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Marlo crawls for the first time

I ended up luring her with a broken Cinderella phone (you can see me hand it to Leta at the end and she’s all, “Marlo who? Daddy, It’s not working!”), and you might want turn down your speakers, I get a little giddy. So thankful my two oldest nieces could be there with us to [...]

Stick Wars

It’s a lot like Star Wars, but there’s more snow. And here Coco is playing Jar Jar Binks.

For this I will forgive her for not taking that second nap yesterday

After waking up to eight inches of snow on the ground

Jon: This had better be the last storm of the season, so help me God. Me: Did you really just say that out loud? Way to tempt the Universe, JON. Jon: Heather, it’s all about creating the outcome we want by putting the right energy out there. You watch Oprah. You know this. That’s what [...]


If I’m wrong, go ahead and email me, but I think this is a blooming Magnolia tree right outside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in DC. Something about the way these gorgeous pink blooms are juxtaposed against the scaffolding in the background makes me think of the way my mom must feel when she reads [...]

Snuggle before naptime

And now she’s in her crib, having learned how to sit up from a lying down position, and she’s just sitting there in the dark sucking her thumb… now she’s trying to stick her head through the bars of the crib… oh, and now the crying begins. We have a video monitor which is how [...]

DC, part one

I arrived last Monday evening into DC at about midnight, and when I opened the door to my room at the W Hotel I should have headed straight to bed. Instead, I spent an hour in the tub, a giant marble-topped wonder, and gnawed every one of my fingernails down to my knuckles. I could [...]

In his old age

Chuck turned eight years old last month. We don’t know the exact date, but the years are starting to show.

NOT cherry blossoms

No. That’s snow. I returned to a foot of it on Thursday, and then there was more this weekend, and it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. Leta is far more frustrated than even I am about this, because IT’S SPRING, MOM. I WANT TO RIDE MY BIKE OUTSIDE. I agree with you, Leta. Maybe if [...]

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