• junipertree

    Jules :)

    Hubby calls me ‘Button’

  • Team_Temeneos



    since I was a baby, and I always thought it was because I was clumsy. But, when I was 15, my folks let it slip that I was, uh, unexpected.

    I was crushed, years of therapy to realize I was a happy accident.

    My family still calls me boo, my husband and 4 adopted children have the following nicknames:

    Pumpkin – red haired hubby

    Bub – she has an uncanny resemblance to the character in Whale Rider

    Boo – Looks/acts like Boo from Monsters Inc.

    Moo – Loves cows – has a stuffed one that wears rainbow earrings and coller (a rainbow bracelet) named donut that she drags everywhere. Please don’t ask me why, we live in the city, I’m not sure she’s ever seen a cow

    Bean – Pumpkin showed her the farting scene from Blazing Saddles when she was 5. The next day she started talking about that farting movie with all the beans while lining up for kindergarten. Such a proud moment.

  • elese.denis

    Not sure which nickname to choose since there have been so many. My all-time favorite though has been “Easy E the Porno Queen.” Sounds awful but it’s pretty harmless. I got this one at camp. One night I walked in on a bunch of the guy counselors on their night off and they were watching some really bad porn. I sat down and watched it for the laughs when a bunch of my friends walked in. Therefore…the nickname. 20 years later and all of my camp friends still call me Easy.

    My least favorite nickname…”Flatland.” I hated that one. Let’s just say I didn’t develop until my later years and we had to read the book with the above title in our 7th grade math class. Kids in middle school are mean!

  • SarahW

    Congrats on 10 years, Heather! :)

    An Italian co-worker and fellow motorcyclist gave me the nickname BoB, for Blonde on Bike. And my fam calls me either RahRah (the way my little brother used to pronounce my name) or SarahBarah, um.. because it rhymes and rhymes are fun?

  • veritasetamor

    My nickname is JaJa. I couldn’t say my name when I was little so I used to call myself “JaJa Poop” and thankfully the poop part was dropped but my parents still call me JaJa or Judge.

  • studies in life

    No personal nickname, although my blogging name, studies in life, came after many, many years of half-assed attempts at coming up with something witty to call my website. Eventually I just came to realize that it wasn’t about how funny or catchy it was if it was just real.

  • Shmay

    That really was a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for you. Congratulations for being able to live your dream; not many do and it’s fun to watch someones who does.

    My nick name is Shmay. Given to me by by parents when I was little. Given that my real name is Taylee and the natural nickname to come from that is Tay, dad made his own concoction. Shmay it is. Perfect.

    I have been following your blog for a long time now and love that you would do such an AWESOME giveaway. We have a little one on the way and could SO use the money :)

    Cheers to the next 10!

  • amyduong11

    My nickname is Gai which means girl in Vietnamese.

    My oldest brother is called Ti which means small. My other brother is Ti with a different pronunciation. Together, the words Ti Ti mean tiny.

    Since I was last born and the only daughter in the family, I was given the name girl. In essence it just means that we are our parents small and tiny children.

  • LynnFlynn

    You know how babies are born with hair on places where there should not be hair? I was born with hair on my ears. My siblings, who are 11+ years older than me, decided I looked like Yoda. This eventually changed to Yodie. I am not usually called by this nickname anymore, but it was my very first.

    Congrats on the ten years! I’ve been reading for 8!

  • scorpio21

    Hi Congrats on the 10 Years!!!

    As for a nickname, one of my favorite aunts called me puchu meaning “little one” in Bengali, as a little kid and the name stuck. To this day the name stuck.

  • AnneXmc

    Anna banana…. Too obvious

  • gblinda

    My best friend in elementary school called me window, I guess it’s a play on Linda…other kids called me Silo because of my last name. Neither are good and I haven’t had one since then…boring…

  • magnlya

    I got the nickname “Magnolia” in college – I’m from New England, and my friends gave me a hard time when I went to college in the south. Apparently they thought the name “Magnolia” would help me fit in better with the Southern Belles…. But it stuck, and i use it for everything.

  • MsMegan

    My mother has called me Miss (now Ms.) Peach (Peach for short) for as long as I can remember. It’s from an old comic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Peach.

    She did call me Miss Picket for awhile when I was very young – because I wet the bed. You may be too young to know about that, but it was a bit by Lily Tomlin. Her character, Edith Ann, had a doll, Miss Picket, who wet the bed.

  • lotsa98

    “Lotsa” comes from signing a letter to some friends “Love ya Lotsa, Lindsay.” Lotsa stuck from there, and ’98 was my class year in college.

  • davidthomas8779

    I’ve been Fred for 20 years since college because my best friends in college (still the same) drunkenly decided that I looked like Fred Flintstone (accurate description). Nothing like being 39 in a buddy’s wedding party and explaining to his grandmother why although my name is David, her grandson doesn’t call me anything but Fred.

  • leegirl27

    The only nickname I’ve ever had that stuck is Ambie (derivative of Amber).

