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Caption this…

Coco wants.

I could totally do this

Can you even believe this? Like, how is this even possible? The whole time I was watching this, and it went on and on, I kept waiting for his spine to snap or for a ligament to just explode right out of his arm. Unreal. And very, very hot.


As I’ve mentioned before, Marlo will eat anything. And apparently when she was with my mother one night last week she ate an entire piece of pizza. Leta didn’t do that until… oh wait. NEVER. This has led to some really awful, horrifying, no one should ever have to live through something like this diaper [...]


Last night Jon and I saw Cirque Du Soleil, Alegría, and I wrote about how incredibly inspiring it was over at the HGTV blog. We got photo passes, and we never thought we’d get as many good photos as we did. This morning when we pulled them off the card onto the computer we were [...]


Warning! Ferocious leopard so uninterested in whatever the hell you’re doing that it has remained in this burrito bed for more than four hours. I get the feeling that if anyone ever broke into this house, he’d be all, “Why should I get up? I didn’t pay for any of this stuff.”

Featured community question that my father should just go ahead and skip

Today’s featured question comes yet again from user Brookelyn Bridge, mainly because it is so timely for me: I’ve mentioned my friend Kate before (and no, this is not going to be a post about my lesbian fantasies, I gave those up when I realized that I really, really like penises), and she has this [...]

All about the Lamanites

For Christmas my mom got all the grandkids a copy of The Book of Mormon with their name on it. And since she didn’t want Leta or Marlo to feel left out, they got one, too. This doesn’t bother me, and I’ve said this before, if either one of my kids wants to go to [...]


Marlo likes to hang out along the railing by the stairs. Because she likes danger. Leta, however, avoids danger as if it were covered in broccoli. And so she’s very good about watching her little sister. And screaming UGH! SOMEONE STOP HER!

Because I care

Yesterday as I was cleaning the kitchen I realized that in the process of raising two kids I’ve learned some really valuable shortcuts when it comes to getting through the day. And that I’ve been keeping these delicious little nougats of wisdom from you. On purpose. To make you suffer. That’s why you come here, [...]

Much needed inspiration

Back in January I had the pleasure of meeting Maxwell Gillinham-Ryan in person, he who created Apartment Therapy. I hosted a panel where he got to speak about his business, and it was one of those moments that transforms the way you think about things, he was just that powerful and insightful. This Big Book [...]