• Square Peaches

    I love those poufs and the colors! We are in the beginning stages of doing our family room/basement, and we just painted the walls a very similar shade of gray — our first attempt to move away from beige, taupe, or tan! The husband and I are finding our tastes changing to a more stream-lined style — and the need for some color! We’re using the gray as a backdrop for bright red & royal blue.

    I just posted the mood board I put together on my blog today as a matter of fact. I figure this will be quite the experiment in budget decorating!

  • deepthoughts78

    Love! May I please live in your study? I just love the colors you used. I love them so much in fact that I have that yellow and gray throw pillow, and won’t let anyone touch it so they won’t “ruin” it.

    Oh, and I would have liked to see a untidy pile of mail in one of your pictures, you know just for the fun of it.

  • musickatt

    Would you please come over and decorate my house? Yours is lovely!

  • GingerPeach

    It looks lovely – even though I’m a LITTLE cross that you’re telling EVERYONE about High Street Market on Etsy. MY favorite :)

  • luv and kiwi

    you are not going to die…just yet although i did receive an alarming sign the other day that i am about to die…either that or something craptastic is about to leave my life…i’m inching towards the second choice.

    love the room…you guys have such snazzy taste. every time you post a decor piece my boyfriend cowers in a corner. “it’s time to go shopping buddy!”

  • rochelle.borne

    How do you keep those beautiful globes on the floor with Marlo around?? My 18 month old would never let those be. Ever. He would always need to be grabbing one and throwing it. As he is wont to do, throwing things.

  • dooce

    @rochelle.borne they don’t stay there very long. I found one in the bathroom trash the other day. Marlo now answers to Turd.

  • joypeters

    awesome as usual. shall i give you photo tips on how to balance the light so it doesn’t blow out the windows on your great view?

    thanks, joy

  • bigonroad

    I’m sorry, but that’s not a study until there’s enough paper strewn around that you can legitimately lose your car keys without moving anything…

  • The General

    Lovely room, and as a globe lover myself, I have to say how much I love your collection! My favorite part of the room, aside form the globes, is that painting over the fireplace.


    I love that you found a globe in the trash, I suppose the bathroom trash is better than the kitchen trash- that’s the one to watch out for!

  • bigonroad

    @joypeters oh yeh, I was gonna ask that – you said its the best view in the house… please can we see it?

  • writtendad

    “You have to be religiously worthy to continue attending BYU”

    Of course you do, because if the bishop (translation: God) doesn’t love you, you’re doomed to ignorance.

  • agirlandaboy

    My parents call it the Relief Society Room, and my aunt calls hers the Thinking Room. “I don’t go in there often,” she says.

  • smithie1996

    Is that chair for Marlo’s time outs? I loooove the room. I want to grab The Help off the shelf and curl up in that chair and not leave for hours. Tyrant can bring me a fresh drink every hour or so.

  • hdanos

    LOVE the color! It’s very “teenage girl gone serious”.

  • sarashous

    I absolutely love all the bright colors in this room balanced against the grey walls. Lovely. As usual.

  • dooce

    You guys are being so nice! This is crazy! Like the wires of the Internet took its Zoloft!

  • sarahfromthenorth

    The poofs are my favorite part, and they are a perfect launch for the rest of the room decor. I thought the molding in the playroom was original .. wow, I love it!!

    BTW .. where to you put all your mail, with only one (small) desk to put it on?

    The marble and the fireplace in general, just beautiful! What are those earth balls made of?

    Heather .. you definately have a flair for decor esp. color and texture .. way-to-go!

  • checho

    I love the room!
    I wish I had the balls to paint my lamps pink.

  • JetLime

    Very lovely and tasteful.
    I’ve finally realised what’s so interesting about your designs. They just don’t scream ‘AMERICAN!’ You’ve got a taste that’s as chic in Europe as in the States. Well, technically not Europe but the UK… so it’s just as trendy on this side of the Atlantic and it doesn’t make us cringe over here :)
    And that wasn’t meant to be a grossly general criticism of Americans I should say! I suppose the word I’m looking for is subtle. Heather, you can do subtle. Well done.

  • Fitz and the Dizzyspells

    I want those poufs! I would come over and steal them if I didn’t live thousands of miles away :)

  • glittermom

    I have SEEN those poufs at Homegoods (which is of course connected to TJ Maxx, which I am addicted to) i coveted them but do not have any place for them in my house. Other than throwing them in the living room and having my husband ask “what the hell are those” they look wonderful in your little room..makes me almost inspired enough to tackle my duck bathroom. Which has wallpaper, with cat tails and little ducks, and being wallpaper which is something I do not deal with anymore, there it sits. I keep doing other things, like new appliances, a storm door, movie theatre recliners in the basement..some day I will get to it. Until then I look at your lovely rooms and dream.

  • wakeandbake

    Those vases are IKEA?! I am all over Jonathan Adler style without the price tag. Awesome.

  • luv and kiwi

    i had no idea what a pouf was until i saw the durn picture.

  • k.wren

    I am in LOVE with the teal, pink, and gray color combination mixed with the pops of other color and all of the globes. Gorgeous room.. keep the pictures of your home design coming!

    P.S. Can there be a new tag for these kinds of posts (the ones that have so many pretty pictures of the different parts of the room)? I just want to have some way to look at all of them at once!

  • Schnauzie_Mom

    I love the wall color and molding. Gray is way under utilized in most homes! And those poufs rock. I kind of want to get a running start and just leap at them to see how cushy they are!

  • DBMcGrath

    OMG – those poufs! I must have those poufs and those globes so rock – I love them as book holders. I have a bowls of wicker balls (hehehe, balls!) that my dogs oh so very gently take a distribute around the room.

