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The dooce® 2010 Camera Giveaway

Today is super super exciting, and it’s not just because I’m not on my period! (But phew anyway, am I right?) Today is the start of a contest that we are hosting, something we’ve wanted to do for a while and have been able to time it so that it coincides with the holiday season. [...]

Lost in translation

Over the weekend I was watching an episode of House Hunters International where a family was moving from the Midwest to Paris. While touring the second floor of a house in the Paris suburbs, the mother pointed out to the realtor that there were no screens or any safety devices on the windows, how was [...]


If I get *THIS* close to the camera, will you give me a treat?

View from a bath

Although it has already snowed a couple of times this year, it’s been unseasonably warm for the usual Utah autumn. Consequently, most of our trees are just now dropping their leaves. This is the tree outside the master bathroom, and I won’t lie: this makes me like this season just the tiniest bit. TINY BIT. [...]


Here the Star Wars trilogy is rendered entirely in paper (significantly condensed, obviously), and paired with the music the result is somewhat heart wrenching. I won’t say I prefer this to the original lest my husband threaten divorce, but it’s still a great little piece of art. Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on [...]


Marlo’s adoration of the dogs is almost as passionate as Leta’s hatred of them. She’s particularly fond of Coco (all dogs are called Coco) and will often drape her blankets over her back and climb on top of her like a horse when she’s lying down. Marlo is light enough now that we allow this [...]

Denver skyline

I posted this yesterday to Flickr, but I wanted to bring it over here because it’s one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken. And I did it with my phone yesterday afternoon in my hotel room. To me it looks like an illustration or a painting, and I was able to accomplish this effect [...]

dooce® Shutterfly Camera Giveaway – 2010

Official Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. 1. Eligibility: dooce® Shutterfly Camera Giveaway (the “Contest”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time [...]

Turns out you guys know what you’re talking about

Excuse me for a second while I cover my mouth, run to the trash and puke. No, this isn’t about politics ALTHOUGH YOU WERE ABOUT TO SLAP ME, WEREN’T YOU? Ha ha! Tricked ya! See! I can be unpredictable! Although I’ve already capitalized nine words in this paragraph, so I guess I still have a [...]

Peep-Toe Platform Booties

My eyebrow waxer’s salon is right next door to Kohl’s, and having never stepped inside a Kohl’s I didn’t know what to expect when I went in this morning to see if I could find some new shoes for my upcoming trips. HOLY HIGH HEELS. The Simply Vera Wang collection is unreal, and these platform [...]