• genoendicott

    I want to go to there.

  • mamatabea

    awesome pictures…glad you had a chance to get away ;)

  • Jillsy

    OH MY GOD! I love the pictures you took – the colors are so vibrant. It’s almost like being there except I’m freezing my ass off in Minnesota. I MUST GO THERE NNNOOOOWWWW!

  • maggie17

    I lived there for two and a half years. Of course, once I move away, you visit. Your photos captured the spirit of Isla really well. I hope you had a peaceful time.

  • rissakae

    We spent Christmas on Isla just over a year ago. Loved it. Seeing your photos has me itching to go back! Can’t wait to see more!

  • RudeAwakening

    I’m afraid to go back to Mexico right now but your pictures are really making me want to. So jealous.

  • k8e

    i hope you ate at Mango Cafe.. SOOOO delicious, and the owners are so friendly. I wanted to eat every meal there!


  • groan.yes

    Hey! Did I inspire you at all with my submission to your photobook competition?! Isn’t Isla Mujeres beautiful?

  • bucklesbobo

    Awesome! Went to Isla Mujeres back in 2007 and had a blast… plenty of cats and found a dog lounging around at a bar (laying ON the bar to be precise!)

    Did you see this dog by any chance?

    Isla Mujeres Bar Dog

  • Sylva Leining

    I’ve been to Isla Mujeres, but it rained the whole time I was there. Such a bummer. Glad you had sun…it actually looks like I place I would like to go back to.

  • Katie Kat

    I think we get to hate you a little bit for posting pictures of your Mexican vacation while we’re sitting here in the aftermath of SNOWTASROPHE 2011. But, since you included cats in the pictures, I shall refrain. :P

  • Melody C

    There is a Mexico, Maine. Just so you know. And that’s definitely not where you would to be in January!!


  • okellyo

    I’m with Janbo. Isla is one of my favorite places in the world; heading there in April. If it’s crazy crowded with tourists I’ll know why. (But glad you had a great time there!)

  • kimb

    We’ve been going to Isla Mujeres for about 12 years now. Great place, isn’t it? Did you stay, by any chance, at the Cabanas Maria Del Mar, or did you just take a photo as you went to the beach? Glad you liked it so much and maybe we’ll see you there one of these winters…

  • BillinDC

    Oh! Kitty!!!

    Whenever I’m confronted by men in uniform in other countries I suddenly find I speak no English (I have a note that suggests my native language is Hungarian – and a note is good because it also mentions I’m deaf…and mute and – depending on the country – suggests I’m a gay man (which I am) and am attracted to men in uniforms).

    If none of that works, I ask if they’ve found Jesus.

  • cariding1

    I’ve been reading your blog for 5 years now but this post actually made me register so I could comment on this! My husband and I went to Isla Mujures on a whim when we had been dating for a year. To this day it is the best trip we have ever taken. Looking at your pics bring back so many great memories. Truly amazing island that is true Mexico! On our dresser next to a wedding portrait sits a self taken photo of us driving the scooter around the island!

  • Rich

    Love Islas, I was there in 72′ and the only turtles I saw were the ones we could ride on.
    Looks like the place has grown, and that you had a Nice vacation!