  • deannamil

    Is that what that room is for? Shoot. We thought out house had it’s own special room for the Christmas tree. Oh well. We will never figure it out.
    You should have seen our faces the day they came by for “Fast Offering”. We had barely been moved in. We assume they had no idea the other family moved out. Uhm yeah….
    Anyway the room is gorgeous!

  • paulamichele1

    I painted a room pale gray about 15 months ago (used to be a den, now in use as a dining room). I love it! highly recommend!

  • Norabloom

    I love this room, too, especially the mixture of blues and pinks.

    I am curious how you deal with your incoming mail. The room is lovely but I don’t see a lot of storage.

  • kristanhoffman

    WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE… of jealousy! Love this room. You’re making me feel so inadequate because every time I look around and want to redecorate, I’m like, “Meh, that would take too much trouble/money.”

  • Rachel_B

    It’s funny how everyone else has commented on the room decor while I am just going to say, Heather, I grew up dreading home teachers visits as well. In fact the older I got the better I was able to make sure I was never home during that time. It was always so awkward especially after we stopped going to church. It cracks me up, but I guess shouldn’t surprise me, that out in Mormon country (aka Utah) they have rooms dedicated to this. Here in the suburbs of D.C., we don’t.

    As a “recovering mormon” myself I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

  • dfrhjre356

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  • VinnyGirl

    It’s beautiful! My two favorite things…the globes and the child’s chair. BTW, just where is all the mail and packages and such?

  • CJDaily

    Heather I love the room, love the pink lamp, and LOVE that freakin chair! I want one!

    However, I am dying of curiosity to know what a home teacher does? Why do they invade your life? What do they teach you? Does every house in Utah have one of these rooms? Please enlighten us on the Mormon-ish!

  • jenwilson

    I love Love LOVE that pink lamp.

    This room is incredible. I have to say that the first thing (besides the lamp) I noticed was the carpet, as every other photo of your house you’ve posted has had hardwood. I’d call it The Soft Room too. Smart child you’ve got.

  • betsyashbrook

    Those bathroom tile comments were some of my all-time favorite blog moments from Dooce. I love “Why do you have an empty bowl on the back of your toilet??????”

    People really do bring their crazy to the internet.

    And the responses you used to write to hate mail. Remember when you used to do that? Those made me pee and cry at work, both silently.

  • OhBlahDah

    The hot pink is freaking me out. I have a matchy matchy and symmetry syndrome. I try to fight it — daily. I am working on mixing patterns and plain as part of my self-imposed successive approximation therapy.

    Love the taupe chair and pillow, love the little desk, and of course the fireplace. Okay, the aqua is also freaky. But I am sure it is 100% more lovely than most Mormon visiting rooms and 100% better than when it was full of packages.

    Not sure I could live in Utah with all the Mormon vibes.

  • tokenblogger

    The room with the best view? That would have been my home office…

    I like the no window dressings.

  • Delightful Dahlia

    The room looks gorgeous! I am especially loving the paint.

    I have those ikea vases and at 82 cents each, they were a steal:


    (I feel sheepishly stylish now…)

  • tallnoe

    I LOVE the colors. My new colors are hot pink and green. So, I LOVE it.
    Thanks for sharing. It looks like magic.

  • Agent Scully

    OK, I’ll bite and complain: can we get one photo of as much of the room as possible? I’d love to see how it ALL looks. I know you can’t get the *entire* room in a shot, but just step out in the hall and snap as much as you can.

    What? Were you expecting name calling and apocalyptic predictions? Not today, Madam.

    (Everything looks fabulous!)

  • TheScarlett

    My favorite part would be the fireplace (such restraint coupled with style) and THOSE VASES ARE IKEA???? They look expensive!

    I’m going to be disappointed if there isn’t at least a little crazy. I, too, loved your previous posts devoted to the hate mail. Your wit is rapier sharp, m’lady.

  • purplepeopleeater

    Aghhhh!!! The tile is killing my eyes! I’m going to have a seizure!!

    Oh wait, no tile? Damn.

    Seriously, it looks ravishing! The grey paint is so calming and I am in love with the painting on the fireplace.

  • pinkpig

    Oh those floor poofs are amazing. I’m always envious of people who can have dogs and solid coloured fabric in the same house. My dog would go and leave spit spots all over the blue fabric post-haste. Also – gorgeous pink on the lamps. :)

  • Amanda Patchin

    WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE…if we have to read Infinite Jest

  • SugarFreeSweetie

    Love the decor and the way the room is put together. I have one question though, How on earth do you keep things made of glass in your house… ANYWHERE? And you thought Marlo was like a boy! heh, no way my kids would leave that room alone. They are “the destroyers”

  • McDitty

    I went to a HomeGoods store for the first time about 10 days ago. Thought I’d died and gone to shopping heaven.

    To contrast that, I live in political hell, in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional district. Yes – the one that elected Michelle Bachmann. Twice.

  • Lillabilly

    Niiiiiiice accent colours. I have those small Ikea vases too – I adore the textures. Also, I think you meant Loobylu…not Looyblu! Australia misses Loobylu :(

  • neeroc

    How dare you remodel your study? And put furniture in it? And using spray paint? Don’t you know we’re all going to die? What if that clicking ball in the spray can is the last sound you hear?

    But seriously, why have I not seen that post before? THANK YOU for the laughs (although I think I would have curled up in a ball and cried if I’d gotten any of those shitty comments)

    Your room looks fantastic. It almost made me want to do something with my blank walls. But I don’t want to rush things, we’ve only been here 15 years.