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My favorite part of the day

About a week ago Leta was playing a game on one of our phones before school when I told her it was time to go get dressed. She set the phone on her lap and asked, “Can I resume playing this game when I’m done?” Um, excuse me, Doogie? I looked at Jon to see [...]

Nine years

Chuck turns nine years old at some point this month, we don’t know the exact date. But I thought I’d start out his birthday month with a tribute to his favorite pastime (right behind rolling his eyes): sunbathing. Normally he is not allowed on this couch, but I’m willing to indulge this aging soul.

Spanning time

I am the exact replica of my mother, whereas my daughter is the exact replica of her father. Well, except for her obsession over homework and perfection and general anxiety over natural disasters. That’s straight from her mama. Who got it straight from her own mama. I am so lucky these two get to be [...]