….??? Anything….a frickin squirrel…Marlo..that elusive bobcat…

  • djgonzales

    Coco was pretty much telling Chuck to stuff it. She likes Marlo because they are so much alike.

  • skyabove

    “Chuck, when shall we tell the humans that our plot is working perfectly? First internet fame and then total world domination!”

  • jzamoyta

    She is obviously quoting Lisa from “My Cousin Vinny”:
    “Support, is that what you want?…ooh, you’re a smooth talker, you are, you are!”

  • marlynne

    I can’t make out exactly what she is saying, her earpiece is kicking back some wicked feedback.

    Thanks Heather and Jon!

  • willaminafrancisco

    Poop for sure.

  • sjnorton

    Coco would not dream of carrying out Chuck’s plan. It was so clear!