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Lantern salt and pepper shakers

While on our brief visit to LA a couple of weeks ago we stopped into the Jonathan Adler store on Melrose to poke around a bit, and I’ll admit it, Jon had to physically drag me out of there. And I did not go willingly. I was not going to leave that store without taking [...]

This is mommyblogging

Yesterday was a nerve-wracking, twisting, twirling, everyone walking around with an accidental mohawk kind of a day in our house as we waited to see what would happen with health care reform. Now, before I go any further, this is not going to be a rant or an attempt to shove my liberal agenda down [...]

Letter to the editor

Phew! I thought she might bring up all those times I talked about her screaming, and then end it with UNFOLLOW!

For Cuple

Yesterday my beloved Grandmother Cuple Warren died. She was my stepmother’s mother and had been suffering for some time. Any prayers you could send my stepmother’s way would be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow is the funeral, so that conversation about death I’d been trying to avoid with Leta is imminent.

No place like home

I pull out of the parking lot at Leta’s school, take a right and settle in behind a line of cars in front of me. Leta calls out from the back seat, “Mom, am I going to live in Salt Lake City when I’m older?” I find it profound and am a little relieved that [...]

Getting the Advil ready

Chuck is already getting ready for our Twitter party tonight for the season premiere of “Tough as Nails” on HGTV at 9:30PM Eastern Time. This time I think we’re going to get us some pork rinds and Twinkies.

The New Masthead Archive

Jon recently did some upgrades to the code of the website, and for the first time in several years we now have a functioning archive of all the mastheads I’ve ever designed. (You can also get there through the MASTHEADS tab at the top of the page.) It goes all the way back to the [...]

Stitched modern furniture card

Jeni Shirley of Stitched sent me this from her collection knowing that it would knock me over. I just… it’s just… the levels of awesome… I mean, there are like hundreds of stitches going on here. And these lamps… it’s just… I want to live inside this card. Something so small brought me so much [...]

Nine months

What used to be our gentle, quiet nymph has quickly turned into a growly, screaming, yelling turdball. This kid is feisty. And if you leave the room without her permission she will stiffen her entire body and SCRAH-HEEEEM as if the house is on fire. She’s just shy of learning how to crawl, and I [...]

Just another beautiful day

So last week we took a quick trip to LA to get some business done, and I know that sounds vague, come on, what is up? It’s not something I can talk about just yet, although we did tell Leta that we were going to see the leprechauns. And we were going to ask them [...]