  • Jzwijac

    Ok so this is weird and a little pukey. My huband calls me “numbry”. It started and him saying that I was the number one person in his life and it ended with numbry. Ok so there…our dirty little secret it out. I feel so much better….

    Happy 10 years of racking your brain for blog fodder!

  • Julaver

    The only nicknames that have ever stuck are the ones only my dad uses for me. He calls me Martha Lou Macintosh for absolutely no reason. And that’s the best reason.

  • kipstutzman

    my name is kip, so what’s my nickname?

    skip, lip, dip, trip, skippy, skipper, i could go on, but i think you get the idea. people alaways get the entertainment out of coming up with 3,000 nicknames i’ve already heard, and then always proceed to ask what my REAL name is (which yes, it is kip).

    loving your blog, as well as all the other thousands of people. thanks for continuing to blog, i always look forward to more.

  • wendybee

    For a week a couple of years ago, my nephew kept yelling this phrase and no one knew where he had gotten it from: “I’M SO MAD YOU YOU SPIDERS!” except he would say it, “Biders”. so, after quoting that phrase for a good month in dozens of contexts, we started calling each other bider, then eventually just spiders.

    “Hey spiders!”

    “Spiders!! how are you?”


  • Savvy in San Francisco

    My nickname is Lissa or Lissy. When my nephews were little they couldn’t say Melissa, so they called me Lissa. My parents started calling me Lissa and Lissy after the little ones started and it just stuck. That was 20 years ago!

  • prettybabies

    Congratulations on the anniversary. You’ve revolutionized the internet, and I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass so I win. Truly. My blog has saved my life, too, and it wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t done it first, so thanks.

    My nickname has been Mom since LOOOONG before I had kids, because I have an annoying tendency to take care of people annoyingly.

    Here’s to 10 more!

  • rbiggs

    I never really had a good nickname – My dad always called me “Rachie” in fact, at almost 40 he sometimes still does. But now with my great new last name, I do get Biggsie sometimes. Good thing I don’t get “Rachie Biggsie” That would be not so good.

    Congratulations on your big milestone. You are a highlight of everyday for me. I hope that you are celebrating in a very big way! I also hope that Tyrant is dog sitting for you.

  • jcsquared13

    The only short version of Michelle is Shelly, which I’ve always hated and therefore didn’t have a nickname until a coworker of mine started calling me Mishak (of shadrach, mishak and abednego–sp?), which then morphed into Shak-Shak which he called me all summer.

  • hollymydolly

    My nicknames are–dolly, hodgepodge and my husband calls me sugar tits. I go by dolly the most because it rhymes with my given name Holly. I go by Sugar Tits because I once coated my tits in sugar, no not really just something Mel Gibson called a cop and we thought it was hi-larious!

  • Stemarschlaw

    My nickname is, sadly, Chappy. In college my boyfriend (now husband) and I got our tattoos done at a shop and one of the artists was named Chappy. I was always ranting about how it was the worst nickname ever and therefore my ever thoughtful boyfriend (now husband) decided to make it my nickname. Despite that I still married him.

    Other nicknames I’ve had include Stu (which is short for stupid…sister’s are so nice!) and Shredder (as in the character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, given because of my last names close resemblance to that name). I’d take either of those over Chappy.

  • zflowerz

    Flower. It came about because apparently none of my student ward friends had ever met a mormon hippie so they started calling me flower child and it it got shortened to flower and stuck. I named my first daughter Flower because I loved it so much.
    Thanks for all you do for us!

  • rowek

    The only nicknames I’ve had that have stuck are “pumpkin” and “doodle”. My dad called me both of these when I was little and still slips into both from time to time.

  • missgayle319


    Uncle- Waylee
    Aunt-Gaylee Waylee (she expounded)
    Mom-Sweet Pea
    Friends-Gaylerieno, Galabay, Gayle Girl, Miss Gayle, Gayleger
    Boyfriend-Butterbean, and other nicknames that tend to nauseate to other people (babe, pumpkin, etc.)

  • rhianna

    My nickname is “Rana”… given to me by my youngest sister. She couldn’t quite pronounce the full “Rhianna”, and it stuck!

  • Camels and Chocolate

    Ten years, wow! I’m not sure I even knew what the Internet was 10 years ago! Is it weird that your cupcake display nearly made me tear up? I couldn’t adore you more and am so happy for all you and your family have accomplished from this site!

  • chi

    My grandfather gave me the nickname “chibao” because I was his youngest grandchild. “Bao” is a term on endearment in Mandarin. When I am visiting Taiwan, I know that anyone who calls me by that nickname, knew my grandfather.

  • LKG

    Frog, because I jumped around a lot when I was little.

  • SusanA

    Well, my mamma calls me Susie, but she’s the only one I allow to do that. Probably my favorite one is what an old friend from high school calls me. It’s “Jesus” but pronounced the Spanish way. Because, if you say “Hey, Sue,” it kind of sounds like “Jesus” … in Spanish. Oh, nevermind. You’d have to be there. There’s also religious gesturing and bowing involved. Yeah.

