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Cherry blossoms

Spring has yet to arrive in Utah, but it’s in full swing in DC. I’m thinking these may be an inspiration for my next masthead.

My favorite spot in DC

I took a three hour walk around town yesterday, ultimately ending up here at the Lincoln Memorial. I’ve been to this monument three or four times, and whenever I visit DC I always end up here at some point. It feels like church, in a good way.

Mrs. Armstrong goes to Washington

So I get a call yesterday at about 11AM and the guy is all WHITE HOUSE! ARE YOU INTERESTED?! And as much as I would like to tell you that he had a New Jersey accent, sadly, I can’t. He didn’t. How incredible would that have been, though? The guy that calls from the White [...]


Not sure he’s going to get a treat for this. And if not he will lodge a complaint that he is not getting compensated for all his hard work.

Early morning troubleshooting

Marlo likes to help Jon when he wakes up to find that our Internet connection is not working. You won’t be surprised to hear that she’s not very gracious when it comes to dealing with customer service representatives.

Featured community question with accompanying sappy ending

Today’s featured question comes from user kebhome: If ever there was a question with so many possible answers from one person depending on what stage of life she’s in. As a kid: “How many days until Christmas?” As a teenager: “Please let today be a good hair day, please let today be a good hair [...]

Squirrel!! Fire!! Treat!!

And still, Chuck remains as still as a statue. And is thinking, my God, I cannot believe they ever brought that bitch home.

Her Screamness Who Screams A Lot And Won’t Shut Up With The Screaming

I’m surprised the neighbor’s haven’t called the police because of all the raucous shrieking going on over here. This kid will not shut her mouth, it is just one constant string of consonants and then a giant vowel of discontent. Jon and I are constantly going, “SHUSH!” as if she has any idea what we’re [...]

Seeing red

My eighteen-year-old niece Mariah helps us with Marlo several hours a week so that we can run this here Internet Website Blog Thing, and early on we had to make a few adjustments to our day: Scene: the lunch table. Picture: two extraordinarily liberal former Mormons who have had a hard time letting go of [...]


Surprisingly, our house is still standing and no one was burned alive. Just in case you don’t believe he did this all by himself because of the crop of the photo (I chose this one because I thought it was the most interesting), you can see him doing it here.