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2011 in words and photos

Last year when I put together this post I hoped that we could all strive for fewer injuries in 2011. Yeah, I said that. It’s right there in sans serif shrugging its shoulders at the insane amount of money I’ve paid orthopedic surgeons in the last couple of months. Obviously, I’m not going to mention [...]

Finish line

Yes, this is totally heavy-handed and edited so as to tug uncomfortably at your heart. But two things: 1) I’m headed to San Francisco to celebrate the new year, and some of these shots make me feel like I’m headed home. 2) The scene where the girl is struggling sums up so much of the [...]


She may be unhinged, but Coco is one loyal bitch. She keeps track of me, is always underfoot and can be seen here by the side of my desk most of the day. I’ve really valued this companionship lately, and oh my god this is just a picture of a damn dog and I’m going [...]


Whenever I’m on a plane preparing to land at SLC, I love to look out and see how much the horizon looks so much more like a painting than reality. This topography owns so much of my soul.

Miss B.

This morning I returned to the gym after the long weekend to meet with my trainer, a 5’4” muscular fireball who rescues Pit Bulls and routinely snacks on small children. As much as she is an authority on fitness, she abhors the whole notion of authority and will double in size when confronted with rules [...]

Bo Peep

Done lost his sheep because he was busy writing haikus in the basement.


Cami got engaged on Christmas morning to her boyfriend of almost two years. They found this moonstone ring at an antique shop, a one of a kind made in India. And it is so very Cami. I couldn’t be happier for both of them (I heartily approve of this man), and I am so glad [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- The Year in volcanic activity. – Kim Jong-Il looking at things. – Things I never want to do before I die. Live alone in a huge mansion with only my life-size Victorian doll collection to comfort me. – Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 – Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling – A [...]


That’s Marlo’s puppy Chuck’s got tucked under his chin. If she witnessed this her reaction would be, “So sweet!” If this were Leta’s puppy and she saw this, all of her limbs would fall off and her face would melt.


Sometimes a wipe after breakfast isn’t enough to handle her cereal art. And god help us when she has waffles with syrup. She’s been studying Pollock.