  • townsete

    As a teenager, my nickname was “Gadget” due to my long, gangly arms and legs…in reference to Inspector Gadget’s “go-go Gadget legs!”

    Now, most people call me “TT”, which is what my niece nicknamed me when she was young.

  • Raicha

    I don’t really have a nickname now, but for a little while in high school one friend called me Shamu. She was calling my last name to get my attention and halfway through tried to switch to my first which came out as Shamy, and that somehow morphed into Shamu. Luckily it didn’t stick!

  • Lsmom

    My mom calls me Goose and my husband keeps threatening to call me that too.

  • bardellisgirl

    I had to read that again just to be sure I wasn’t reading things. LOL.

    My nickname from my Mom is Tinarae, now that she is no longer here, it means alot to me.

    My hubby calls me wifey poo.

    My daughter who is three, calls me Me Me Momma home, your wifey poo, momma.

    We call my daughter Tillie (short for matilda), TillieRae, Tornado, T, Tmoney, Tbones, boop, and Angel Face.

  • cvthayer

    My maiden name was Viehe – pronounced like the letter “V”. People were always mispronouncing it, so my friends would call me “Vee-Ah-Heeeeey” dragging out the “Hey” like you’re from the South.

  • kristinkaminski

    My nickname started in 5th grade. Everyone called me crusty just because it was funny and went with “kristi”. Then it stuck all through the U of U because people always said I had such a miserable crusty personality….and then after the U, I hated my waitressing job at the Rio Grande Cafe (but LOVED the enchiladas, boy!) and the customers said I was crusty too. You get the picture.

  • Jen Alien-Spouse

    The “Jen Alien-Spouse” name came from a repeated phrase on the immigration paperwork coupled with the hyphen in my surname.

    However that is my screenname, and I do also have a nickname. When I worked in a bookshop there were three Jennifers, so over time we all were given nicknames to help differentiate between us. These were given to us by the lovely Grant in the store room, and were based on rhyming slang.
    My name became “Jenny, Jenny, Frank McAvenny of Westhamia”, or, more usually, Frank.

  • blackmoss

    When I was a teenager, newly smoking pot, my friends laughed that I could never take more than two hits before I was blitzed. They had obviously been smoking too much ganja themselves to remember their seventh-grade Spanish lessons because they started calling me “mas y dos,” thinking it meant “more than two” but obviously it means “more and two.” Nevertheless, the nickname stuck, “mas y dos” became “mossie dos” and then just “mossie” and “moss” and these days, twenty years later, I’m thinking “masi” may be the next incarnation. Why have a nickname unless you let (or make) it evolve?

  • SweetCaroline811

    Well, in high school my name was giggles because when prompted at the right time with just the right amount of inappropriate jokes I would laugh uncontrollably until i was crying and couldn’t breathe. I have since gotten that under control and well, let’s face it, am no longer in high school and controlled by hormones.

    My nickname now is Cali, because I’m from California. I know, really original. I spend about half my year in a small town in Illinois where EVERYONE has a nickname, its some right of passage, and since there is only 400 people in town they take it very seriously when someone doesn’t have a nickname. So for now they call me Cali, until I get drunk enough to embarrass myself into a new nickname.

  • gandhimom

    Until I was about six, my dad called me Missy Mouse, probably named for my addiction to the Mickey Mouse Club television show. Yes, my parents let me watch television; no, it did not rot my brain; and yes, I’m that old.

  • Not Marlo

    My nickname came from when I was born…

    My big sister, anxious for the new baby apparently was disappointed at my arrival by announcing “but she’s so teeny!”

    Teeny. The name stuck and I was never called anything else by my father (unless I was in trouble). The day he died was the last time anyone ever called me that.

  • Heather Lyman

    My name is Heather Lyman. Reverse the first letter of my first and last name, and you get the nickname I’ve suffered through for the past 30-something years. Winning a thousand bucks would make it all worth it. Happy 10th, and thank you — your site has been a true bright spot in my life.

  • MDien80

    I had a few nicknames growing up. There is Mich (which lead to Micheeee…my sister used to sprial that into smisheee, smusheee…which i didnt really care for. my old aim name was sloepoke… which was an unfortunate nickname from HS. Now my friends call me Elle. (from michelle) and i kinda like that :)

  • dejavuj

    My nickname is Bondooloi. My husband calls me this way and notice how many “o”s are in it? It’s his way of affectionately calling out my chubbiness. I am not sure if I like it myself.

  • Curiosity

    Congratulations on a great ten years! I’m sure you’ve touched more lives than you could ever guess.

    As for my own nicknames, I think my favourite current one is C-Dawg. …Because it sounds like Sea Dog, see? And who doesn’t like pirates. Plus, if you knew me in person, trying to apply that name to me is laughable.

    As is “Cartel” (as in drug), and “Lil’ Sherman” (like the tank), which certain high school friends called me for a while.

    C-Dawg just came from having a first name that starts with C, though. Boring.