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Mexico, part three

So as not to make you wait any longer, the winner of the dooce® Tenth Anniversary $1,000 Cash Card is comment number 1499, user dfunkmcgunk. You’ll be notified via email very shortly with all the details, including perhaps a suggestion for a nickname for your son. If you read her comment she says she calls [...]

Raving lunatic

When someone comes to my website, reads a single paragraph and walks away shaking his head and mumbling what a raving lunatic, I consider it a job well done. Today was a good day at work!


This is when you start throwing tomatoes at my head.

Bootylicious Since 1742

The other day I was in spin class getting my butt kicked when the riff from the Stevie Nicks song “Edge of Seventeen” started playing on the instructor’s playlist. And I was like, AWWWWW YEAH, MY BODY’S TOO BOOTYLICIOUS FOR YA BABE! Except, it wasn’t Destiny’s Child. It was the actual Stevie Nicks song, and [...]

Milestone: pigtails!

Most days she looks like a miniature Donald Trump or maybe Matthew McConaughey after a particularly bad bender, but her hair is finally long enough that we can put it in pigtails. This is a lot more fun than it is cool to admit, but I see her with her hair like this and I [...]

The beginning of a smile

This guy nodded fiercely when I held up my camera and motioned that I’d like to take his photo. But when I raised my camera to my face he immediately got coy. I like that you can see the tiniest beginning of a smile behind his fingers, yet his eyes are so serious. It says [...]

The Study

There is a program in the LDS religion known as “home teaching” (for men) and “visiting teaching” (for women). Basically you and a companion are assigned families to visit or check up on once a month. It keeps the community strong, enables everyone to help everyone else, and is an absolute pain in the ass. [...]

A menacing growth

A good dose of ointment should take care of this.

Los amantes

Every day should end exactly like this.

Yes, this is a post about Radiohead, you cannot possibly be surprised

Last Friday Radiohead released a new album called The King of Limbs. And oh, I know, you think Radiohead is overrated, what’s the big deal, blahblahblah. So is sex with monkeys. But I’m not going to judge anyone’s hobbies. INDULGE ME FOR A SECOND. Because they happen to mean a great deal to me, and [...]